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Learn how to fill your hallway with style

Ingenious ideas that will make you not want to leave this space

Maria de Piña
5 min read
Learn how to fill your hallway with style – Decor – WebMediums
Decorate the hallway of your house

When we think about decorating and remodeling the interior, the first thing we think about is the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, so we forget other spaces that require attention, among them, we find the corridor.

But there is no denying that when you see them, it is difficult to think how to decorate them, since their few meters wide and their function in the home mean that we do not see the great potential they have.

However, you must understand that there is not a place in the interior of the house that cannot be filled with style, and that is why I show you how to make your hallway your new favorite area.

Get inspired by easy hallway decorating ideas

Before starting the task of decorating, we must understand what we are working on, that is, how many meters wide and long is the corridor and what special characteristics they have.

Putting on the table the details of the area in which we will work will help us understand what decoration can work in our home, without interfering with the passage, adding and not subtracting the environment.

This is our starting point, because with these you will undoubtedly be right when choosing the best hallway decoration idea.

Large mirrors to decorate hallways

Learn how to fill your hallway with style – Decor – WebMediums
Mirrors to decorate the hallway of your house

Mirrors are a very efficient weapon to decorate anywhere in the house, and without a doubt in narrow corridors they are excellent, this because their flat shape does not require more space than that of the wall area.

Now, if we want to stand out in the decoration of the hallway, you must obtain a large mirror, this is the greatest requirement for this decoration idea, since the mirror will be the different, modern and striking touch for this space.

If we talk directly about the decoration style, you should bear in mind that it influences the mirror model that you will implement.

For a modern chic or minimalist style, round mirrors are elementary, giving first-class sophistication, but if you are looking for other styles, you should walk through square, rectangular, hexagonal or curved designs.

This idea can be accompanied by floating shelves or shelves, these are small and attached to the wall.

Rows of plants or planters

Learn how to fill your hallway with style – Decor – WebMediums
Hallway Planters

If you like nature and want a modern or different touch for your hallway, your best choice will be indoor plants in rows, an idea that we usually see in gardens and outdoor corridors, we can also integrate it into the interior of our home.

Although this idea does require certain centimeters, it will not take up a lot of space, since the plants that you must choose must be tall and not wide, requiring a small area to expand their roots.

The perfect ones for this are the mother-in-law's tongue and bamboo, however, there are other species that you can use, but for this you must detail the width of your corridor, since they are larger.

For this idea create a row of plants on the floor, on the edge of the wall. This can be created by digging a trench in the floor, making a planter, or simply placing the plants in pots.

To finish giving the modern touch, create designs with small white, gray or black stones in the spaces between each floor.

Decorate with pictures

Learn how to fill your hallway with style – Decor – WebMediums
Pictures to decorate hallways

By decorating with paintings you create a kind of visual attraction, that no matter how hurried those who walk down the hall are, the curiosity to see what is exhibited in them will stop them to see the details.

As for this decoration, you can opt for photos, drawings of the little ones, typography and pieces of art, taking into account the color combinations between the paintings and the walls.

The presented idea shows minimalist paintings accompanied by a slim piece of furniture, but you can also choose to fill the entire wall with paintings in an aesthetic way and playing with the sizes to create custom murals.

Comfortable furniture

Learn how to fill your hallway with style – Decor – WebMediums
Hallway Furniture

If you have a wider corridor or there is a hole in one of the walls of your corridor, think no more and take advantage of it with a comfortable piece of furniture.

Thinking about this and the place where it will be, try to make it a small one, which adapts to the diameters of the place.

Depending on the size that it has, you can choose from sofas, compact armchairs, divan or modern chairs, which placed at the perfect angle will not interfere with your step.

To complement your decoration you can decorate the wall with pictures or mirrors creating a totally different environment in which you will want to spend hours.

Create effects with wallpaper

Learn how to fill your hallway with style – Decor – WebMediums
Wallpaper for hallway decoration

Today there are many models of this product, which adapt to different styles of interior decoration, so they are a piece that we must use to create a dramatic effect in the space.

Once the design has been chosen, there are different options to implement it in our decoration, from placing it on the ceiling of the corridor, on the wall at the end or covering all the sides of the space.

It is advisable to give all the prominence to the wallpaper, leaving the rest of the walls and decoration in soft neutral tones.

Do not leave your hallway forgotten anymore, give it life and convince yourself now with these ideas of what it can do.