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Know the trends in Christmas decoration for doors 2021-2022

Maria de Piña
5 min read
Know the trends in Christmas decoration for doors 2021-2022 – Decor
Trends in Christmas door decoration 2021-2022

The doors are the central point of the decoration of our facade, this is in turn the main focus of attention, so our Christmas decoration should start there, keeping in mind the best trends in Christmas decoration for doors of this year.

Whether you live in a building or a house, decorating only the door will highlight your entrance, giving a taste of what is expected inside.

It is precisely from the interior that we obtain the decoration trends, which are presented in subtle tones, with natural inspiration and without so much ostentation in the decoration.

Take advantage of the time you have left before the holidays and get ready to create a current decoration with the ideas that I present.

Show off your 2021 Christmas door decoration ideas

Subject to Christmas decoration trends this year, the ideas that I present to you reflect all the feeling of these dates in a very traditional and natural way.

What is marked in this season brings out classic decoration elements and other organic resources that intertwine perfectly in the doors, this together with typical colors that cannot be missing.

Doors with natural pine garlands

Know the trends in Christmas decoration for doors 2021-2022 – Decor
Doors with natural garlands

This is a trend that goes to the origin of decorations with garlands, offering a very focused, mature and classic proposal for the decoration of doors.

Take advantage of the resource of pine leaves. In the case of the edges of the door, you can choose 2 different models, framed with garlands in the shape of an inverted L or from the top to the middle of the sides, which you can also finish until the end.

For this style of decoration, forget about the typical Christmas balls, and harmonize with dry pine nuts without working, since being in their purest presentation, the natural contrast of brown and green will be appreciated.

Complement your decoration with 1 or 2 small natural pine trees on the sides of the door if you wish, and although you are not in an area where it is easy to obtain these resources, you can use garlands and artificial pine trees, which have a very realistic image.

Classic red and green

Know the trends in Christmas decoration for doors 2021-2022 – Decor
Red and green decoration for Christmas doors

The classics never go out of style, but they are renewed adapting to today's trends, so this year's door decoration models still maintain these colors, but subject to natural and little extravagant movement.

In this sense, the proposal plays with garlands of natural pine trees with small ornaments in red, such as Christmas balls, ribbons and even pigmented pine nuts in this color.

Of course, when following a simple trend of decoration, we must be detailed with the volume levels, so although I include a frame with garlands for the door, and I want to place other details, the framing must be very basic to create a perfect harmony.

When decorating with these shades, include materials such as wood, this gives more warmth to the environment and generates a natural color contrast, for this place boxes with classic designs or crates.

Organic Christmas wreaths

Know the trends in Christmas decoration for doors 2021-2022 – Decor
Organic Christmas Wreath

A very practical idea of creating a current and on-trend decoration is to include an organic Christmas wreath, made from natural elements that are typical for these dates.

The best thing about this trend is that you can easily make them, creating original and personalized models.

Among the materials that you can use is the pine nut, eucalyptus, pine needles and dry vines, these being the base of the crown, but when decorating you can include ribbons, flowers, cotton and other plants that you want and that harmonize.

You can play by grouping different materials, but keeping in mind that you should not overload, create a delicate and beautiful ornament with few elements.

Gold and silver trim

Know the trends in Christmas decoration for doors 2021-2022 – Decor
Christmas decorations in gold and silver for doors

If you are looking to highlight your door and create an elegant style, an infallible way to do it is with ornaments that merge gold and silver.

While individually they are great, when combined into an ornament, they radically change the look of an area, and this season they are a total success for the doors.

However, you should keep in mind that if you want to make an impression with this type of decoration, you must have a classic or winter base, that is, white, gray or black wooden doors.

Keep in mind that if you add pine needles to the ornament, they should have touches of white, similar to snow, this will enhance the main colors and in turn create that magical winter effect.

As ornaments, you can opt for crowns or a hanging vessel type, however, you can create other arrangements with organic materials pigmented in these tones creating a very original piece.

Christmas is almost at the door, and therefore you must be ready for your home to reflect the magic of these dates, so start with these trends that you will undoubtedly use again next year.