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Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it!

The projection of investors in 2022

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read
Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Purchases of NFTs increase without measure

In recent times of technology there have come many ways to obtain income, goods and digital properties. In this case, NFTs are specifically that, a digital property that you can obtain.

The acronym NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token", referring to the fact that it is a unique property in all networks and that what you have, no one else can have or copy.

These digital properties are always localized as images. Many times they can be a video or a fully animated gift. All this is linked to a specific block chain of a cryptocurrency blockchain.

How are NFTs created?

The creation of an NFT can vary depending on the platform you can work on. The creation of an NFT, although is not very complex, has to have a basic knowledge of what a wallet is, and what is a black chain plus the use that you can have of it.

Let us remember that creation is made up of:

  • Collectible tokens.

  • Photos.

  • Memes.

  • Audios.

  • Short audiovisuals.

For the creation of these NFTs, you must mainly sell content that is pleasing, fun, sports and even artistic, in order to make the sale quick.

However, you will need to anchor to a digital wallet based on Ethereum. In this way you will have access to the NFT market and have the opportunity to trade your NFTs, or buy some.

Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums

It is important to know that everything you are going to sell from NFT must be created entirely from your imagination, since being an exact copy of another NFT would cause you big problems.

On the other hand, if you want your NFT, you will have to invest at least $100 to generate even one, it may be a bit expensive, but it can be worth it.

What gives NFTs their value?

The value of NFTs starts from the moment it is produced and how creative it is.

Many times the NFTs in images are originated with the intention of making a reference to some famous person, singer, politician and even works of art. So we could say that one of the things that gives more value is creativity, content and graphic ability.

Exclusivity is a very important fact, since it also gives a quite significant value.

Knowing that it is only a very rare NFT and that it has perhaps even philosophical content, it can become in great demand. Therefore, many would be offering a large amount of money to obtain this precious NFT.

Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
NFTs are valued according to their rarity

Marketing is something much more valuable because knowing that it comes from the hand of a famous or well-known person worldwide, will give a fluidity to the market and everyone will want to have it. Who would not like to have the NFT that the president of the United States once obtained?

And last but not least, the usefulness that it often has. In some virtual games these NFTs are used for something beyond a simple digital property.

Sometimes these NFTs can be consolidated as a representation card on a property of a metaverse, get some bonus in a game and even some important utility within it.

What are the most expensive NFTs in the world?

In short, works of art such as NFTs have become very viral due to the meaning and talent behind their creation.

As is Mike Winkelman's NFT, an artist who openly protests with his digital artworks about climate change and the little responsibility of us, human beings, as responsible for it.

One of the most surprising sums is that of the artist, as it was recently known that at an auction he sold his completely digital piece for about 69 million dollars!

The last day of the auction was crucial, since it had the participation of 22 million people seeing the unusual price for which the digital work was auctioned.

Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums

But, Mike is not far behind with his amazing illustrations, he also managed to create an NFT of his artwork called: “Crossroads”, which is a video created by him in which he greatly mocks Donald Trump for the loss of the presidential term in election times in that country. This was an NFT that managed to sell for at least $6.6 million.

Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums

Another important NFT in the world was: “Ringers” is caused by an artificial intelligence produced specifically by an artist.

The intention of this NFT was to demonstrate how the human mind can coordinate with hyper-realistic technology to achieve amazing things. This NFT was bought for almost $300 and was revalued for about $7 million, which is extremely impressive.

Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums

Can I make money with NFT?

It is the most important question of every person who sees NFT as a solution to their economic problems.

However, more than that, it can be a solution where you might face various problems. As we well know, the NFT has an enormous similarity to what a cryptocurrency is, since it is connected to the block chain for its commerce.

As in the world of cryptocurrencies there are so many ways to make money, because in the world of NFT there is no escape from that reality. One of the most used methods to earn money is to rent an NFT, the rentals consist of having one that is linked to a game.

Meet the NFT: We tell you all about it! – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Play and win

If for example you have an NFT that is shown as a card and this card has a power that gives your character a bonus, then you can make a deal with the person who needs it and charge a tax rate for the time it goes to employ. Something simple to do and it will generate money consecutively.

And yes, you are an NFT generator, because you can get royalties for each time your NFT is sold and bought.

It is something completely automatic, since you can see the electronic treaties and they detail the whole process very well, you can obtain up to 10% for each time your NFT is bought and sold.