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These are the bags that every woman should have

Accessories that you can certainly not miss

Maria de Piña
5 min read
These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

The bag is one of the pieces that we cannot miss in our outfit. Although it is an accessory, this is the perfect complement, so as women it is not enough to have one, we must have them all.

But among the wide variety of models that exist, we must know those that are functional for different looks and which cannot be missing in our wardrobe.

And if you are a girl who always wants to be fashionable, you will surely want to meet them.

6 essential bags for today's woman

For a bag to become indispensable, it must be versatile, that is, it must work perfectly for various occasions or different looks.

This is the main quality of the bags that we will show you, learning how to use them according to the outfit you choose.

Leather messenger for girls

These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

These are bags made of leather or semi-leather, which have a small, compact structure, but still functional.

Despite its size, it manages to be an accessory in which to protect different small items, such as makeup, telephone and personal items.

Its name is attributed to it by the strip that rounds the body, hanging the bag on its side.

This bag is an essential item for casual looks, as it is not so elegant, and you can wear it with jeans or casual day dresses, to go out for a walk or on a date.

It is usually worn across the body, but it can also be worn hanging straight from one shoulder, keeping in mind that the bag must reach the hips, as this is the perfect lake.

Girls backpack

These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

These are not the typical school backpacks, as the models for girls have adopted modern and elegant styles that have placed them as a fashion trend in recent years.

This type of backpacks have the original structure of two handles to carry it on the back, but we can find them made of leather in different colors, combination with prints and even the incorporation of sequins and lights.

It is purely casual, so you can use it for different relaxed and sporty looks, whether in pants or dress, you just have to choose a backpack in more neutral colors to match everything.

Sack bag

These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

It takes that name from its sack shape, sealed with a mooring rope. Although it is believed that they are bags with little grace, the reality is that over the years they have turned this concept around, adding chic and feminine touches.

The models that we can find today are made of high quality leather, semi-leather or synthetic material, with different colors and designs.

There are models with a single handle and with two carrying them like backpacks, but maintaining their original style.

Although there are different sizes, the most recommended are medium sizes, since you will have space, but it will not look exaggerated with the different looks.

Black satchel or hobbo bag

These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

These two styles of bag are an essential fashion item for today's woman, who needs comfort, space for her things in a bag that works for different current and chic looks.

The models that you must have been the classic black ones, these are of a medium size, which can be worn hanging from the forearm and in the case of the satchel, also on the shoulder.

In general, the leather or semi-leather models provide more sophistication to the look you choose, making it perfect for outings to day events, going to work or as a complement to an elegant but relaxed look.

Envelope bag

These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

Called "Envelope or Clutch", for its original appearance similar to that of a postal envelope. An innovative accessory that has taken over party looks since its appearance.

Its rectangular and compact shape will allow you to protect your personal items by always keeping it close at hand.

There are different models with the basic structure, which have modern, elegant and classic designs.

If you want to start with these types of bag, choose one in black with silver touches, an elegant and modern style, this will serve you for any important event you attend, with party and formal attire.

If you want more comfort, choose those that have a discreet hanging strap, so you can use it on the side when you get tired of carrying it by hand.

Shoppe or top wallets

These are the bags that every woman should have – Beauty – WebMediums

These are the favorite bags for short trips, because their large size provides enough space to carry the items you want.

They have two short handles at the top of their sides which makes them comfortable to carry from the shoulder.

There are many materials in which we can find these types of bags, which leads us to find casual models and others with more chic.

You can use it with relaxed looks, but not for elegant or party. Due to their large size, they are not recommended for girls of short stature, since the few meters will become more evident.

In the world of handbags, you must choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle, and among the most versatile to meet the needs of today's woman, these handbags will win you over.