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Half of the world's wealth belongs to 1.1% of the population

The distribution of money in the world is not a growing line as many of us thought, on an exponential trend line

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Half of the world's wealth belongs to 1.1% of the population
There does not seem to be a growth chart in this way

Global wealth does not only come from a region of the world, those we call world powers, the truth is that today's millionaires maintain more than we imagine of this total percentage, regardless of whether they are in one of the countries of this list of powerful countries.

We know very well that money moves the world, and that the implications that it manages is increasing, even more so with the technological geniuses who have made their fortune grow in the last 20 years. This also adds more ingredients to the recipe.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. The top 5 richest men in the world have a combined total of 955.8 billion dollars.

And more than US $300,000 million belong to tycoon Elon Musk. In this article we will break down each topic on the matter, demonstrating with data monitored by Forbes and world indicators on the distribution of money globally. Do not stop reading.

Location of global wealth

Although we do not have an exact figure for the amount of money the planet has, but we can estimate a figure of $220 trillion, thanks to market estimates and central banks around the world. Taking us to the studies of large economist companies that give the same result.

Credit Suisse, was commissioned to carry out and publish the analysis this year. Bringing us a very clear revelation during the pandemic: the gap between millionaires and the rest of the world is immensely huge.

45.8% of all the money in the world is only in that 1.1% of the population, leaving the other 98.9% with only 55% of world wealth. What in cooler approaches has dropped even more.

For a slightly more specific explanation: let's imagine that we are in a world population of only 100 people, and that the world's wealth is only $100.

According to the figures given above, a single person would have $50, while 39 individuals would be the owners of the other $47, and the most shocking thing is that 70 people would share only $3 among them. That's 70 people with only $0.04 in their pocket! Or even less.

For these many have thought that a way to eradicate poverty in the world is for the rich to give a percentage of their fortune to the poor, but is this really a solution that works in the long term?

Half of the world's wealth belongs to 1.1% of the population
Questions to ask ourselves

Is money made by taking their wealth from the rich?

Already the simple question must have caused something within human thought and consciousness, the truth is that it is not a solution that can only make things easier for others.

Many of these millionaires are people who have struggled a lot to be where they are and the effort they generate is not exactly a gift from the universe. Each of these people are geniuses of technology, of business and have a very great ambition.

You have things like these, or you are developing them with a lot of discipline, that is the best profit there can be. And they can do anything with their money.

If Elon Musk offered his fortune to all the individuals in the world who are approximately 7,700 million people, we would each have $300.

Even taking money from the rich, the poor will remain poor, because to get out of poverty what is required is a change of thinking about work, providing a production opportunity is better than giving a minimum amount of money distributed only once in his life.

A quality of life is required that they can offer themselves from their own hand, since money is useless if you do not know how to handle it, and that is what working for the reward, either from below or from above.

Although of course, everyone can have their clear opinion on the subject, but this argument is the most successful by most critics.

Half of the world's wealth belongs to 1.1% of the population
Elon Musk before he became the richest man in the world

Richest man in the world

Every year Forbes magazine publishes the ranking of this variety of billionaire positions, this year not only did it take a few months for these positions to vary and due to pandemic issues, millionaires increased their wealth more, growing their percentage from 1% to 1.1%.

After Jeff Bezos creator of Amazon on many occasions, he was the number one position in the ranking. In a practically unusual time, Musk won the battle by much difference. Bezos currently has a net worth of US $203,000 million, while Musk lies with a figure of US $318,400 million according to the latest diagnosis by Forbes magazine. While the Boomerang medium says it has even more money: $338,000 to be exact.

By reaching this number we saw that Elon Musk recently made the news, and not precisely for congratulations, since it was also seen as a checkpoint for "extinguishing the world's famine" according to the UN director.

But Musk has made it clear that he needs two conditions to be met in order to have no problem giving a portion of his money.

If you want to know more about this discussion that went around the world, discover: Elon Musk sets two conditions to solve the problem of world famine.

The distribution of money in the world is very scattered, but that does not mean that things are complicated to arise, in reality we are at a time when opportunities are abundant.

Technology and the secrets of how to handle money are already seen by any individual, for this reason world wealth has also increased highly.