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Play to win Cryptocurrencies

An online game could become your new job

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The beginning of video games has been developing in ways never expected, causing the forgetfulness of those longed for "Arcade" where teenagers played for hours and hours, while paying with coins for those large machines that took up excessive space.

And then move on to what it is today of having the ease of playing on any of your devices with high-quality graphics without even leaving your home, and in ways that could even be considered a full-time job, which yes, it offers cryptocurrencies with every play due.

Emphasizing that it no longer seems to preserve the components of its origins.

Earn cryptocurrencies through video game

While the world of cryptocurrencies has climbed to a much higher altitude than that of video games in almost record time. But both platforms, although they are different, have several similarities that people categorize as "Game". In both, you can both lose and win.

And speculation is undoubtedly another action that he shares as the most obvious of all: technology. Which has allowed us to reach this level of graphics and security, offering us almost everything on a silver platter, because currently you can generate income only by using the internet.

Many of the people who only played to distract themselves have opted to take it seriously, due to the variety of games that have been created to generate profits , using their own cryptocurrencies as payment methods on their platform.

Fame is so high at its peak that everyone wants some.

So if you want to know which are the best video games to develop yourself as a good gamer and offer you more daily income, you are in the right place.

What is "Play to Earn"?

This compound phrase " Play to win" is the term by which we refer to the union of these two platforms: games and cryptocurrencies.

It is about the investor and the gamer being able to join together to make a profit while playing fun games. These serve as confirmation that the system that brought bitcoin to market "Decentralized financial system" is an efficient way to invest.

This denomination does not seem to be a new way to earn assets, since players and fans with great mass movement for years, earn money while playing, categorizing them as professional Gamers. And with data from studies that have been conducted in different industries, we can say that " eSport" (the world's largest video game competition) is one of the largest industries today, moving billions of dollars annually.

But for what currently means "Play to earn" it does not seem that you need a level as advanced as a professional gamer, anyone of any kind and from anywhere in the world can try it. Although of course, an investment is required to start in any video game of this style.

games to start with "Play to earn"

The best games to start with "Play to earn"

Although the one that brought this way of investing into fashion was Axie infinity, with its cute and curious NFT called "Axies" with the purpose of fighting against other players, it was a good entry in its beginnings (Because the investment was not so great), now the amount you must invest is USD $ 500 to participate in this game, which he considers to be the " Play to earn '" game with the highest amount of winnings: of 13,000 Ethereum, which if exchanged would be more than USD $ 36,000,000.

It should be noted that all these games use the blockchain through Ethereum, the non-fungible tokens (NFT) would be: The characters of the game, their tools or weapons, clothing, player cards, among others. They all depend on the game in question.

1. Plants vs. Undead: A game clearly similar to “Plants vs. Zombies”has generated great fame in recent months, reaching the point that even several cryptocurrency platforms will allow the use of the virtual currency of this video game, which is: PVU. The action of the game is to buy plants, trees or farms, to kill the zombies.

Not long ago, the creators of this game have placed several rules so that the cryptocurrency born to control this whole mystical world remains in balance, or at least does not fluctuate so much. Your investment payment at this time is USD $ 60.

2. Gods Unchained: This is a game that is based on trading card magic. These cards have powers, and would be the token of the game. The action of this video game is to make decks of cards that contain: characters, spells or weapons.

They can be traded or sold to get more GODS, which is the virtual currency belonging to Gods Unchained.

Your initial to start playing is an advantage before the others play “Play to earn”. Since the cost will depend on the cards you want to buy. Gamers say that you can get a very rare card, therefore more expensive, up to USD $ 500.

3. League of kingdoms: This game is about strategy, while you control your own kingdom, soldiers and terrain.

The NFT is the land you own, the more land you have, the higher the money you get. Its cryptocurrency is DAI, and it is undoubtedly a stable cryptocurrency, since its creators always try to make it at the same price as the US dollar.

The action is to fight and form alliances that make you the owner of land.


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