The new MacBook Air M2

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The new MacBook Air M2 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Air M2.

The Apple company is preparing a new MacBook Air with M2 processor, is talked about a redesign with seven colors expected for purposes of this year 2021. They are very clear that with the Apple Silicon presents a great opportunity to have a new approach to the laptops Apple and do not have in mind to let it pass.

For The new MacBook Air is thinking about changing the wedge-shaped design, which is thick in your hinge and very thin on the edge, the new design will bring important changes. However, it is not yet known for sure, but the design will be 100% plane, and the edges will be vertical with 90° angle leaving the convexity of other past models. Everything indicates that it was inspired by the iPad Pro and iMac 2021 to redesign the MacBook Air this year.

Physical characteristics.

One of the most notable things is your great thickness, it is evident that the screen has reduced its thickness and the rest of the machine as well. It is so striking the change that for many is difficult to imagine that in the future they can reduce their thickness even more. But what is almost a fact, is that the autonomy that has always had the MacBook Air is preserved.

The screen brings around white frames and accompany all sides of the screen and complement the new colors. Although you can not even secure the thickness of these frames, renders if they approach a lot to what is really expected.

“No much said of the M2, but if it is a fact that will be present in the new MacBook Air 2021”.

The colors of the MacBook Air M2 combine very well with the seven colors of the iMac 2021. It is said that it is doing in honor of models previous that the company has launched. The colors it brings are: green, yellow, orange, red, purple, silver and blue.

The new MacBook Air M2 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Very thin design the MacBook Air M2

The date for its premiere is expected to be by the end of this year, already in autumn it is customary to have launches of new models. What would be quite opportune, since it can become a sales record for the Christmas season.

MacBook Air M2 with seven colors

With the presentation of the iMac 2021 that includes seven different Apple colors expects to repeat the same operation with the MacBook Air M2 in such a way that it can combine with the table model.

“The idea of several colors aims to make even more attractive the new MacBook Air that the company will launch”.

The models with new colors will be for common clients, set aside the so-called pro. Saying something, it has apparently seen a new blue model that looks incredible. Of course, what is waiting for is that we can enjoy many more colors apart from those already mentioned.

The new MacBook Air M2 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Air M2 with seven colors

Like the iMac 2021 tributes with its colors to original ibac, we are waiting for the MacBook do the same. You will remember that the iBook was presented with 5 colors: orange, turquoise, blue, black and green. Similarly, models are currently being marketed MacBook Air in silver color, spatial gray and gold. While the MacBook Pro in only Silver and Gray.

It is only waiting to see if the company adds a MacBook in silver, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. We will see, in addition, if they decide to combine them with two tones for the chassis and the front with a white frame.

Mini LED screens of the new MacBook Air

Apart from the new colors that the MacBook Air will present, it is also expected to come with Mini LED screens and the finish will be several colors similar to IMAC M1. According to Apple rumors prepare a new MacBook Air for 2022 with a totally new design, similar to that of the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro respectively. The MacBook Air will also include Mini LED screen, but with rectangular design.

It is recognized that probably Apple discontinues the current MacBook Air to give way to the new models. In fact, a boot price of $1000 is expected for the new MacBook Air with Mini LED and that the prices of previous models are reduced.

The new MacBook Air M2 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Air with Mini LED screen

Everything indicates that The Chinese Boe manufacturer will be the provider of the Mini LED screens for the new MacBook Air. But LG, Sharp and Gis will be focused on making mini LED screens for the MacBook 14 and 16 inches.

There is no doubt that This Mini LED screen technology will mean a radical change on all models MacBook that we will see extend on all range devices.

Shopping the current MacBook Air or waits for the new model?

The main reason why you should expect the new model is in relation to aesthetics, colors, the size that is a bit thinner and the smallest chassis. If you are looking for performance and not so much the renewed physical aspect offered by the new model, we recommend the MacBook Air current without hesitation for a second.

This has a very high performance and is the ideal machine for 90% of users who usually use it in office work, video editing and photography, among other normal activities we do in our Laboral life.

Remember that The current MacBook Air is a model that competes with the powerful MacBook Pro and the IMAC 2021, its features are very similar, and the AIR model is 20% cheaper than the model Pro, and 40% cheaper than the iMac. We know that many users always seek to have the latest in Technology Apple, and when the new model is presented, they will be tilted by it especially when they appreciate all aesthetic advantages, colors and new design that will include.

If we talk about the processor, the new m2 will not be very different from the M1. It may only be a little more efficient and little more powerful in the scope of Single Core.

New design of MacBook Air M2.