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The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance

Saharay Perez Bautista
9 min read
The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Fashion hats for women 2021

A classic example of accessories that transcend a look, survive several generations and provide fabulous contrasts, are women's hats. Which, since always, have been identified as a symbol of class, distinction and contemporaneity.

Indeed, the fact of knowing the fashionable hats today is essential to squander elegance and highlight your personality wherever you go. Valuing that, fashionable hats for women help to elevate the sophistication of any outfit, regardless of the occasion (as long as you use them correctly).

Today, the designs of hats are very varied, that is, both their shape and size as well as their color. Reason why we will introduce you to the best fashion hats for women in order to simplify your choice and so that you know how to combine them.

Top 10 fashion hats for women 2021

Thousands of years old, the hat was invented due to the need to differentiate people's social position. At present, it is still a type of accessory that is above the rest of accessories and manages to adapt perfectly to the preferences of each woman.

Thanks to the variety of designs that exist in regard to fashionable hats, girls have the possibility of letting their imagination run wild to create excellent outfits where the presence of a cute hat stands out.

That is why, here we start the top 10 fashion hats for women that you should have in your closet:

1) The Fedora hat

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Fedora hats for women

It is a flexible, soft-brimmed hat that is also known as a "borsalino". They are generally made of felt with a wrinkled crown and curled brim.

To use it properly, we recommend selecting a color and texture that matches your style. For example, if you want to wear a colorful Fedora hat, it is best to dress in sober or neutral colored garments.

If you have an outfit full of tones and textures, the most pertinent thing is to opt for a beige or black hat, which are the most popular.

2) Sports caps

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Beyonce with sports cap 2021

Without hesitation, it is one of the types of women's hats that have dominated trends during 2021. Noting that, since the end of 2020, the cap was emerging as one of the great trends of the year in the fashion shows of firms such as Zara, Balenciaga and Lacoste, for example.

Through a sports cap, you can achieve a very cool and comfortable look at the same time. There is even the possibility of complementing casual outfits with this fashionable hat perfectly (even with high shoes).

3) The bucket hat

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
An eye-catching bucket hat for women

It consists of a piece that has previously been seen in "street style" collections and is here to stay. Which has opted for a format from the 90s with certain variants that make it look more modern.

Basically, this is a fashionable hat with a wide, downward-sloping brim and is flat on top, creating a bucket-like shape.

It is usually used in solid tones, but there are some patterned versions that are also versatile to look chic. They have even been manufactured in a reversible way.

4) The cloche hat

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Very elegant cloche hat for women

If you prefer to opt for a more retro type of hat, we recommend wearing the cloche that shows a very particular style.

Emphasizing that it has a campaign shape and is an accessory that guarantees great versatility to wear with chiffon blouses, ankle-length pants, pastel tones, etc.

For its part, it is a hat invented at the beginning of the 20th century, but at this time it has been adapted to the current style (usually it is made of felt). One of its greatest advantages is that it highlights the woman's femininity.

5) The beautiful berets

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Female black beret

It corresponds to a round hat, without brim and with a tight band that is placed around the head.

Normally, it is distinguished as a very soft accessory that increases the distinction of any outfit and can become too elegant.

This garment is characterized by covering the scalp exclusively, since it does not cover the nape or the ears. To accompany these women's hat, corduroy pants, a shirt and a long jacket are usually worn.

However, you can combine it as you wish as long as you achieve a nice contrast between all the pieces of your look.

6) The visor

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Cute Women's 2021 Visor

Although it has been defined as the most difficult women's hat to combine in recent seasons, the truth is that it is the most hypnotic.

This fashionable 2021 hat for women keeps the protection of the face and eyes intact, but at the same time reveals the upper part of the head.

In most cases, it is a type of hat that is directly associated with summer and the beach. However, due to current references, it can be combined with other more casual outfits to achieve an original style.

Especially if you choose to choose a visor with a plain design (that is, if you avoid prints).

7) Panama Hats

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Panama hats for women

The iconic Panama hats are also at the top of the 2021 women's fashion hats. Although it is similar to the Fedora, it exhibits a taller crown and is made with natural fibers ; making it ideal for keeping you cool on hot days.

Among its main characteristics, we find that it is a braided straw hat with a medium crown and brim, which is usually surrounded by a black ribbon. It is usually identified as an appropriate complement to "Street Style".

8) Woolen knit hats

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Knitted wool beanies or hats

Among the types of hats for women 2021, this is another of the proposals that have captured the attention of millions of girls. It refers to a knitted accessory close to the head and is also popularly known as "beanies".

The best way to wear a hat of this kind is with an urban, cool and relaxed look.

But if you want to show off a sweeter outfit, you can choose to wear shorts at the waist or a very tender skater skirt along with your woolen hat.

9) The floppy hat

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Floppy hat for women 2021

Worn by many of the most glamorous women in the world, this type of hat is ideal to achieve a look with a vintage and elegant style, to look like a diva. Although it is ideal for cloudy days, the truth is that it looks great at any time of the year.

Although you look very simple attire, the truth is that you will notice a radical and beautiful change when you combine your outfit with a floppy hat.

For example, you can wear it with a long dress, with shorts above the waist or with a jean.

10) Extra wide brim hat

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Wide-brimmed hats for women

Without a doubt, it is the best option you can choose to go on vacation to the beach or to complement your outfits on a sunny and hot day. Emphasizing that, it is the perfect element to protect your face and look elegant at the same time.

Among its variants, we find the so-called "Pamela hat" or "Capelina hat" and it is ideal for creating fashionable summer looks. But, even, it is also used for formal daytime events, depending on the material chosen.

Tricks to choose the right women's hat for you

The ideal fashion hats for women to show more elegance – Fashion – WebMediums
Recommendations to choose the best hat

Although all the types of women's hats that are in fashion are beautiful, the truth is that not all of them look good with any outfit, and you have to know how to combine them properly to achieve a chic style, instead of looking unsightly.

As a result, it seems appropriate to teach you some basic tricks so that you can choose the hat that best suits you, depending on each occasion:

  • A type of hat for each outfit : It is vital to specify the outfit that you will wear and starting from there, select the type of hat you will use. Therefore, it is recommended to have several hats with different styles in the closet in order to build consistent looks. The most common is to use basic colors such as black, white, beige and gray.

  • Make sure you wear the correct size : You can't forget to buy a hat that fits you. Surely you have not observed it, but these accessories are also made by size and for greater comfort, you must choose the right size for your head.

  • The hat must be used according to the height : An indispensable rule to use hats is that they have to be proportional to the height of the person who wears it. For example, tall girls do not wear the small hat very well and short girls do not wear wide-brimmed hats.

  • If you have a long face, opt for a hat with a round shape or a high crown : If your face meets this characteristic (long face or triangle shape), you can use hats with a large brim with a slight fall.

  • If you have a round face, the hat with an elongated shape favors you : If your face is round or plump, you can select a medium-brimmed hat with elongated shapes. In addition, we recommend that you avoid those that have a very circular shape.

  • If you have a square face, choose an asymmetrical model : Asymmetric hat models are the most appropriate for women with square faces. Like, those that have medium wings and round shapes.

  • If your features are similar to an inverted triangle, go for a medium-brimmed top hat: Medium- brimmed top hats with a slight drape are best suited for people with inverted triangle-like features. Since, they simulate the width of the forehead, especially if you know how to fit it in a straight way.

I hope all these beauty tips help you always find the right look.