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Spices that will help you lose weight

Make use of herbs and spices to improve your dishes and lose weight

Grecia De Flores
4 min read
Spices that will help you lose weight – Cocina y gastronomía – WebMediums
Spices to improve your dishes

Herbs and spices are a great ally in all meals, which provide us with vitamins and flavor. At the same time, they can help us lose weight.

Yes, some of these spices have been linked to an increase in the ability to metabolize fats, in addition to having detoxifying properties for our body.

6 Spices that you should include in your dishes to lose weight

Here are six seasonings and their slimming properties:


This seasoning is generally used to give our dishes that characteristic yellow color; and that spicy, but fresh flavor, also has within its properties a substance called curcumin.

Curcumin causes blood vessels to retract, thus reducing adipose tissue and the amount of fat that is generated, thus helping to reduce weight.

In addition, it also stimulates the metabolism favoring the oxidation of lipids and therefore triglycerides, obtained in the consumption of fatty foods, so it not only prevents the regeneration of fat, but also burns it.

For this reason, turmeric is a recommended condiment for people who suffer from obesity and have metabolic problems.

Adding an amount of turmeric to our usual foods will help our body, and we will have that delicious flavor in our dishes.

We can also try recipes like carrot and turmeric cream or chicken in turmeric sauce to give our menu a twist.

Spices that will help you lose weight – Cocina y gastronomía – WebMediums
Seasonings are essential in any meal

The cinnamon

It is easy to find and adds that special touch to our dishes, since it has a tan color and smell, which can fill an entire room with aroma.

It has antioxidants for our body that protect our health and favor our appearance.

When we consume cinnamon, this spice improves our metabolism and promotes fat loss and consequently those extra kilos.

It is recognized as an ally in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and metabolic diseases by reducing blood sugar levels.

The pepper

There are a wide variety of pepper species, but specifically, black pepper has properties that block the growth of new fat cells.

Likewise, various studies explain that the use of this seasoning encourages our body to burn fat cells that exist within our body.

They also help reduce constipation problems.

Cayenne pepper, for its part, stimulates caloric expenditure, once it is consumed, it is also an excellent complement for those busy days in the gym, since it helps you burn up to 25% of fat during training.


This spice has anti- inflammatory properties, speeds up our metabolism and helps with weight loss.

It also has effects on satiety levels, which will help us avoid excessive consumption of foods that increase our weight.

It also has thermogenic properties that accelerate metabolism, hence its great help in the task of weight loss.


Cumin was widely used by various communities in ancient times, given its medicinal properties, likewise, it favors digestion, helps control sugar levels and stimulates memory.

Its greatest attribute is stimulation, which will have a direct effect on fat loss, as the body acts and processes nutrients more effectively.

In this way, it discards the fat more easily.

It is also related to the decrease in fat in the abdominal area, which is more complex in terms of weight loss.


It is part of the species of hot peppers that contain capsaicin, which, like pepper, makes it a great antioxidant to combat the effects of imbalance.

Within the free radicals that produce, among other things, premature aging.

Stimulates weight loss in the body, making it an exotic ally for our health.

However, due to the spiciness of the same chili, it is advisable to consume it wisely, otherwise it could irritate the digestive system.

The seasonings that we have placed here are tools that help us reach our goals of staying healthy and in balance with our body.

But these as other tools do not replace the significantly positive effects, which has the consumption of balanced foods and a good physical activity.

Together, these can help us to obtain that healthy and strong body we desire more quickly, without negatively affecting our health and without altering the natural balance of our system.