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The big problem of Apple devices 2021

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
The big problem of Apple devices 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Apple 2021

There are many reasons why a Mac is worth buying. But of course there are also certain aspects that few talk about that are not so positive. Some users have commented on the games, the possibility of expansion and some particular variables that not everyone talks about.

That is why we are going to take a critical look at the Apple ecosystem in this year 2021, so that you have a more balanced point of view of the product range and can make a better decision when buying.

Negative aspects of Apple devices.

A new concept that is growing in all brands is the lack of possible scalability of the equipment you are acquiring. For that we are going to give you a little context.

The big problem of Apple devices 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Negative aspects of Apple

Originally when cell phones came out, there were two classic expansion possibilities in almost all brands : on the one hand, the replacement of the battery was quite simple. You just took off the cover and you could remove the battery. What's more, something very common was that they were stuck, they hung up, there was no way to make the phone continue to work. So the solution was to take out the back cover and remove the battery and then put it back in, and it was a simple way to reset the phone.

The second thing that was considered expansion was the storage capacity through SD cards. But then, in 2007, the first iPhone came out and from this first model there was no possibility of expansion. The chronicles said that Apple was getting into an unknown industry and that at that time the industry of mobile phones with internet access was 97% dominated by a company called Research in Motion, and their phones were called Black Berry.

Then they said that Apple did not know anything and that they were surely going to fail. Well, the reality is that Apple has not only added expansion possibilities, but they were taking out some functions and probably soon they will take out the physical connectors and we will all use some kind of touchscreen connectivity.

But the interesting thing is to see the rest of the market, because the armed PC industry, that is, the generic computers that buy all the parts have as a version, as a structure and are ideal for games and lots of areas. The possibility of putting a mother and then changing the main system, that is, the chip. Also change the memory, double the RAM, even change the version and speed of those memories if the mother allows it, put disks of different formats, even solid nbme, etc.

You can make a lot of changes, changing the fonts is something classic in the structure of armed PC computers. For this reason, opportunely in 2014 this trend to gradually change the components gave way to the idea that the mobile industry has to adapt to that vision, that is, not to make mobiles that are absolutely modular, and that gave birth to several Projects.

The Ara project was opened and promoted by Motorola and Google. The idea was very good, if you wanted a phone, with a larger sensor or camera. You just had to change the module and put a bigger camera or more storage or a better panel to play games, or maybe you need better quality speakers and speakers because you like to listen to music.

If your processor is out of date, you don't have to change the phone. You just have to remove the module that corresponds to the processor and we put a new one, that is, exactly the same as in a PC. But it failed miserably, the market did not acquire it, nor was it interested, there was not even a major move of interest. Not only did they not acquire it, they did not pay attention to it, and both companies considered that the mistake was that the market was not prepared for both consumers and technology.

But in 2016 they relaunched it with everything improved, easier technology, better modules, and a huge campaign lasting several weeks always talking about the whole project that your phone will never get old, since you keep changing the modules. Only consumers were not interested and no traction of the market. Therefore, the possibility of having a phone that you can keep and keep changing the components, simply did not progress.

What to say about tablets?

By definition, tablets don't have much room for expansion. Beyond that some support some type of cards or readers, all of Apple do not. But let's think and focus on the current reality of Apple. Not only on the desktop series, but also on their tablets or even take into account their phones.

The big problem of Apple devices 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Apple tablets

While it is true that the M1 series has been a revolution, from every point of view it has been exceptional, but when you look inside the Mac Mini, the iMac, the MacBook Pro. You will realize that they are all almost the same hardware and all the power and essence is in the M1 chip. But the difference lies in the system-on-chip.

Which means that you can not only have the memory, the GPU, the CPU, the processing capacity for machine learning and the neural engine, among other services completely contained in the chip. That changes everything, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages, which is what everyone talks about and what everyone says.

Traditional computers.

In a traditional computer, the usual thing to change if the hardware allows it is to add memory and also change the storage capacity. You can go from magnetic disk to solid disk. But at Apple there are no such updates on any computer.

In conclusion, the possibility of expansion on Apple devices is quite limited. If you buy a Mac, you may enjoy all its attributes for a while. But the time will come when your needs change and are greater, then you simply have to sell and buy a newer and updated model.

Disadvantages of Apple devices