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Best hairstyles for girls 2021

Saharay Perez Bautista
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Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
2021 hairstyles for girls

Girls and their interest in the world of beauty is not alien to them, despite their young age. Well, there are many little girls who show interest in looking prettier and copying their mothers' makeup or outfits.

One of the best ways to look fashion from girls, is based on choosing the most suitable hairstyle for each occasion. Which, in addition to being adorable, allows them to enhance their style and feel comfortable at the same time. Therefore, it is appropriate to know the hairstyles for fashionable girls 2021.

The trendy hairstyles for girls that you will love

From a young age, it is good to instill in children the importance of self-care and looking good. Since, this is a determining factor to improve your appearance before others and ultimately, reveals positive traits about your personality.

In the case of girls, it is appropriate to teach them to keep their hair combed and to wear beautiful hair in order to maintain their femininity at all times.

Taking into account that, this also helps them increase their self-esteem and feel comfortable with themselves.

Indeed, below, we want to show you the best hairstyles for girls in fashion 2021 so that you can choose (together) the most suitable for your look:

1) A simulated half braid

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Half Braid for Girls 2021

It is one of the easiest hairstyles to do, and it looks completely chic. It is a half braid superimposed on the side of the hair and to make it, it is necessary to use colored bands that provide a youthful and casual style. In case you prefer to use it for formal events, you can change these rubber bands for more neutral colors (white or black).

2) The crown braid

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Trendy crown braid

One of the most delicate hairstyles for the little ones in the house are the braids that form a crown on the top of the head. To do it, the first step is to braid the hair from the roots of the frontal area.

Next, continue making the braid, taking new strands to braid the entire hair to the side and finally, hold the braid to one side with the help of a rubber band.

Then loosen the braid with your fingers to shape it over the forehead and proceed to raise the side braid to secure it at the base of the head with bobby pins.

3) Loose hair with braids on both sides

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Braid hairstyle with loose hair

In this case, you can use the beautiful braids on both sides that converge in the center where they are held with a nice and striking bow, for example.

Thus, at the same time, show off your hair down and avoid the classic traditional braid that unravels so quickly.

Luckily, this type of hairstyle is very versatile and can be combined with any look. Which means that, no matter if it is a special occasion or a usual day, at any moment it will look totally adorable.

4) A more modern ponytail

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
The modern ponytail 2021

It refers to a new version of the typical ponytail, since it has a touch of modernity that makes it look gorgeous. To do it, you just have to grab the ponytail and give it a slightly sloppy finish to achieve a certain Bohemian air.

Thus, it is characterized by being a comfortable, jovial and avant-garde hairstyle, highlighting that it never goes out of style. If you choose to give it a more elegant look, you can use an ornament that matches the colors of the outfit.

5) Traditional bun with a snap

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Girl's accessory bow

While it is true, traditional hairstyles for girls never disappoint or go out of style and one of them is the classic bun. Being a quick and practical option to do, in addition to offering comfort to girls.

But, in this case, we recommend you decorate the bow with an accessory that stands out in your hair.

For example, a bow to match your clothes, a flower-shaped ornament, a sparkly hook, etc. You can even wrap it with a cute braid.

6) Loose hair with headband

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Headbands for girls

Even though it is completely basic, it is actually one of the 2021 girl hairstyles that are being used the most. It is no secret to anyone that headbands are an excellent resource for girls to wear their hair down and thus, look pretty.

It should be noted that, depending on the design you choose, you can give it a more formal or informal touch.

Everything will depend on the colors, styles and textures of the headband ; just make sure to make a nice combination between said accessory and your little girl's outfit.

Tips for styling your daughters regardless of their hair type

Best hairstyles for girls 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Tips to comb your daughter's hair

It is common for many mothers or representatives to limit themselves when combing their daughters because of their hair type. However, when it comes to fashion and beauty, it is essential to open the doors to creativity and follow the following recommendations to style your daughter and make her look beautiful:

  • Prepare the mane before styling : By nature, all hair is delicate and indeed, it is appropriate to prepare it with conditioners or lotions before combing it. This helps to untangle and remove possible knots, as well as control frizz and give it greater manageability.

  • Take advantage of trendy accessories : Hair accessories are one of the main allies to enhance the beauty of any hairstyle and give it a more original touch. In addition, it is good to use the appropriate ponytails and clips to avoid breaking the girl's mane.

  • The ends of the hair must be cut every 3 months : Experts say that to preserve the naturalness of girls' hair, it is appropriate to cut the ends every 3 months (maximum). That way, you can show off a shiny and silky mane.

  • For rounder faces, loose hair : If your little one has a round and full face, choose to take advantage of the advantages of loose hair complemented with accessories. Thus, it will be a romantic and chic style.

  • For thin faces, collected hair : In case you have a thinner and finite face, it is to favor picking up your hair. Either with a ponytail, a braid, a bun or held at the sides.

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