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Apple Watch Series 6: features and everything you need to know

Guzmán Leal
7 min read
Apple Watch Series 6: features and everything you need to know
The Apple Watch Series 6 stands out for its health features.

With rumors of the announcement of the eighth and new generation, it is worth recalling the Apple Watch Series 6 and the characteristics of its quality.

At the time, it was baptized as the ideal smartwatch for those users with high demands. It owes it to features that had not been seen on any Apple Watch until then, allowing it to be a resounding success in the market. Next, we will delve deeper into this.

Apple Watch Series 6: specifications

In terms of quality, Apple never disappoints. It was demonstrated with the quality and level that this smartwatch had, being able to adapt to the needs of the user.

Everything, with the aim of providing you with a much more immersed experience in measuring the person's physical state.

But apart from that, it also has other features that make it the ideal smartwatch given its great utility.

Design and display

Physically, the 6th generation is virtually indistinguishable from its predecessors. Thus, it maintains a square structure with the detail that the corners are rounded for a better visual appearance. It keeps the buttons on the sides, as well as the pressing and location.

With only 40 millimeters in size, the box turns out to be of great comfort for the user. And it is that, compared to the competition, the sensations that the 6 series transmits are unbeatable.

What stood out the most at the time was the brightness adjustment of the screen. In this sense, despite the fact that in previous versions it complied with the basics, Apple was in charge of taking it to the next level.

Apple Watch Series 6: features and everything you need to know
The design is practically the same as its predecessor.

In this way, the user could enjoy greater legibility at times when the sun was at its highest point of the day. Additionally, it is accompanied by a high quality resolution, characterized by its balance in sharpness and saturation.

Software: Watch OS 7

In terms of operation, the WatchOS 7 operating system has been responsible for giving such a generation a leap in quality.

It is enough just to mention the level of customization that it allows the user, standing out even for the ability to define our Memoji. Likewise, it can be established later as an image of the sphere.

Regarding the navigation and sections of the system itself, it maintains the same details as previous versions. That is, its traditional home screen, accompanied by a notification curtain, the toggles, the application drawer and the multitasking interface.

Apple Watch Series 6: features and everything you need to know
The smartwatch maintains great customization features.

On the other hand, thanks to the operating system update back then, Apple's 6-series smartwatch automatically detected exercise.

Exercise session tracking

In the same order of ideas, the registration of physical activity continued to be an important factor, adopting compatibility with other applications, such as Strava or Nike Run. Likewise, the objectives during the exercise can be fully customizable, adapting to the user's capabilities.

In the case of running, the smartwatch immediately detects the start of the race, measuring the variation in the user's pace along the way. For cycling, it also records different metrics of the person's journey.

On the other hand, with its resistance and impermeability to more than 50 meters under water, it is ideal for swimming sessions. Indeed, it is capable of measuring the heart rate, the laps made by the user and, of course, the calories burned in a given distance.

It is even capable of identifying the person's swimming style, which may well be freestyle, butterfly style or backstroke.

But what makes the Apple Watch Series 6 such a complete device is that it also performs well in other physical activities. In this sense, it works for walking, rowing, HIIT training, yoga, wheelchair, dance, crossfit and even weight training for strength.

Autonomy, its main attraction

Despite the inclusion of new functions, such as the measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood flow, it maintains great autonomy. And it is that, it was thought that with the addition of other features, the device would download faster.

The result was the opposite. In this sense, by deactivating the ambient screen, the watch is capable of reaching more than 40 hours of use. But, the important thing is the average, which has a slight increase compared to its predecessors, with an average of approximately 25 hours in operation.

To charge, it does not need more than an hour and a half, as long as it is its original charger. The advantage is that when it reaches 100%, we will receive a notification on our linked iPhone.

Apple Watch SE vs. Series 6, which one to buy?

Given so much variety in the Apple catalog, especially when it comes to smart watches, the purchase decision can be a headache.

Apple Watch Series 6: features and everything you need to know
Apple Watch SE vs. Series 6, which is better?

In this case, the special mention will be between the Apple Watch Series 6 vs. I KNOW. These are two terminals with great features, but with great features that differentiate them. Let's go deeper.

design and size

What they mainly share is the same square design with rounded edges, as well as coming in two different sizes: 40 or 44 mm.


At this point, the differences begin. Since the Series 6 features an S6 chip, unlike the S5-equipped SE. It turned out to be a surprise given that both devices are from the same generation.

For sure, the difference is not much appreciated, but it is a fact that the S6 chip allows 20% higher performance. In addition, it allows the watch screen to always remain active, while on the SE, the user must turn the wrist to turn it on.

Health and measurement

This section is where the main difference between the two models is presented, where the Apple Watch Series 6 starts with a great advantage.

It is mainly due to the health functions that it implemented, where the ability to perform a comprehensive electrocardiogram as soon as possible stands out.

To this was added a new range of sensors, equipped with the necessary technology to detect oxygen levels in the blood. Everything, with the aim of providing you with a much more complete report on the state of your body.

In contrast, the Apple Watch SE does not have these features. At most, it is capable of detecting and indicating the pulsations, as well as measuring the heart rate.

Apple Watch Series 6 44mm, is it better?

On whether it is better or not, it will depend on the needs of the user. What is certain is that the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 GPS+ Cellular is a more independent device.

Apple Watch Series 6: features and everything you need to know
The 44mm Apple Watch series 6 is separate from a smartphone.

This feature is mainly due to the fact that it allows the incorporation of a SIM card to stop depending on an iPhone. Therefore, we will be able to send text messages, make calls and add new contacts on the same smartwatch.

All this plus, with the health functions that we mentioned previously, make it one of the most complete smartwatches on the market.