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Wedding hair accessories

With any of them you will look like a beautiful bride

Saharay Perez Bautista
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Wedding hair accessories – Beauty – WebMediums
Wedding hair accessories with which you will look like a beautiful bride

For women, their wedding day is one of the most important in their life. So it must be full of magic and unforgettable moments that always remain in your mind. Hence, the importance of looking perfect on this special day.

Naturally, every woman knows that the wedding dress has to be accompanied by other beautiful accessories. Otherwise, it is impossible to highlight your beauty and look like a beautiful bride.

It is of great interest to know which are the best wedding hair accessories, in order to choose the option that you like the most.

What are the best wedding accessories for the bride?

Once you have selected your ideal wedding dress for your wedding, it is time to choose the accessories that will accompany this garment. It is essential to look for the options that complement it perfectly and combine them with each other so that the look is totally balanced.

Depending on your type of wedding dress, you can choose some following wedding hair accessories in order to elevate the beauty of your look and look more subtle on your wedding day:


Wedding hair accessories – Beauty – WebMediums
Bridal veils and their types

In the bridal world, one of the most traditional and symbolic accessories for brides of all is the veil. Which is able to provide the classic and romantic nuance to many wedding dresses, and indeed, most designers continue to include this accessory in their collections.

For its part, the choice of this hair accessory will depend on the wedding hairstyle and the dress you have chosen, but above all, on your tastes. Here are the main types of wedding veils that are used :

  • Cathedral veil : It is usually used by brides who celebrate their weddings in large churches or cathedrals, and it is a veil that measures more than two and a half meters, which is made of a delicate fabric. It should be noted that it is more oriented to those girls with a square face (because its verticality helps to refine the face).

  • Mantilla veil : It consists of a veil that goes from the tip of the head to a little below the elbows, that is, it is shorter than normal. Generally, it allows to show the face in a more clear way and shows a lace or tulle fabric. It is recommended for women with a triangular face.

  • French veil : It is another type of short veil that provides a seductive air in the wedding attire, since it is attached to one part of the head by means of a headdress. Without a doubt, it is one of the most risky and rare models.

  • Chapel veil : Although it is similar to the cathedral veil, it certainly differs by its length (it is less long than the cathedral). In the same way, it is identified as one of the most elegant options for brides and is ideal for round faces because it tends to thin or soften the features.

  • Pirate veil : It refers to a style that, unlike conventional veils, surrounds the head with a knot in the blanket at the back of the head and drops the rest of the accessory on the back. It is a suitable alternative to wearing a vintage or Bohemian air dress.

  • Short veil : Also known as "blusher", it corresponds to a model with a fall just below the shoulders. Due to its style, it is recommended to use it with wedding dresses with a neckline, and it is not recommended for women with large faces or very marked features.

  • Fountain type veil : It is characterized by its uneven shape, since it is longer at the back than at the front. Thus, the veil starts from the crown and falls over the face, exhibiting a romantic air in the attire. Luckily, it goes perfectly with anybody type.

  • Veil sewn to sleeves : Without a doubt, it is the most innovative type of veil so far. Which is sewn on the sleeves of the dress and therefore is usually combined with less classic dress models. Thus, it is one of the most modern alternatives.

  • Veil from tips to fingers : It refers to a model that goes from the middle of the head to the fingers, as its name indicates. Although it looks beautiful with any dress, the truth is that it is not recommended for women who have wide bodies or short legs, as it significantly accentuates their silhouette.

  • Veil from points to elbows : It is a type of veil similar to the previous one, with the difference that it is shorter because it reaches the height of the elbows. If you have a long face or very pronounced dark circles, and you want your face to be exposed, it is best that you choose another type of veil instead of this one.

Bridal headdresses

Wedding hair accessories – Beauty – WebMediums
Bridal headdresses

While it is true, bridal headdresses are one of the greatest sources of sweetness in bridal styling and indeed, they can be an excellent option to enhance your look on your wedding day. These decorative elements for the hair highlight the style of each woman and convey a lot of romance.

Bridal headdresses are the type of accessory that always brings something special and different to the wedding outfit, transforming a woman's style completely. This, as long as they know how to choose the perfect headdress to maximize their look with total splendor; For this reason, we offer you some tips to choose your ideal bridal headdress :

According to your hair:

Experts in the creation of more exclusive bridal headdresses point out that brides with short hair should opt for a smaller and more discreet headdress in order to maintain the delicacy and show luxury. So preferably a headdress in the form of a headband is recommended.

For their part, women with long hair can choose more voluminous and detailed headdresses, because that way they also boost the beauty of their hair. Indeed, they have fewer limitations than girls with short hair.

Now, height is also an influencing factor. So, if you are short, keep in mind that the most discreet pieces that stylize your silhouette favor you. However, if you are tall, choose to use larger ornaments to ensure visual advantages in your look.

According to your wedding dress:

When choosing your wedding headdress, do not forget to take into account the particularities of your dress. For example, if it is a garment with colored details, take advantage of this uniqueness to include the same tones in the headdress. On the other hand, if the dress has details in a copper tone, bet on a complement with that color as the main protagonist.

According to the shape of your face:

In addition to the above, do not forget to consider the shape of your face to select your bridal headdress. Here are the recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Square or rectangular face : If this is your condition, lean towards wide headdresses (even a hat) or headdresses such as diadems, tiaras or crowns.

  • Round or oval face : Choose a side or elongated headdress to take advantage of the roundness of your face and at the same time, be able to stylize it.

  • Triangular or elongated face : In this case, opt for a small headdress in order to improve the harmony of the look. If you place it in the nape area, much better to look beautiful.

According to the type of wedding:

If the wedding is in summer, bet on colorful and floral headdresses. Above all, in pastel or flashy tones; depending on the characteristics of your dress. If the wedding is in winter, the most appropriate thing is to choose headdresses in warmer tones. As well as, in materials such as feathers or headdresses-jewelry.

On the other hand, if the celebration is during the day, opt for more delicate and subtle styles. Unlike night weddings where it is always wise to choose shiny accessories.

Bridal tiara

Wedding hair accessories – Beauty – WebMediums
Bridal tiara

Other hair accessories that you can wear on your wedding day are the famous tiaras. Which are a kind of headband that is located in the highest part of the head (or can adorn the forehead). In this way, they emphasize the features of the ladies and achieve a romantic or fairy tale effect on any bride.

Thus, since time immemorial, the tiara has been regarded as an eye-catching accessory for women that expresses romance and elegance. Added to that, it has the ability to adapt to most bridal styles and can be worn in multiple ways at a wedding.

As for the main types of bridal tiaras, the following can be distinguished:

  • Of fabric : It is one of the simplest models of all and therefore, it is advisable to use it at weddings, which tends to be simple and less overloaded. If you want to show a touch of elegance, you can include beads.

  • Jewelery : Gold, silver and bronze are metals highly used to create this type of accessories. Jewelry tiaras are more striking than the previous ones and are usually combined with elegant dresses in fine and luxurious weddings.

  • Costume jewelery : Without giving up the sophistication that should characterize a bride, this is the most economical alternative. It consists of a tiara that shines and makes the dress shine without the need for it to be made up of diamonds. Thus, its advantage is that it is adaptable to many styles and designs.

  • Natural : Although they are the least common, they are also used at weddings. These are those tiaras created with natural elements (such as flowers and plants). They are usually used at outdoor weddings or in the summer.

After knowing which are the main types of bridal hair accessories, you will have much more simplicity to choose the one that suits your tastes, the design of your dress and your type of wedding. From our hearts, we want you to look like a fairy tale princess this day, highlighting the beauty of your hair with one of these accessories.