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Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Bershka tulle t-shirt trend

One of the most recognized and leading Spanish store chains in the fashion industry, without a doubt, is Bershka. In this case, it has set a trend with its attractive tulle shirts that, apart from looking beautiful, are very cheap.

Luckily, using this type of shirt and knowing how to combine them perfectly, you will have the possibility of becoming the best dressed girl at any party. Since, without the need to resort to a dress, these simple T-shirts provide a sophisticated touch ideal to sweep away with elegant trousers or a cute miniskirt.

Another point in favor of these tulle shirts launched by Bershka is that they are very comfortable, versatile and sensual. So, without the risk of feeling annoyed, you will catch the eyes of everyone at your parties, and you can see yourself very sure of yourself, looking sensual and sophisticated at the same time.

Bershka tulle top options appropriate to replace party dresses

If you want to achieve a festive, avant-garde, sensual, eye-catching and comfortable look, you can choose some of the following t-shirts at your nearest Bershka store :

With animal print + transparency

Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Bershka: transparency and animal print

It is the most accessible option of all, since it has an approximate price of 10 euros. It is, it exhibits a short design, has a round neck and long sleeves. In addition, it has an animal print perfectly combined with a bit of transparency to enhance the girl's sensuality.

For its part, it is available in black and green ; You can get both colors from size XS to L. To combine it, it is best to opt for a jean that are tight at the waist and wide below the knees along with platforms that give you a few centimeters of height.

With velvet + tulle + crop cut

Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Berhska: Velvet and tulle

If you want something more different from the ordinary, we advise you to buy this Bershka shirt that combines velvet with tulle and has a cost of 19.99 euros. This combination gives it a very elegant touch, ideal for any evening occasion.

Another of its variants lies in its cropped cut with a round neck and long sleeves. Thus, it looks very sensual without the risk of looking vulgar and best of all, you can use it regardless of your type of silhouette, since it is available from size XS to XL. We recommend using sober makeup to further enhance the solidity of the garment.

A corset top

Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Bershka: Corset T-shirt

Without a doubt, it is the most daring design of the entire selection. Since, although it is long sleeves, its corset style stands out, crop cut with a wide neckline, marked cups and transparencies. Therefore, if you consider yourself a bold woman, we advise you to opt for this garment.

To use it properly, it is best to do without wearing a miniskirt or short, since with this combination you would only achieve a vulgar appearance. On the contrary, it is pertinent to wear this garment with jeans or jumpsuits in neutral tones, preferably dark. Like, with some basic black heels.

Bare shoulders

Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Berhska: Off-the-shoulder T-shirt

It refers to a model of tulle t-shirt in which the opening at the shoulders stands out that keeps them uncovered and, above all, a closure at the neck that lets the bow fall on the back. So in addition to showing off your shoulders, it also allows you to show off your upper back.

Regarding the sleeve, it should be noted that it is long and has subtle gathers. As can be seen in the image, this design looks beautiful in any skin tone and also in any silhouette because it is available in all sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL).

With an asymmetric hem + animal print

Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Bershka: V-shaped T-shirt

It is another option with an animal print, but unlike the previous one, it has an asymmetrical hem that exhibits a peak silhouette in the front and is straight behind. Added to this, it has a V-shaped neck and long sleeves.

As with all the options available at Bershka, this tulle t-shirt is available from size XS to XL. To combine it, we recommend wearing black leather pants and natural makeup so as not to overload the look. Regarding the shoes, you can choose platform heels and to show a more "Street Style" look, bet on military boots for women.

Tips to know how to wear a tulle shirt to perfection

Bershka and its cheap tulle t-shirt trend to create the best festive look
Beautiful tulle t-shirt with polka dot print

If you want to wear a nice tulle shirt in your outfit, but you don't want to look old-fashioned, vulgar or ordinary; You need to know how to use it perfectly and therefore, we give you the following tips of great interest:

  • Avoid wearing a garment that is too tight to the body : Due to its transparency, it is better to opt for baggy when creating garments with tulle blouses. Since, the more stuck it is, the less it will leave the imagination, and you will end up looking bad for showing more than necessary. But, if you wear it loose, you will get a very chic look.

  • Create a nice contrast to elevate the elegance : Another secret to dress a tulle garment to perfection, is to play with the contrasts of your outfit, both with the textures and also with the color. For example, leather skirts, vests in neutral tones, fashionable sneakers, etc. This way, your style will be less flat and boring.

  • Use stiffer materials in the lower part of the outfit : These types of shirts tend to add volume and therefore, it is best to look for rigid materials for the garments that wear the lower part. Whether it's jeans or pencil-style skirts; that is to say, fabrics with firmness and great structure.

  • Use a black bra : In order not to detract from the fineness of your tulle piece, you have to use a black bra in good condition. In this way, you will avoid attracting too much attention and at the same time, you can fall into a game of seduction with the boy you want without showing more than necessary.

  • If you want a formal style, bet on combining the garment with a blazer : Along with your tulle shirt, you can wear a blazer to cover your back or skin that shows the design of the garment. This way, it will be easier to create a distinctive look without having to cover the shirt completely.

Now that you know what are the cheap tulle t-shirt models that Bershka offers you to create beautiful night outfits and be the best-dressed soul of the party, you should take advantage of this great opportunity to renew your wardrobe and have an extremely versatile garment.

Finally, do not forget to follow each of the tips mentioned, as they will help you combine your tulle garments in the most successful way possible. With this, you will have more opportunities to set a trend wherever you travel.