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Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head
Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head

In the latest fashion shows on the most important catwalks in the world, a strong trend was evidenced in which designers chose to decorate the heads of the models.

This, from beautiful accessories that little by little have become the undisputed kings of the final styling.

Therefore, if you want to enhance your look during Christmas this year, it is best that you know what are the fashion accessories to decorate your head and thus, look more chic and feel more confident of yourself. To find out what they are like and how to wear them, we invite you to continue reading.

Main fashionable accessories to decorate your head this Christmas

These are the main accessories that you can use on your head and combine with your outfits to be fashionable in December 2021:

The handkerchief (with 90s vibes)

Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head
The handkerchief

With a very 90s style, the headscarf is causing a sensation in the majority of "fashion victims", which is why many prescribers of fashion have chosen to highlight their clothing through this accessory.

Which proposes prints and color even in cold times to give more life to your outfit.

One of the safest ways to wear a scarf on your head today is to wear it with your hair down and cover the entire upper part of it (that is, as a scarf). But, you can also use it in the form of a headband or as a bow to decorate your ponytails.

If you bet on vibrant colors or striking designs on your scarf, it is best to accompany it with earrings in the form of hoops or links.

On the other hand, if you prefer a monochrome look, we recommend wearing a scarf in the same color as the main piece of your clothing.

The women's beret (a classic to revolutionize autumn looks)

Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head
Women's beret

As well as this element is ideal to improve the outfits of fall, they also emerge as a perfect piece to complement the Christmas outfits this year.

Taking into account that, in the last few months, berets have returned to stay and revolutionize the world of fashion again.

To combine it perfectly, a safe option is to use dark or black jeans ; especially if you don't like to wear dresses or skirts.

In addition to this, you can opt for a dark t-shirt with a leather raincoat and a thick belt that stylizes your figure. Make sure the beret is the same shade as any piece on the top.

In case you prefer a more romantic look, you can wear a black maxi dress with a black beret and thus display a monochrome style.

Another option is a knitted sweater, a printed jumpsuit or a midi skirt that matches the color of the accessory in question.

The bucket hat (long live this timeless accessory)

Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head
The bucket hat

Due to its versatility, the bucket hat is a complement for the head that has managed to adapt to all the styles of the girls. Since, beyond being a simple fisherman's hat for summer, it has become a must that already includes luxury versions signed by Dior.

However, to enhance the holiday looks, it is relevant to give up those designs printed with flowers and opt for the most compact and consistent bucket hats, made of warm materials and with a subtle monogram.

Since, this way it can be coupled in the best possible way to winter garments, such as pants, raincoats, sweaters, etc.

In that sense, as it is such a versatile accessory, you can combine it to your liking to feel comfortable and beautiful, as well as look cosmopolitan.

For a sophisticated look, don't forget to combine the bucket hat with trench coats and tall boots. But, if you prefer a more casual look, choose a black crocodile-effect bucket hat.

The shiny hoods (ideal to shine with your own light anywhere)

Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head
The shiny hoods

During this season, the hoods implore a leading role in the Autumn-Winter season and therefore, you can wear them with your Christmas looks to give them the relevance they deserve. Especially if they show shine and focus on the upper part of the outfit.

This, without a doubt, is one of the most avant-garde options of the moment. Since, metallic tones have set a trend through the main catwalks of the world and indeed, designers point out that they are the best way to celebrate Christmas with the radiance and elegance that persuades the season.

To be able to combine them correctly, choose to wear other pieces that are more delicate. That is to say, you can wear pants in neutral tones, classic shoes and unicolor handbags ; this way it will be easier to give prominence to your shiny hood and mark a sparkle on your face.

Sailor hats (break ranks to celebrate Christmas!)

Christmas 2021: The perfect accessories to decorate your head
Sailor hats

Sailor or military style, these types of hats with a short and small visor have to be present in the daily lives of girls who want to look fashionable at Christmastime. Taking into account that, as well as allowing you to create casual and carefree looks, they are also appropriate elements to display elegance in your outfits.

So, there is no fashionista who has not worn it in the search for that fashion style that characterizes the coldest season of the year.

Thanks to its versatility, it is possible to combine it with sweatshirts, long coats, oversized jackets, jeans and even with romantic-style blouses. Therefore, you can intersperse it with different styles.

Another of its benefits is that it is a complement that looks great with any haircut.

In other words, it does not matter if your hair is long or if you have short hair, in any case, the sailor hat will allow you to achieve a look with distinction.

With each one of these options, we are sure that you will find multiple ways to create outfits that capture the attention of others and above all, that make you feel attractive, sophisticated and self-confident. Do not forget to complement your looks in this way to set a trend at Christmas and be unforgettable for the way you dress.