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Botulinum toxin: myths and truths of Botox

Ramiro Guzman
6 min read
Botulinum toxin: myths and truths of Botox – Beauty – WebMediums
Botulinum toxin or Botox is surrounded by a wide variety of opinions, many of them inappropriate.

Currently, knowing the myths and truths of botulinum toxin can be of great help when you have in mind to undergo an aesthetic treatment.

With this, not only can doubts be clarified, but it also serves to avoid ignorance when going to the aesthetic center.

It is important to keep in mind that when you are starting in the world of Botox, you should have a professional guide you regarding which treatment would be the most appropriate.

Botox myths and truths

First of all, botulinum toxin, or also known as Botox, is a neurotoxin whose use is generally indicated for patients prone to wrinkles.

Its mechanism of action is characterized by inhibiting the contraction of the muscles of the face, preventing the formation of folds due to age.

Now, when talking about Botox, it is essential to consult a specialist who is in charge of indicating the pros and cons that the treatment may have. However, these are some of the curious facts to know about him before heading to an aesthetic center.

Over time, wrinkles get worse.

Fake. Although it is true that this rejuvenation treatment should be applied from time to time, it is not related to the fact that wrinkles worsen.

Botulinum toxin: myths and truths of Botox – Beauty – WebMediums
Few data indicate that Botox worsens facial wrinkles as such.

In fact, the use that is given to treat wrinkles helps not only to dissipate them, but also to prevent their progressive formation.

Can I inject Botox in my lips to make them bigger?

Fake. One of the most mistaken beliefs that you have regarding Botox is this thinking. It is not used to fill in the cheekbones and lips with the intention of increasing their size.

It should be noted that the only action of Botox is to temporarily inhibit the activity of the facial muscles. For this reason, its application on the lips would not have any positive effect.

When looking to increase the volume of the lips, the indicated product is hyaluronic acid. That is why it is important to go to a specialist who knows how to differentiate the two.

Only elderly people can apply it

Fake. Thanks to recent studies it has been established that Botox can be elucidated by people of any gender. Sure, as long as you are over 18 years of age. Including, it is said that the earlier its application, the better effects can be achieved.

Generally, Botox at an early age is intended for fair-skinned patients with a greater tendency to wrinkle formation.

Botox erases facial expressions

Fake. The main function of Botox is to keep the muscles of the face relaxed. Even so, obviously this does not mean that the face cannot look as usual.

Botulinum toxin: myths and truths of Botox – Beauty – WebMediums
It's time to leave behind the false belief that Botox prevents facial expression.

In these scenarios, it should be kept in mind that the action caused by the Botox will depend on the amount and the technique used.

It is a treatment that should only be applied by doctors

Real. Thanks to the fame that this aesthetic treatment has taken, it is more and more common to hear about “Botox parties”. Failing that, people who say they have done a training course.

It is necessary to clarify that this treatment must be diligent only and exclusively by specialists. A bad technique or ignorance in the area could lead to serious health problems.

Botox only serves to treat wrinkles

Fake. Although many may not believe it, botulinum toxin has been shown to be effective in treating a large number of medical problems.

Among the most recognized is excessive sweating or bruxism. From the hand of a good specialist, Botox can be of great help in the area of medicine.

Advantages of using Botox

Once the myths that exist regarding this treatment are elucidated, it must be recognized that the pros are greater than the cons.

Precisely, the great popularity that it has gained over time is thanks to all the benefits that it can trigger. As long as it is talked about and it is a quality product applied by professional hands, there will be no future controversies in health.

  1. Helps maintain a firm and youthful face over time.

  2. Its use can range from aesthetic medicine to treating neurological diseases.

  3. It does not generate addiction or irreversible damage to the face.

  4. It can be used from an early age to reduce the chances of having wrinkles.

  5. It is a treatment with temporary effects, so if you did not like it the first time, you are not obliged to do it again.

  6. Its application can be every 5 or 6 months, being an economic relief.

  7. This treatment is outpatient, does not require surgery or general anesthesia.

  8. When in expert hands, Botox application does not take long and does not cause intolerable pain.

  9. The inflammation from its application disappears in a couple of hours.

  10. It is effective in treating hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in patients over 18 years of age.

How is the procedure for the application of Botox?

Universally, it will depend on the methodology of the work team or the requirements of the patient. However, there is a standard procedure that all specialists must follow.

To begin with, the face is cleaned, thus preventing the probability of infection. Next, the specialist will carry out a palpation of the entire face, identifying the areas that condition the toxin.

Botulinum toxin: myths and truths of Botox – Beauty – WebMediums
The application of Botox is the exclusive domain of medical specialists in plastic surgery.

The patient must be part of the work team, since he is in charge of indicating which are the areas where he feels pain. At the same time, speak instantly in which greater sensitivity appears during palpation.

Once these areas are twinned, the specific amount of Botox is injected. It is convenient to mention that the dose of the product can vary in many cases depending on the needs of the patient. However, an excess of it could generate facial paralysis.