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How to decorate your outdoors with modern style

Exterior design ideas that will surely fascinate you

Maria de Piña
5 min read
How to decorate your outdoors with modern style – Decor – WebMediums
How to decorate your modern outdoor patio

A fresh and current environment, with innovative details that convey comfort and tranquility, this and more is what a modern outdoor patio design offers; and today I want to teach you how to decorate this place.

Ideas for decorating outdoors

If your house has a natural back area, this will be like a blank canvas to work on.

Forget about simply putting some plants and placing some wooden furniture, if you are looking for a modern style you must arm yourself with luxury ideas that even the best hotels are implementing in their exterior designs.

And these are precisely the ones I show you, so get ready to be inspired to remodel your outdoor patio.

Pergola with shade cloths

How to decorate your outdoors with modern style – Decor – WebMediums
Pergola with fabrics for modern patios

Undoubtedly one of the most used elements for outdoor patios, since in addition to fulfilling its function as a shed, they manage to decorate a space by itself.

The pergola is a shade structure, originally made with wooden slats, although for more industrial styles metal slats are a good option.

To give it that touch of luxury, the trend applies large and long strips of fabric interspersed between the ceiling slats, these in neutral and subtle colors such as sand white and beige, being made of a light material that does not retain the sun, but reduces its projection.

The fabrics are placed loosely and in some cases they are accompanied by small lights to give an effect of freshness in the day and magical when the sun goes down.

Create a modern room within your backyard

How to decorate your outdoors with modern style – Decor – WebMediums
Ideas for modern outdoor patios

One idea that you can choose is to create a small modern corner within your patio.

Not necessarily the space of the furniture next to the decoration must be anchored to the house, you can go further into the green areas of your patio and embed modernity in it by creating a room.

For this you should think mainly about modern furniture, these must be practical and if you are to meet friends, you will need a spacious one, such as an L-type armchair with a modern design.

If you want to place this space in the middle of your patio you can place a pergola creating a summer atmosphere.

However, if you are looking for a more modern style and with greater privacy, we recommend placing this corner in a corner at the limits of your patio, taking into account the walls to differentiate the room from the rest of the area.

Use colors such as sand white, beige, gray and black in small quantities, since these are the colors that predominate in this style.

Keep in mind that for this, the idea presents the creation of decorative elements based on materials such as cement, brick and stones with designs.

To complement it, use porcelain or wood on the floor of the outdoor room, this way you will create the limits of the space, highlighting more the green areas and the brightness of the modern outdoor room.

Illuminated linear planters

How to decorate your outdoors with modern style – Decor – WebMediums
Modern linear planters

Even if you are not a plant lover, having a patio in your house you must give in to them, since they are a key element for your decoration.

Either in pots or directly on the ground, these will complement the style, since although your decoration is extremely modern, the plants manage to distinguish the external environment from the interior spaces.

However, the idea that we present to you is the illuminated linear planters, these are created to delimit an area or to highlight a corridor.

To take it to a modern style, choose plants such as shrubs, usually small, which you can prune creating elegant shapes.

However, if you are looking for a more tropical look, you can use other types of plants such as mother-in-law's tongue, small palm trees, and even flower plants.

These, complement them with white, black or gray stones creating contrast with the rest of your exterior decoration.

It discreetly includes LED outdoor lights, so that when it gets dark, they can continue to stand out in the environment.

Modern rectangular fire pits

How to decorate your outdoors with modern style – Decor – WebMediums
Rectangular fire pits for modern outdoor patios

Campfires are elements that you can implement in your patio to create a cozy atmosphere for moments with family or friends.

Most campfires are designed for outdoor spaces due to the emission of smoke, however, some more current models were designed to avoid this, being perfect for more closed environments.

Although there are many models of modern fireplaces, rectangular ones with electronic systems are one of the most popular, being easy to light while maintaining a sophisticated and impeccable image.

When choosing them you must bear in mind that the colors and materials of which your coating is made must be in harmony with the rest of the elements of your patio.

Inviting your friends to chat or share with your family outdoors will be a dream come true when creating your modern outdoor patio, which will fill you up to enjoy unique experiences in company.