3 tips for blue eye makeup

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Makeup for blue eyes should be special and highlight in detail how natural, unique and dazzling your eyes are. One of the great advantages of blue eyes is the small amount of makeup that must be used, and even the look needs to be enlivened with soft tones.

3 tips for blue eye makeup – Fashion – WebMediums

Our first tip for blue eye makeup is to recognize the state of our skin, we are usually subjected to heat stress, sudden trips, dehydration and even some blemishes on the face.

It is necessary to observe if there are discolorations or if our face is in good condition, the next step is the color of our skin, since for light faces we will use semi-dark tones and for brown faces light tones.

Our second tip for blue eye makeup is the shade we will use. The ocher and brown tone is ideal for any activity you do, however, if we have work matters that require a more professional presence, the mixture of dark tones such as blue or violet can be used for a high contrast.

For special events and generally at night, again the violet or purple colors will highlight our eyes, although the silver tones with black lines are perfect for women with light faces, while the turquoise or plum for dark faces.

Our final advice for blue eye makeup is the combination of colors with our outfit and general makeup, that is, we will not use dark tones for our blue eyes when our lips will be equally dark and our outfit is a black dress.

Generally we recommend using the reverse of what we wear, if we will wear light outfits, the makeup should highlight our face as a symbol of power and if our outfit is dark, our makeup should highlight our eyes as a symbol of innocence.

Remember to use eyeliners according to your makeup, do not use very thick lines because your eyes will seem enclosed in a box, on the contrary, do not use very thin lines since it will give the feeling that you are trying hard to highlight the color of your eyes.

So we come to the end of our 3 basic tips for blue eye makeup.