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The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles

Hairstyles that will make you shine on your special day

Maria de Piña
6 min read
The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
Semi-collected wedding hairstyles trend 2022

If you already see that your wedding day is fast approaching, it is time to choose the ideal bridal hairstyle, and among the styles that exist, semi-updos are a good option to wear.

When looking for semi- updo wedding hairstyles, the list of proposals is very extensive, but to make your life easier, here you will find the hairstyles that are causing a furor on the networks.

Top 7 half-up wedding hairstyles trend 2022

Don't let others decide for you, and choose the fashionable wedding hairstyle that best suits your dress, features and style. Here I show you the most popular so you can stand out.

1. Semi-collected hairstyle with crossed details

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
Wedding hairstyles 2022

This is one of the most traditional hairstyles, it allows you to let fall abundant hair with great volume, thanks to its natural-style waves.

At the crown a slight frizzing volume that makes the hair fall backwards. The detail of the crossed hair strands aligns with the natural style, without resorting to great details or accessories, only hair and some small bras that are imperceptible.

This is a hairstyle that suits almost all types of brides and if you wish, you can leave a fringe free.

2. Hairstyle with loose hair and natural crown

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
Semi-collected wedding hairstyles 2022

We continue with the line of semi-updo wedding hairstyles with details of intertwined hair, but this time making a kind of boho crown.

To do this, they resort to leaving the hair loose, with well-marked waves.

From the front, they take strands of hair and begin a kind of two-strand braid, in which they leave strands attached with small clips and let them fall, joining with the rest of the hair.

It is an uncomplicated hairstyle, and it certainly looks very natural. You can decorate the crown with some flowers or, as in this case, some shiny accessory that intertwines.

3. Semi-updo with abundant low tail

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
Bridal hairstyles trend 2022

Although it is really a semi-updo with the middle of the hair loose, the adjustment provided by the arrangement at the top makes it look like a abundant low ponytail.

And it is that despite looking more elaborate than the previous bridal hairstyles, it continues with a natural style and little complex to perform.

For this, the key is to twist, loosen to give volume and hold each strand of hair in the right place.

The strands of hair that will be used for the arrangement are obtained from the crown, the front and the sides, the latter even taking hair from the area behind the ear. This allows you the most pronounced updo effect.

You can decorate with a glittery or pearly brooch right in the middle of the back hairstyle, or intertwine accessories.

4. Long Tail Intertwined Hairstyle

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
long tail hairstyles for brides

If you are a fresh, cheerful and romantic bride, this is an ideal choice for you, a style very well seen by the boho trend for its natural image, subtle waves and irregular finish.

This hairstyle has a long tail that is made up of holding strands of hair intertwined with each other, with a falling pattern.

The hairstyle begins with a bulging crown that is subtly twisted and then added with other strands.

It can be decorated with small flowers to give a fresher touch of fairy tales.

5. Sectioned Ponytail

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
Modern and elegant hairstyles for brides

For modern and elegant women, there is this alternative to the classic ponytail, a very trendy hairstyle this year that promises to stay for some time.

And the best of all is that it is very easy to do, since you only have to make a ponytail a little above the nape of the neck, and section off leaving some distance, with hair ties.

The garters and tail are hidden with strands of hair wrapped in them and the rest is only to place accessories in the unions to make it different. These can be flowers or sparkly jewels.

Keep in mind that this hairstyle requires long hair or extensions, since between the ties and by expanding the sections a bit to give volume, the hair will look shorter.

6. Sectioned Ponytail With Braids

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
boho bridal hairstyles

This is a similar idea to the previous wedding hairstyle, but this time braids are included, making it look more complex and sophisticated.

Due to the inclusion of braids, it is part of the choices of modern boho brides, and in this case, you will need the help of an expert.

The truth is that this hairstyle is made up of various techniques that go beyond the simple braid of three strands, each one separately is not so complex, but in a single hairstyle precision is required to give a clean finish like this.

Like the previous one, you can decorate with jewels or small flowers, but without taking away the prominence of the set of techniques in the hairstyle.

7. Semi-collected hairstyle on the side with braiding

The best ideas of semi-collected bridal hairstyles – Beauty – WebMediums
Sideway hairstyle

Without a doubt, braids are still in trend this year among semi-updo wedding hairstyles.

There are many models, but the one that has captivated the most is this one, since it attracts attention from the side and from the front, something that the previous ones have not achieved.

This hairstyle is made up of a 3-strand braid at the top, expanded to highlight a braid with great curves and softness. This braid is attached to one side of the back, its culmination is hidden with strands of hair that harmoniously generate another braid.

The idea is to create high-volume braids that give the desired fall over the shoulder.

The ideal is to decorate with vine-style jewelry, since its design is intertwined with the braids in a natural way.

A semi-updo is the midpoint that every bride should try in her hairstyle, so don't wait for the long-awaited day to arrive, choose now among these trends in bridal hairstyles.