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Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home

Maria de Piña
6 min read

Medicinal plants are of great help to combat various ailments and discomforts that can appear suddenly. Many go to health food stores to purchase them, but many of these plants can be easily grown at home.

Whether you have a large orchard, a garden, or you don't have a lot of space to plant, there are many practical ways to grow some of them.

Medicinal plants that you should grow at home

The world of naturopathic medicine is very extensive, but you don't need a whole nursery at home, just the essentials, so I'll show you which are the most useful and practical plants.

If you are one of the cautious people and lovers of nature, try to cultivate the following.

1. Aloe (Aloe vera)

Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home – Decor – WebMediums
Aloe vera natural plants easy to grow at home

There is a long list of benefits that you can get from this wonder of nature, but it is especially an excellent healing agent.

With it you can treat injuries or burns and it also has cosmetic properties that help the skin and hair a lot.

Problems such as acne can be treated with it, using homemade masks. It is very healthy for hair and scalp care. On the other hand, it can also help your intestines thanks to its laxative properties.

They are resistant medicinal plants, so with good indirect lighting and water once a week it will be more than enough. You can have it in a pot or in your garden, as it will adapt.

2. Mint

Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home – Decor – WebMediums
Medicinal mint plants to grow at home

Not only does it have a good taste and a delicious aroma, it can also be your best help when dealing with colic.

It has expectorant qualities, so it is also useful for treating coughs, and it is a very good pain reliever that you can use for headaches.

These easy-to-grow medicinal plants at home are a great help for digestion, and can be your solution for constipation.

It is very practical, it can be grown in a small pot and kept moderately sized. You could even place it decoratively in the kitchen. Just remember that it needs indirect sunlight and regular watering for its development.

3. Plantain (Plantago major)

Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home – Decor – WebMediums
Medicinal plants easy to grow at home plantain

This plant has a very striking image and is very helpful in curing colds thanks to its antiviral properties.

It is applied to treat cystitis and other urinary conflicts. And since it is anti- inflammatory, it is of great help in relieving a sore throat.

Plantain can serve to accelerate wound healing, it is also a great ally against stomach problems such as diarrhea.

It is a pretty cute plant that takes up little space. But, it should not be very exposed to the sun, it can live inside or outside the house, keeping it constantly hydrated, since it is from cool and humid climates.

4. Chamomile

Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home – Decor – WebMediums
chamomiles medicinal plants

If you are already tired of buying it in the store, plant them in your garden, you will have a beautiful flower and a great source of medicine.

It is known as an effective cure for nerves, it is highly relaxing and its infusion has one of the best existing flavors.

On the other hand, this plant repairs and protects the gastric membrane, so it is very useful to deal with stomach problems. It is used to treat asthma attacks and is a very good choice to treat pain caused by menstruation.

If you want to grow them in pots, just remember to provide them with enough light, avoiding the harsh rays of the sun. The substrate you use that is loose, and not compact. Your watering should be twice a week, depending on the temperature of the place.

5. Ginger

Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home – Decor – WebMediums
Grow medicinal plants at home

This is another of the medicinal plants that will give your garden a very good image and will be available when you need it.

Ginger is very practical for treating vomiting and nausea problems and helps you if you need to quickly empty your stomach when you feel unwell.

It is a great ally to treat muscle pain caused by physical wear and tear, an infusion can be greatly beneficial to relax the body. And finally, ginger also enters the list of the most effective natural expectorants.

This requires constant light, like chamomile, and sufficient substrate, so if you go to a pot, it must be large.

6. Lemon Balm

Top 6 medicinal plants easy to grow at home – Decor – WebMediums

Also known as lemon balm or lemongrass, it is a very good option to deal with the flu and colds.

This plant is widely used by people who suffer from insomnia, as it helps improve sleep cycles.

It serves to face migraine and relieves the pain of menstrual cramps. It also has relaxing qualities that are helpful against nerves.

It can be grown in small places and there is no problem with pruning it and saving its leaves, because they still work when dried. This one, in particular, is a sun plant, so while you should supply it with water to hydrate it, don't leave it in the shade.

How to plant them if I don't have a garden?

Not all the plants on this list are suitable for being indoors or on very closed terraces. However, the most resistant, such as lemon balm, aloe, plantain and mint, are able to be in small spaces and stay.

  • Aerial garden: Just as there are those who choose to place pots on the windows, you can choose a slightly more sophisticated option. Place a small shelf fixed to the wall, in a discreet place like the kitchen, and place your medicinal plants in small pots on it.

  • Hanging pots: This is another very useful idea, hanging pots are practical and you can even attach them to the ceiling. If you have a corridor you can place them in it, and thus they will receive light and the process to water them will be easier.

  • Centerpiece: Use your medicinal plants as a centerpiece, choose a pot that matches your decoration and plant a small one in it. You can apply this to several tables, as long as you keep them well pruned it will be very practical, useful and of good image.

Lastly, consider indirect light supply when determining your location, and the proper watering for each. But, if you don't have much space, here I show you 3 ideas to integrate them into your home.