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Dynamic content and its influence on websites

Fermín Díaz
5 min read
Dynamic content and its influence on websites – Business – WebMediums
Dynamic content on websites

A few years ago it was seen as incredible that a website could offer personalized recommendations. But today it can be said that all users expect and take this customization for granted. This is where the personalization of websites comes in through dynamic content.

But what is dynamic content ? A dynamic content is those components of a web page or an email that undergoes changes depending on the user's data or their behavior.

  1. The behavior during the session : implies adaptation of the content by virtue of the pages they are visiting, the products they add to the cart and the time they spend while they are on the site.

  2. User data : modify the content by virtue of previous purchases made with the department in charge of marketing.

  3. The characteristics of the user: it is related to the adaptation of the content taking into account demographic information, such as geolocation and the tastes of buyers.

With dynamic content software, you relate this kind of user information to your marketing channels.

As the customer engages with your brand, the software intelligently activates to view the most important content.

There are some programs like Barilliance that automatically link the data between the website and your email.

Some examples of dynamic content on websites

Dynamic content for the creation of personalized recommendations: It consists of treating clients as if they were unique individuals. Suggestions that are more likely to be bought should be displayed, rather than just showing static and previously defined guesses.

Dynamic content and its influence on websites – Business – WebMediums
Netflix is one of the best examples of dynamic content on a website

Product recommendation statistics are incredible when you research them. This shows that personalized recommendations are much more effective than those that are not personalized, and customers who usually click on those recommendations have a 70% higher purchase average.

"Making use of static product recommendations is not advised."

Product recommendations can be used in a variety of industries. News sites show their customers the stories they find most interesting.

Similarly, travel sites can feature vacation packages and destinations that they know travelers are looking for.

Dynamic content for the personalization of offers that are based on Geo-Targeting: This is one of the preferred uses of dynamic content, since you can match the best offer that is made with the indicated client.

An example is geo specific offers. There are customers who ship to different countries, and they know that such shipment is the main reason for abandoning the cart.

With the help of the dynamic contents they can personalize the offers taking into this buying the potential customer.

Dynamic content based on customizing offers taking into account the customer life cycle: Both newcomers and returning customers must be treated differently.

Studies have been conducted that show that returning customers are often the most profitable customers. Those who return add 65.16% more articles than those new customers.

Returning customers converted 73.72% more than new visitors and spent 16.15% more for each transaction made.

What are the types of dynamic content?

The emails : due to the dynamic content you can increase the conversion rates before opening your emails. If you want to obtain the best results, you must personalize the gender and name of the client to whom you are addressing.

Try to analyze all the data you have about users and use it to get your own benefit from the adaptation of the offer. In other words, you could consider its location when sending the email.

Pop-ups : If you want to personalize the experience of users and the information that you already collected from their previous behaviors, you could help with the data of what is done on your website at that time.

Dynamic content and its influence on websites – Business – WebMediums
Pop-ups on websites

KPIs are instruments that you can use to find out how much time the user spends on your website, the time of inactivity, what movements they made with the mouse, and other signals in real time with which you can activate pop-ups that adapt to the customer requirements in that period of time.

Landing Pages: With this resource you can convert a user into a customer or lead. If you manage to show different messages for each user, you will have no doubt that you will be able to multiply your conversion options.

Dynamic content and its influence on websites – Business – WebMediums
Landing pages are part of dynamic content

When copying the website, you can use the username and talk about other products they may have bought. But if you want to go further, the best thing you can do is call-to-action customization.

Personalized Recommendations: Two of the best examples at this are both Netflix and Amazon. You cannot adapt this strategy for any reason to your company. Use all the information you have at the customer's hand, so that you can provide personalized data on your website.

Redirects: Apart from showing relevant and valuable data, dynamic content can better transfer users to those areas of your website that are most interesting to you.

For example, if you are looking for information to travel to Miami, you can redirect to a website that talks about a place in Miami that is touristy and well known. Remember that most of the time users do not notice that they have been redirected.

The forms: One of the points that generate conflict in a website is trying to convince visitors that they can fill out the forms. But due to the dynamic content you can shorten this process and make users see those fields that correspond to the information that you do not really have about them.

Dynamic searches: On a web page that has many products, the search experience can become very heavy and sometimes contribute to users abandoning it.

To avoid this, you should avoid personal data of the user with the data of the website, so that you can more easily find what you are looking for.

Dynamic content on a website.