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How to ask for a raise?

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Maximize the chances that your boss's answer is yes

How to ask for a raise? – Business – WebMediums

Every employee has had to go through a moment in their working life, in which they feel exhausted and not paid in a good way for the work they do every day. We are not exaggerating to say that everyone has tried to get a raise. The difference is that few take risks and others only think about it and are left only in words, or worse, in thoughts.

First, we must have a conversation within ourselves about: "It is not wrong to want more!" Resilience, although many times it is an applaudable ability, is not always the answer. This causes you to stagnate, and if what you want is to grow in the workplace, you need to detach yourself from things and value yourself.

Assess your ability with a cool head, in the general sense, of the important actions you take at work. Those that you think are invaluable. And they make you be a good employee.

A person who is unhappy in the work he does, and apart from not earning enough, will be bitter and hating what he does every day. It does not seem to be a situation that someone would like to fall into.

Questioner: Am I worth this?

Although, it is a bit crude to humanize a person's assets or income, it is actually the right thing to think about. Since it leads you to another question if the answer to the question above is simply no: How do I earn more? That, taking for granted that you like your work.

The first thing is: Ask for a raise. If your reasons for staying where you are now grow, you won't have to leave. Most people prefer to quit and look for another job before asking for a raise. Don't be one of those people (unless you're really 100% sure they won't give it to you).

After making this introduction yourself, we go step by step, so that you can maximize your boss's response to your request for a raise in a positive percentage.

How to ask for a raise? – Business – WebMediums
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ONE: Make the decision

Really, you have to take seriously the fact of asking for a raise, and be tough with it, no insecurities , you go for yours!

Talking to a confident person who does not hesitate to speak is pleasant for anyone, your boss generates that same energy with the other employees. So be determined and face a momentary difficulty, so that later, you can enter into monetary and work tranquility for a long time.

TWO: Prepare your argument

Most people do not tend to practice a conversation, although there are some who make a living from it. For a raise request, it is recommended that you study the words that you will pronounce to your boss, or at least think about them patiently before making the proposal.

It should be highlighted in red: " Show that I am more valuable now than when I was hired." That will be the goal you will set for yourself when speaking.

Learning growth within work is essential in a company or business; For this reason, every time we look for work, the typical phrase appears: "We do not accept people without experience." Knowing and doing your job well already gives you a very strong argument.

Remind your boss of the latest achievements you have made in that job, the training you already have with you, important education that has to do with the work you do.

What you have to take very, very into account, is that while you deliver this soliloquy of: "Why is a raise necessary? Why am I worthy of it?" You should not for any reason: Talk about personal needs, much less compare yourself with other people.

THREE: It's not a battle

You cannot start the conversation upset, take it easy, don't take all your frustration out of that conversation. Your boss is nowhere near your enemy at the moment. Think of it as a business, a good one, and in good business you don't shout or get upset, nor do you complain.

You are a negotiator and so is he, take it into account so that he takes you into account. Feedback is important in a discussion, more so in this one.

Remember that sometimes replacing an employee can be expensive, most likely your boss will say yes. At least, that your boss is a very bad boss, in that case, what you should do is look for another job if you don't want to get stuck there.

How to ask for a raise? – Business – WebMediums
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FOUR: Put a specific number in your head

Naming an exact figure that you want it as a raise is actually proven to generate security, and that obviously makes your chances of getting a raise skyrocket to the positive side.

Don't ever say: "What you want to increase me, boss." Don't downplay it, be serious, and reassure your boss that you care about the situation as well.

FIVE: Pick a good time

The moment you ask for your raise is very important. Forget asking when: You have made a mistake, your boss is stressed or after you return from your vacation.

It is best that you do it at times like: When you have shown that you can bear multiple burdens at work, or have been successful in some area.

You have to be prepared to hear one no for an answer, and even if this happens you shouldn't consider it a defeat. We emphasize that not only increases in work are increases in your regular income, alternatives can also be presented such as: a more flexible schedule, student payments, etc.

The answer to asking for a raise while you do not allow yourself and focus on achieving it, will always be no. There is no harm in asking for a raise as long as it is professional and calm, you do not lose anything by trying. And even if your boss denies you the raise, he will take it into account if you followed all the steps above.