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iOS 12.1 will be available today for the public

Apple confirms that the download date of iOS 12.1 is today

Hours before the keynote to be held in New York, Apple confirms the release of the version 12.1 of iOS.

The novelties that this new version of the operating system of the devices will bring Manzana are new emojis, depth control in the latest generation iPhones, the support dual-SIM and the calls FaceTime in group.

iOS 12.1 will be available today for the public – Apple Universe – WebMediums
"Silver iPhone X" by Przemyslaw Marczynski on Unsplash

Availability schedule

Although we do not know exactly since the company has not specified at what time this version was released, we can deduct previous releases the time approximate in which the operating system will be released.

Approximate launch times:

Dates of download of iOS 12.1 by territories on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

  • East Coast of the USA (EDT): 13:00.
  • West Coast of the USA: 10:00.
  • Colombia: 12:00.
  • Mexico: 11:00.
  • Peninsular Spain: 18:00
  • Spain, Canary Islands: 17:00
  • Venezuela: 13:00
  • Tokyo, Japan: October 31 at dawn

If you can not download the update when it is available for your territory, do not worry this is normal the first few hours since there are many users performing the download and it is possible to saturate the servers Manzana, if this happens to you just wait a few minutes and try again, usually does not last long the wait because Apple puts you on a waiting list and as soon as their servers are released it will be your turn.

iOS 12.1 will be available today for the public – Apple Universe – WebMediums
"IPhone X on MacBook Pro" by Nikolay Tarashchenko on Unsplash

While Apple has a fairly clean history of problems in their updates if your device has valuable information, be careful and make a backup copy of it. iCloud or on your computer with iTunes.

We are eagerly awaiting the Today's Keynote in New York to see the innovations presented by Apple, which will foreseeably include presentations of the new iPad Pro and new Macbook