Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021

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Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Apple MacBook Pro 2021

To start it is good that you know abot the MacBook Pro. Is about workstation that uses Intel Xeon technology that Apple launched to the market on August 7, 2006 at the World Conference of Developers Apple, With the purpose of replacing the Power Mac G5 and hand in hand with the new Xserve to achieve the company's transition to the Intel platform.

"The MacBook Pro consists of a portable CPU line that has Apple Inc, which have a very high performance and are oriented towards professional level users "

In 2020 the arrival of the Apple Silicon to the MacBook Pro range, but for this year 2021, interesting things are expected. In view of the fact that the M1 MacBook Pro models had as a goal the improvement of the internal components, it is also possible that the design of the cards is updated. Above all, because the colorful range of IMAC M1 was already known in March.

Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
M1 MacBook Pro

Rumors show that there will also be models of MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches to choose this year 2021, replacing the 13-inch device that was announced in November of last year.

Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches

But this may not be the only change that occurs, because it was said that a less weight version of the MacBook Air would come out. However, there is a lot to talk about MacBook Pro 2021. And by the end of the year, new news is expected.

When the MacBook Pro 14" is launched on the market

It was expected that his debut was at the beginning of 2020, but that version only updated the current of 13 ". The company gave a great surprise when he took out the MacBook Air that is based on Apple M1, the MacBook Pro of 13" and the Mac Mini by the end of last year. He could also retain two Intel models of the MacBook Pro of 13 ", since the 16" is based on Intel today.

Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Apple Silicon of 16 "

The Apple Silicon model of 16" is expected in this year 2021, perhaps in the months of October and November. What can cause a coincidence of the two models.

What characteristics do you present?

Well be the 13 "or 14" pro, it is expected that it has the same size and thickness that the current version of 13 ", only with smaller bevels. Similarly, it is expected a larger battery. Which works during a full work day using it daily, comes with 4 ports Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and connector for using hearing aids.

Rumors that circulate is that Apple will launch products with mini LED screens, so we all hope that the MacBook Pro be online for that at every moment that there is a launch of a new version. In case the MacBook Pro get such screens, everyone waits smaller bevels than those that are currently available.

Possibly Apple is going to continue offering Intel alternatives for the most recent laptops, taking into account what he already did with the 13". It is even expected that there is an Apple Silicon chip that is updated and maybe M1X or M2 is called.

Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Chip Apple Silicon.

It is being suggested that you make more ports again. In fact, being more specific, there may be a SD card slot, which will surely have a good reception by users. There may be four and not two Thunderbolt ports in the MacBook Pro of smaller.

It is being suggested that the ports also come with HDMI, although it is very difficult for that to happen. Other rumors indicate that Apple he wants to eliminate the tactile bar, and in fact, there are analysts from the industry that have confirmed it.

Although you may know some details of the battery, after the two presentations of Apple Sunwoda Electronic. But for the smaller model and the 14", the battery for model number A2519 had a power of 6,068 AHM and 11.47 V, which is greater than that of 5.103 mAh of the latest MacBook of 13 ".

It should also be noted that any new Mac also comes with the switch mechanism keyboard of redesigned scissors known as Magic Keyboard. Although it is an advance, it is not really new technology, since it is based on magical keyboards that come with IMAC for many years.

Rumors of MacBook Pro 2021

The Apple Watch Series 7 will come with the Time to Run function. In the Power ON bulletin, some details about future devices were given Apple, where mention is made of MacBook Pro M1x already assuring that it would arrive before the second anniversary of MacBook Pro 16" predecessor.

The MacBook Air with Mini LED screen will also arrive soon, possibly for next year 2022. Bringing with it Mini LED technology similar to that of the iPad Pro of 12.92" much more updated. What it means that it is certain that the Mini LED will arrived to MacBook Pro in this year 2021.

Meet the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Air with mini LED screen

Macbook models will delete the tactile bar. This has been confirmed by certain analysts of the company and some sources are supporting such claims that were made last January. According to a DSCC report, the signature mentions as the tactile bar is today the third-largest OLED screens, and certain sources say that Apple if you are going to cancel the tactile bar in the following model of MacBook Pro.

There are battery details belonging to the MacBook Pro 14" that can get them in the presentation database. The provider Apple Sunwoda Electronic he made such presentations, and they are giving us clues that Apple it plans to take a model in the 14th range. This could indicate that a model with a larger battery in the future.