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Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings

Connect long distance and keep up with your work

Irene de Espinoza
5 min read
Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
Remote work, a new modality in the digital age

In the last 2 years the changes in the digital world have been considerable. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teleworking became almost mandatory.

A measure that companies took to maintain work rates. However, powerful and stable digital meeting platforms were needed. We carry out an analysis of the best thanks to the experience and recommendation of the users.

Each of these platforms brings the necessary benefits for long distance meetings. In these situations we need to work as effectively as possible and there is no step for last minute inconveniences.

Work meetings, courses, workshops, conferences or family gatherings can be held with each of these platforms.

Even if you own a business or want to boost your brand, you can do it through a Zoom video conference or maybe a Telegram video call. It is a very helpful resource for new entrepreneurs.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
A way to keep up with modernity

The best platforms for virtual meetings

Skype, years of experience for everyone

"Skype" is one of the most used platforms for communication between people, ideal for: family, friends, co-workers and sometimes conferences with more than 50 people.

Provides protection for your sent and received messages and images. This platform guarantees that for very little money it can give you the opportunity to call the phone and send messages from the comfort of your cell phone or your computer.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
We are far but very well-connected

You can pay a plan, or you can pay as you use it, you can also use it without paying a fee of any kind, but you could not use some of its benefits. This platform can be downloaded both on cell phones and on the latest computers of the moment.

Zoom, video conferencing, virtual meetings and more

The platform that broke records in the need for business and educational communication in the pandemic. This platform is lovely, as with it, you can hold a conference of up to 500 people online.

Easy shared screen slide show and live recording in the room while discussing a topic of choice.

This platform is compatible with the latest generation software, providing the best user experience.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
Experience in quality platforms

Jitsi: accessible to everyone

This is one of the platforms with perhaps the most accessibility that exists at the moment, you do not need any type of subscription to use it.

It has unique taste and features that other platforms don't have. You could put a background of a street, landscape or even the same space behind you.

Although it seems like a vulnerable platform, Jitsi offers end-to-end encryption so that no one can intrude on a meeting and break into your privacy.

The impressive thing about this platform is that in a video call you can gather up to 100 people. A juicy proposal for a short and precise conference. You can access "Jitsi" through the browser or with its application on your cell phone.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
A platform for every taste or need

Uberconference: ideal for small or large companies

Easy-to-use platforms without much to do are in fashion, but “Uberconference” tries to get ahead of the other platforms, since it offers a wide advantage of ease with your email and phone number, you can already use it.

It started only with audio conferencing, but thanks to updates it was able to take video conferencing in its technology. It handles relative security, since it exerts its security on contacts and messaging, but they have not yet managed to encrypt phone calls.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
Get started and rely on digital tools

Provides information to the user of the call: How many people are active, duration of the same and completion, a "bot" is responsible for doing a small survey of how the call was generated and suggests the user to make a detailed review to improve the platform.

Video calls by Telegram

This social network is also widely used for remote meetings. Although Telegram is one of the most private platforms that we can count on today, its benefits are indisputable.

Telegram allows you to make video calls with the participation of 30 people without using the shared screen mode.

Telegram presents the option to expand the number of people for video calls. This is due to the continuing demand for live chats for those who work with video games. In addition, you can make your group video call from your computer, mobile or a Tablet without problem.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
Security in the best communication

Why is video conferencing important today?

An answer to different problems, this is the fundamental reason for the use of video conferences or video calls. Communication solutions where the participants will always be more than two people.

The remote connection where ideas for business or personal growth are raised, the possibility of a family reunion with optimal platform options to carry it out. The digital age is advancing, and it will always be a priority for us to be part of it.

Recommendations to take into account with videoconferences or video calls:

  • Don't accept friend requests from strangers.

  • Use tools to manage your security (Like antivirus, firewall).

  • You have been careful about using the shared computer.

  • Don't post where you are.

  • Do not publish your specific home address.

  • Block and remove anyone who harasses you.

  • Please do not submit any compromising photos or videos.

  • Don't fall for suspicious links.

Top 5 of the best digital platforms for virtual meetings – Business
Always attentive to privacy and security

Select the platform that best suits your needs. Determine the possible number of participants on the day and time. Send an invitation link or advertising works correctly.

In the same way, try to have a good command of the content, always look at the camera to maintain effective and assertive communication. Plan the set, what you will say and how you will say them before starting the video conference.