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Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly

Dilis Salazar
4 min read
Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly – Decor – WebMediums
Decorative cushions for the sofa

Cushions are an infallible element in the decoration of our home, but when it comes to combining them, some doubts may appear. Today I want to show you how to give your furniture a magical touch, using sofa cushions.

Decorative, simple, with designs, or prints, all this will be chosen according to the tone and style of your decoration; remember that no matter how beautiful they are, the ideal will always be to follow the style.

How to place the cushions for sofas that are beautiful

Designs, styles and colors abound in cushions for sofas, today they are part of the decorative elements that are used not only in the living room, but also in the rooms.

Please note the size of the sofa

Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly – Decor – WebMediums
Place cushions on your sofa

You will not be able to know how many cushions to place, if you are not clear about the dimensions of the sofa. This is how large sofas can have more voluminous cushions, but these do not take away space from the seat.

Now, if they are just decorative cushions, you will have to know how to use them in the corners, or in front of the larger cushions, which serve as backrests for the furniture. These if you can extend them along the sofa.

alternate the shapes

Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly – Decor – WebMediums
Alternate shapes with cushions

Not all cushions should be the same, you can take advantage of new decoration concepts, break the rules and alternate with large cushions, and small decorative cushions, even pillows.

In this idea, I also recommend you alternate with the textures, you will surely find an ideal approach for your sofa.

think about the contrast

If the walls of your room are neutral in color, you should apply cushions that match the space. Neutral tones are perfect because they combine with everything, but you should always focus on not ending up boring.

Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly – Decor – WebMediums
Decorate with beautiful cushions that contrast

So that this does not happen, you can use different neutral tones, in a degraded way, placing it in the corners of the sofa. Ideally, through them, you use a stronger tome cushion.

play with symmetry

Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly – Decor – WebMediums
play with symmetry

For small sofas you have the option of playing with symmetry. One option is to use models and textures that manage to unbalance the composition of your sofa, and thus place the cushions asymmetrically with different sizes and shapes in each of the dimensions. You can match two and three cushions, and then another two and three cushions.

Use bright tones

There is no doubt that bright tones are perfect to bring life to the home, and if you do not want to wear it on the walls, then you can use these colors in the decorative cushions for the sofa.

The options are endless, as are the texture, pattern and designs. Everything will depend on the color of your sofa and the style you wear in the space.

Cushions, styles and shapes: How to decorate?

Sofa cushions: How to combine them perfectly – Decor – WebMediums
Ways to decorate with cushions
  • Elegant cushions: For elegant looking rooms, you should consider using elegant cushions that work perfectly with the design of the room. Here you should opt for more sophisticated models, which are surely made of fine fabrics.

  • Modern decorative cushions: They stand out for their beautiful patterns, which are usually through geometric shapes, which look perfect for rooms of this style.

  • Cushions in cream tones: These are other of the most used styles perfect for giving a warm atmosphere to your home, have you used them, in rooms with enough lighting.

  • Turquoise cushions: Turquoise decorative cushions are perfect for decorating your home. These are becoming more and more fashionable, and usually combine with all shades of furniture.

These ideas will help you place decorative cushions in your home, they are perfect for giving your home a very nice look and generating a wonderful look.