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Modern curtain designs for living rooms

Irene de Espinoza
5 min read

Currently we can choose the most beautiful modern curtains for living rooms. Many times it is sought by combining with the furniture that decorates it, so they can feel comfortable when taking a break or receiving a visit.

You can choose short or long curtains, it depends on the design that you like the most, these luxurious models come in a combination of strong and soft, light, dark, solid colors, in prints and with designs that make them look splendid in the room.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Modern, classic, elegant and updated designs in living room curtains.

Excellence in classic and modern

Classic models that go in the form of waves from end to end the width of the window. It is divided into two parts to be able to collect it on both sides when giving way to the clarity of the day, in the lower part a clear curtain combined in colors with the one above is used.

You can use it in light colors such as beige, light brown in plain colors or prints, beige with gray print, cream with green, orange, hot pink and light gray or white with black details.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Beautiful curtains with classic and modern style combined.

Don't forget the bras

This beautiful curtain is made to combine with the fasteners, furniture, and the game that is given in the decoration above at the height of the hanging, all this is important to dress the room.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Butterfly Design Curtain Tiebacks for Living Rooms.

It is advisable when choosing a beautiful curtain, to first see the design and visualize how it would look in the room, then make sure you get the ideal color that matches the furniture and paint in the room, whether it is a large or small room.

By having the right curtain you can consider buying some matching cushions and create a fabulous atmosphere when you receive a visit or when you get home from work and take a moment to rest.

Modern curtains in lead color

A beautiful color that achieves these expectations, it is a light lead curtain, it combines with everything you have in the room including the floor and achieves the environment that you so desire, this model can be found in unicolor and combined or the one of your preference.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
The curtains that make your home the perfect place to rest.

In the great variety of this model of simple curtains, it can be seen that due to its bright and striking colors, when choosing one of them we see that it has been an excellent choice to show off a modern room.

The Importance of prints in living room curtains

These models of curtains made of printed fabric are one of the modern ones that are so sought after, due to their ease of combining in the variety that they come, you can find them in colors to highlight, strong, soft, light, dark and in pastels.

They are made in a variety of fabrics, from very fine to thicker, their texture is important because it helps prevent the entry of sun, cold, dust and other unwanted particles in case you want it closed, a more transparent bottom is designed to let it pass sunlight.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Japanese panel design curtains, one of the best trends.

These colors are beautiful, they also come in a single color and with outstanding details in some parts of the fabric, which make it dress elegantly in the room and combined with comfortable balls.

Details in curtains for rooms that fall in love

You can add to taste, details on the edges or on the top a faralao made of the same fabric or embroidered fabric matching it, these can be worn short or long.

You can look for it in transparent lace-type fabric, this curtain model helps keep the room quite light and fresh because it allows the passage of daylight, they come in a variety of designs and beautiful colors.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Japanese panels with a natural sparkle and transparency.

You can also wear it combined with a thick fabric curtain, it looks spectacular with its decorations and designs, it's all about knowing how to choose the right texture for what you want.

Transparency as background is modernity

Most of the transparent fabric curtains are used as a background to highlight the main one, with the spectacular design that has been sought when decorating at that expected or unexpected moment.

In this variety of curtains you will find different types of prints, they can be obtained according to the type of fabric desired for the indicated room, the designs are chosen to the desired taste, as well as the transparent ones in embroidery or without it.

The beauty of choosing a border in living room curtains

The important thing about choosing a border model for the living room curtain is the striking decoration that it usually shows off, when combined with the main curtain that gives a good image in that much-visited room.

The red color is one of these precious models, widely used combined with black and beige to have cushions and a beautiful armchair in this beautiful room, this beauty is accompanied by a balloon border.

Modern curtain designs for living rooms – Decor – WebMediums
The most modern and elegant borders for living room.

Too striking when giving that special image that you want to achieve, when decorating it and combining it with the ideal modern curtain, accompanied by sleek black furniture and beautiful paintings.

Brown borders and their derivatives

They are also presented in light and dark brown, easy to combine, decorated with splendid borders in a modern design such as waterfalls and tubed balloon, and thus achieve the desired curtain.

The important thing about these modern curtains is that there are so many models combined with borders that manage to dress the room as desired, in this step to take culture influences, for these fabulous designs.