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Best moisturizers for the face

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Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Woman applying a spot of moisturizer

The face is the most cared for part of the body, according to world statistics. This is no surprise, as the face is our first introduction to everyone.

Dry skin is a generator of scales and wrinkles, which is why it is of great relevance to daily hydrate this part that represents us.

We know very well, that many of us doubt that placing ourselves on the face, for fear that instead of doing good it will cause something that makes us regret it, for this and more we have searched for you the most used moisturizing creams for the face, that you will bring benefits according to the type of skin.

A well-groomed face is a beautiful face, regardless of its shape!

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Questions we normally ask ourselves

How to hydrate the face?

This is the first question we must ask ourselves when going through this moment when we want to hydrate our face in the best possible way.

Creams and oils are the best friends our skin can have, but do not confuse them, since dry skin will not react in the same way as oily skin.

Treatments at home naturally will also generate great changes in what is the skin that is flaky or super dry, by hydrating well the wrinkles that were previously marked, later they will not look so deep.

Warning! We can't expect all of these options to work for us if we don't drink enough water to stay hydrated both inside and out.

Although there are thousands of ways to make our face hydrated, drinking water is a determining factor in the task.

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Moisturizing cream that may be the best for you if you look well

How to determine if a moisturizer is good?

A new product comes out on the market every day that they sell as a miracle cream, and more so if it is a moisturizer.

For this reason, we must be very careful with what we put on our faces, not everything that is promoted is in that exact way.

Reading the small letters of the components of the cream before buying it, is a good way to ensure that this is of good quality and that it will only bring benefits and not consequences of our skin. Don't buy any face product that says it contains perfumes or fragrances.

Among these healing ingredients that are really effective are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: We think you've already heard about this incredible ingredient that is so widely placed in high-impact beauty products on the market. This is simply a type of glucose or sugar that is necessary to maintain the constant renewal and elasticity of our dermis.

  • Retinol: Retinol is also called vitamin A and is responsible for restoring bone and skin cells. Its power is very strong, and it is even being tested to find a cure for skin cancer.

  • Sun protector factor or SPF: If a product has this component, you have to know that it is one of the ones that will bring more benefits, since by bringing a sunscreen you are not in danger of the damage caused by UV rays, which are the main ones that cause premature aging and blemishes on the skin.

  • Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs: On beauty product labels, they usually appear as: glycolic acid or salicylic acid. This component is mostly recommended for facial cleansing products.

  • Antioxidants: They hydrate the skin immediately, it is advisable to use it immediately to wash our face, since it is the ideal time for it to penetrate even better. They reform the damage caused by being outdoors.

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
The most used creams to hydrate the face

Best creams on the market according to reviews

The moisturizers for the face that have shown the most following in recent years, not only because of the large scale of buyers, but because of their incredible performance of providing fast results are here:

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Brand logo

Brand "Nivea"

Nivea's products are followed by millions of people, thanks to its consolidation as a family-friendly creaba. Its great creaminess and smoothness has been praised since its inception. The most acclaimed and functional product is "Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream". Showing itself in the lists as the best in price and the most requested.

As it is so moisturizing, it is advisable more for dry and flaky skin, for oily skin it could only come in handy in small applications.

Its most outstanding power is the one named in its name, coenzyme Q10, also with creatine, which is what helps reduce sebum and hydrates wrinkles from the inside. It is a cream that you cannot stop trying, and you know it!

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Neutrogena and its image

Brand "Neutrogena"

This brand goes without saying that it is famous in the middle of cosmetic products, in addition to that it is not only the media marketing that makes people talk about it, but the power it has to deliver what it promises.

The cream that we will recommend specifically for this brand is: "Hydro Boost Gel Cream".

Its price is a little higher than the Nivea, but it does not mean that it has more ingredients, the one that stands out the most of these is the hyaluronic acid that strengthens and rejuvenates the skin instantly.

With consistency, it is between a gel and a cream, and it comes because it is a faster product to absorb into the skin. For oily skin it goes down very well.

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Some products of the brand

Brand "Origins"

This brand does very specialize work for each type of skin, it is a little more expensive, but it is one of the most recommended.

Its most special model is for dull and very dry skin, so if you find some scales on your face or another type of white and rough skin, this cream is for you.

Called "GinZing Energizing Moisturizing Cream Gel", it contains natural elements such as coffee beans and ginger. While its star ingredient is ginseng. Which gives you a natural lightening and luminosity to the face.

Best moisturizers for the face – Beauty – WebMediums
Products of this brand

Brand "Clinique"

This cosmetic brand in recent years has given rise to talk, and its moisturizing products are the most valued by critics.

The "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion" has a duration of effect of more than 24 hours, which brings even more follow-up for the purchase of this specific product.

It is widely used so that the skin has that juicy effect, in addition to the makeup and the trends that they maintain in countries like Spain, they make anyone look incredible with or without makeup. His recommendation is based on the opinion of different dermatologists.

These are the 4 brands chosen to recommend you according to market tastes, we are not saying that these are the only ones you can use. Just follow the recommendations to find that cream that is for you.

You can also find answers for each product you want to try to use, asking for the help of a dermatologist, so you can know their medical opinion and keep you informed that it is the best for your face.