Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home

Maria de Piña
6 min read

Each home is different in its structure, this is with which we must work to obtain a space in which we want to be. But What happens when there is little light and space is closed?

The reality is that when an area does not have enough lighting and that we add the lack of space, becomes exhausting and depressive the stay.

A fully proven fact is that the factor of light and imbalance in the environment very affects the ability and feel of people. For this reason, our task is to make you understand how this affects this to your family in your home and what to do to remedy it.

What consequences does the lack of lighting bring within the home?

Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home – Decor – WebMediums

Light allows us not only to see things, its effect on us is a very influential factor in our day to day, there is logically life without light is unthinkable. But the fact of being in space with a deficiency of this, is something very common in workplaces and homes.

It is scientifically checked its effect, as a result of an experiment involving the light of an intermittent focus on a workspace. In turn, that same experiment was held in another space, but with constant light, the results revolutionized the way you see the workspaces.

It resulted that those of space with constant light and a better environment, worked much more efficient than those of flashing light.

If we take this scenario to our home, we find ourselves that the mood of those who live there is low, a lot of fatigue, fatigue, and even in depression influences. But it also affects to appreciate each space of space.

However, this can be arranged, it does not matter if you have an extremely closed space, we will show you the solution to fill with light and style your home.

Windows and light points:

Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home – Decor – WebMediums

These are elements that many tend to ignore their potential. If you have windows in your home you must take advantage of them to the fullest, then natural light is the best source of lighting for the spaces of your home.

However, it is a reality that at a certain time the position and warmth of the sun increases, so its lighting is not pleasant. To do this, you just need to opt for thin curtains that can cover and stop the sun's rays, without stopping illuminate.

For this another option is the blinds, which you can deploy at the time of the sun and pick up to give way to natural light.

Other options to provide natural light to your home are the windows and open sky ceilings. However, all these are functional if you already have it. Otherwise, to opt for any of these options, more investment would be needed.

Light colors:

Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home – Decor – WebMediums

The light colors on the walls and elements of your home, provide great visual lighting and greater amplitude. A dark or intense color in a closed space increases the lack of lighting, but to use light colors, so we have no windows. This will help us.

This is because light colors better project the light of the lamps, acting as a mirror that intensifies light.

These colors also provide amplitude so if you have a small room or room, it will be best to use clear tonalities, since when placing furniture and other items you will not run the risk of being encapsulated.

Among the clear tonalities and infallible color is the white, as it provides brightness, amplitude, lighting, and even a feeling of order and cleaning. However, within this range there are many more in different tonalities.

Lamps in strategic sites:

Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home – Decor – WebMediums

Certainly this is a more obvious point, we all take into account the lamps when making purchases of furniture for our home. But the key you are in what lamps use and where to place them.

There are types of lamps that have less reach than others, and if the design of the lamp does not add the luminosity is not very advantageous to buy it.

While you want to opt for table lamps, you must choose one that has a Clear Cover, since many of the covers obscure light and do not project the lighting they should.

A resource widely used in the living rooms are lights in models adaptable to the walls or some other structure. These help with the setting of space and offer greater lighting.

Get rid of unnecessary furniture:

Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home – Decor – WebMediums

A factor that includes a lot as a barrier for lighting and space is the accumulation of objects. It is not necessary to be a compulsive accumulator to say that it has many things within an area, because everything that really is not necessary should not take place there.

Usually people in search of setting and improving the aspect of their home, end up embroofing them of elements, between furniture, accessories, lamps and others. This happens a lot in the rooms, which is the center of attention.

Having so many things does not allow light to be projected throughout the area, and in turn decreases space. That is why it is best to get rid of what is not functional, using the essential depending on the size of the room.

Keep the order:

Tips to give light and spaciousness to your home – Decor – WebMediums

A space can be reduced by just placed certain things out of place or adding some that do not belong to that area. Even if it is a very overbound idea, it is also one of the most underestimated.

The disorder While creating an unbalanced atmosphere, also generates visually and physically a decrease in space. To achieve greater amplitude in one area you must arm yourself from the previous advice and always apply this golden rule.

This is more evident in small spaces, because even more you should keep the order of things, since you may have used any of the previous advice, but by keeping the order you will feel the lack of space.

Although each home is different, there is nothing that prevents us from creating a broad and enlightened environment, the advice are in your hands, so let the light come to your home.