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The bangs don't go away!

Find the best bangs to frame your face

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The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
Woman in the process of deciding to cut her bangs even more

Bangs and fashion have been fused for not so long, compared to other trends that have existed for many decades or even centuries, but the truth is that the useful life of bangs goes for a long time.

A study revealed that in 2010, 100% of women tried or thought to have a bang. The story of many who have cut their bangs due to a lack of love, an anxiety attack or just playing hairdressing for girls, is very common.

But this styling tool is not only a bad story for many, the fringe can offer us much more than a sad use of a wool cap for months until the most cut strand grows by oneself.

Do you want to discover all the magic of bangs and find the right one for each face? Well, do not stop reading this article that we have prepared for you.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
The bangs are strongly linked to childhood

What do bangs offer us?

This trend has not only had creations of variations over the years, but the fringe renovations have been done so that it does not go out of style.

For this reason, in 2022 we will also see bangs as a styling accessory on red carpets and on the street. For many things that we will break down below:

Hide: It is no secret to anyone that bangs are a good ally for girls with high foreheads, it has been seen over the years that it is a good way to cover some parts of the face that do not want to be seen. Like the nose, ears, or also eyebrows.

Highlight: The haircut naturally places the eye on the person's gaze, thus outlining the neck, chin and giving importance to what the cheekbones are.

Framing: A fine face with hair falling long to the sides is not something that is very marked, so the bangs are a good option, the features will be hardened, marking parts of the face that are not normally seen, but we want everyone to be account of them.

Rejuvenate: The strong vision of a fringe related to a little girl or boy, brings us a source of thinking about someone young. That is to say that whoever uses a fringe, will take a few years off of it, apart from removing attention from those annoying little wrinkles.

And if we have already convinced you to try a fringe, now we will talk about what you have to take into account to find the perfect fringe for you.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
Don't cut your bangs the first time alone

Determining factors to find the perfect bangs

You must bear in mind that there is no single factor for a bang to be perfect, as knows the shape of your face.

There are women who are really perfectionists, and when change does not go well in some way they are very affected mentally, for this overwhelming reason we want to guide you in the best way.

Nature of the hair: this is a detail that many women pass up as if it were not the least important, but it is totally the opposite. If you want a fringe and a change of look you have to know if your rebellious, straight, dyed, virgin hair... would bear it.

Profile: The profile you stay with will be your torture or your happiness. So before telling you that part of your hair, keep in mind what your profile is and how the finish of that particular bangs will fit you.

Face: Study in the mirror what type of face you have and what shape the face is: round, triangular, square, elongated or cropped.

Hairstyle: A fringe may look good when we do it only for our loose hair, the problem is when we want to do some elaboration or simply a ponytail. That is why we must discover if the fringe that interests us on our face generates that yes even for hairstyles.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
One of the bangs for the following year that will continue to be in vogue

Types of bangs that are in trend

Thanks to the Hollywood stars and influencers, we know what is in vogue during each period in the reach of our hands with social networks, so we add the different ways to make your bangs from the most relaxed phase to the most radical.

Also, because we know that it is usually very easy to get carried away by trends without taking the aforementioned factors. A change of look can serve both to exploit your full potential, and to ruin you if you do not choose well.

In addition, without a determined attitude to change we will not be able to see ourselves beautiful in front of the mirror either.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
Emma Stone with a multi-directional bang

Bangs "long", lopsided or multidirectional

It is the bangs that Taylor Swift or Emma Stone have worn on several occasions with their long or short blonde hair. It usually frames the face because it reaches below the eyebrows, and it looks good on whichever side you want.

It is the fringe that we can call as "the lover of all", and it is that it suits almost everyone. That's why we add it first, to highlight its use as a relaxed way to start in the world of bangs.

From round, oval or square faces with this cut they will have the effect of softening what the features or features are, and a point that we really love: it has a visual effect where it refines the nose.

Curtain bangs: As its name indicates, it is a cut that falls like a curtain on our forehead, it looks relaxed and with personality. In the center it is slightly shorter than on the sides and this causes the rejuvenating and wrinkle smoothing effect.

This way of framing the face is one of the easiest to maintain, since you generally do not have a problem with combing it, because it is carried "naturally".

Its optical game favors especially girls with elongated faces, thus making a cut, in addition to calming and softening the features, for girls with a square face.

Wearing it with a long or medium-long mane is usually more of an impact.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
A straight cut is a great way to make your face smaller.

Linear or straight bangs

This type of styling is usually abundant and does not tend to be flattering for each girl, that is why it is the one that you have to be most careful about, because it has a lot of hair in between.

That is, after you cut it, it will take a long time for it to return to normal if you do not like it, or it does not fit you at all.

The framing that it makes favors those girls with small or glued noses, the visual effect is to lengthen and highlight that part in a good way.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
A bushy cut shape

Thick or bushy bangs

This really is a type of bangs that does not go out of style, and although it is strongly related to childhood, it is a style that highlights many faces and of course, rejuvenates them.

Its beautiful effect of shortening the prominent forehead and softening the features favors oval, rectangular and elongated faces. Performing a beautiful balance on the face.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
Selena Gomez and her spiky bangs

Blunt bangs

This usually looks irregular, since that is the magic of this style, or relaxed cut that elevates fallen looks or with traces of aging.

It is considered a medium risk for women who want to start in the world of bangs, and this, not having a specific face to apply, is very general. But yes, they are perfect for tired looks.

The bangs don't go away! – Beauty – WebMediums
The attitude to have with a baby bang

Extra short bangs or Baby Bang

This is considered the riskiest option of the bangs, since it is kept well above the eyebrows and if you cut it wrong, it can be a disaster.

In addition to the fact that it must be emphasized that the personality that this style has, it is necessary to know how to wear it with the same force.

It favors girls with cute eyes, since by lifting the hair in such a way, all the attention practically falls on the look. Also, women with round faces and long faces, while in one it lengthens in the other it shortens.

To cut this part of your hair remember to look for more examples until you are completely sure of what you are going to do, even though hair grows and trend looks come and go, it is always better to stay without feelings of anxiety or stress, because the cut was not quite right.

For your first time with bangs, you should go to a professional, no cutting it alone at home, maybe after other attempts if you can do it yourself, it's just a matter of practice and not to be disappointed in the bangs just by bad scissors or bad inexperienced hands.