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Know what is the ideal type of perfume according to your personality

Saharay Perez Bautista
4 min read
Know what is the ideal type of perfume according to your personality
Know what is the ideal type of perfume according to your personality

By nature, perfumes are capable of expressing a message about the wearer and activating the memory of the person who breathes it. As a result, it is an element that serves as an indicator of the personality of any person and is crucial in non-verbal language.

Consequently, a detail that the human brain does not forget despite the time that passes, are fragrances. Therefore, how many times do you not remember a person just by the smell of their perfume? And it is that this becomes a means by which another individual is identified.

Now, according to psychological studies, your personality has a lot to do with the selection of a perfume. So, with just your aroma, it is possible to demonstrate your character and certain characteristics that make you different from the rest.

What kind of perfume goes with your personality? Details here

Know what is the ideal type of perfume according to your personality
Choose a perfume that is associated with your way of being

Beyond skin type and pH-related factors, experts confirm that personality is one of the main roles when choosing a certain scent and the way it fits with the person.

Thus, although it is something that can be inherently given, the truth is that it is recommended to take your personality into account before buying a perfume for yourself or to analyze the personality of the person who is going to use it. Either way, here we show you which are the types of perfumes according to personality:

  • Citrus perfumes : If you are an ambitious person, adrenaline lover, in search of serenity and a leader by nature, it is appropriate that you use a citrus fragrance. In other words, a perfume that has a perfect mix between fresh and herbal aromas with a "citrus" type essence.

  • Woody perfumes : If you are a strong man with character, we advise you to choose a woody perfume, since it is an essence that exhibits masculinity by nature. In general, this type of perfume is associated with the robustness of the trees and hence its concordance with men.

  • Fruity perfumes : It is a type of perfume for women that is associated with those ladies who are fanatical of physical activity and nature, those who are not afraid of the unknown and are constantly looking for a new adventure. If you previously assumed that this kind of perfume was used by sweet and naive people, you were wrong. On the other hand, some studies reveal that people who choose fruity scents tend to be pessimistic.

  • Floral perfumes : It consists of a common scent in dreamy, romantic and sensitive girls. If combined with fruity aromas, it can be a good option for more adventurous women. But, if it is mixed with citrus essences, it is recommended for women with a more sophisticated style.

  • Linen-scented perfumes : People who usually choose this type of scent are known for being action-loving, they also enjoy challenges, are intuitive and want to have everything under control. Added to this, they tend to be very self-confident people.

  • Perfumes with the scent of roses : In case you consider yourself a receptive person to the needs of others, you can select this type of aroma for your daily perfume. Generally, those who use it are determined and introspective individuals.

  • Vanilla-scented perfumes : If you opt for a vanilla-scented perfume, you are surely a fun, lively and energetic person. Also, you are the life of the party, and you love to dance.

Remember that olfactory memory plays a transcendental role in people and therefore, it is important that you choose a perfume according to your personality. Thus, you will avoid giving the wrong message to those around you, no matter if you are a man or a woman.

Now that you know how fragrances are associated with people's personalities, your choice will be easier and faster to achieve the scent that defines you in one way or another.