Color trends for rooms in 2021:

Tonalities that your walls need to stand out.

Maria de Piña
6 min read

There are many colors that interior designers and design amateurs today use to give living rooms a certain light and style. This very important space is the one that attracts all eyes, both of those who live in the home and those who visit it, so the colors they choose are crucial, for this reason in 2021 we must know which colors are in trend.

Even if we use different colors or handle a range of color, we must always take into account the base of everything, that is, the walls. These are the ones that frame your design in general, since the bad choice of a color can interfere with the harmony of the style that you want to capture in your room with the other furniture.

In order not to fail in our mission and be at the forefront with our living room, let's explore the various colors that interior design experts are using this year, and thus know how to combine it with the furniture we want.

Terracotta warm color of 2021:

Terracotta is a color that for many is beautiful, but intense, a hue that gives warmth to the environment in which it is placed. This year it has played a leading role as it is one of the most sought-after colors for living rooms, due to these same attributes.

Color trends for rooms in 2021: – Fashion – WebMediums

The combination of intensity and warmth make it a sober color, but at the same time risky, since although it is a beautiful tonality, you must think about the complete design of the room, as it is not a color that combines with everything. However, by choosing the perfect accessories, it gives a visual impact of class and style.

This tone on the walls is perfectly complemented with a modern Mexican style, or minimalist in which you use neutral or brown furniture, these styles give prominence to the terracotta tone, allowing a cozy atmosphere.

Neutral grays for sophisticated styles:

From previous years we can see the different shades of gray that have been a success in interior design and with great importance in the rooms. But this year we see that the gray colors on the walls have had a greater boom, this since they are excellent for sophisticated or Nordic styles.

The light gray color works very well for Nordic styles, since the tonality offers light and at the same time spaciousness. This fresh tonality allows you to include different elements within the style with modern and avant-garde touches or to implement a modern style.

Color trends for rooms in 2021: – Fashion – WebMediums

Although we want to use the medium gray color, it allows us to implement more sophisticated styles, in this sense we can choose an industrial or modern style. These colors allow us to give depth to the style, and highlight the elements of the design.

Color trends for rooms in 2021: – Fashion – WebMediums

The advantage of these colors is that they are neutral, this allows us to implement different shades in the complementary elements in our rooms. But they must understand the aforementioned styles, while maintaining sophistication in the environment.

Naval Blue the new black of 2021:

This is a very imposing color, extremely striking, this shade of blue will be the focal point in any room. It has caused great excitement in the networks, since they show models of modern rooms of impact and impeccable, this due to the strategic combinations with this color.

As it is a strong and imposing color, it requires a strategic balance with the other elements to be included in the space. The designs within the environment require the implementation of light colors, such as white. Already having this second base color we can include another color that contrasts with the style and the two main colors.

Color trends for rooms in 2021: – Fashion – WebMediums

The naval color allows to implement styles such as the Mediterranean, modern and contemporary, this since when combining light tones these styles stand out. The color gives depth, but being balanced it gives freshness in a sophisticated way.

Dry green for relaxed environments:

A tonality characterized by being relaxing, this dry green is a trend, since it is a success for classic or conventional styles, styles that are characterized by being welcoming, fresh and influencing the relaxation of those who enter the space.

Color trends for rooms in 2021: – Fashion – WebMediums

Although there are different shades of dry green, the most influential is this, since it is a color that is not very imposing, but without ceasing to be striking, this makes it a balanced color. Combine with different colors that you can implement in the accessories and furniture in the room, such as white, beige, dark brown, terracotta, gray and mustard.

Beige for classic spaces.

In previous years beige was not taken as a base color for the walls of the rooms, however this year, it has surprised us with the different models of rooms in this tonality. It is a sober color, but one that highlights the styles, because if we talk about rustic and classic beige is the right one, but on social networks we can realize that this is even more expanded.

Color trends for rooms in 2021: – Fashion – WebMediums

It is a total trend for bohemian, contemporary and modern styles, as it provides clarity but depth, making the atmosphere comforting, but without neglecting the avant-garde and chic. It is part of the range of neutral colors, so you can use colors such as white, gray, black, hints of orange, green, blue and yellow.

A color that complements it perfectly is brown, in its different shades and in different elements. The key is to texturize, implement various types of materials with various shades of brown to achieve a perfect balance between beige walls, and furniture and accessories in various shades of brown.

These colors have always been, however this year they have had quite a boom due to the different styles that they cover in a modern and sophisticated way. Each one allows what everyone wants in a room, a cozy space that makes an impact when entering. It only remains for you to choose the one that best suits the style you want to capture and invite your friends to admire.