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Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders

Maria de Piña
5 min read
Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders
All you can do with a pair of suspenders

When we think of suspenders most of the time our mind associates it with garments for weddings or gala events, and although it is true that they are ideal for these types of meetings, their ability to highlight our image is not limited only to these occasions.

Suspenders are an original garment to hold men's pants and give them better mobility, it dates back to a time when it was not popular to wear a belt, and what was a useful garment today represents much more than that.

Like many other clothing items, it has been in and out of the popular lens of fashion, yet it has never ceased to be an interesting choice, and today thanks to updates it has managed to achieve good popularity among young people.

There are many options that a pair of suspenders can offer us to give us a different touch to our appearance, we just have to know a little about their models and how to make them a weapon in our favor, so join me to discover their possibilities.

What type of suspenders do you favor?

For the suspenders to achieve their objective, we must take into account some characteristics in their composition, apart from how they harmonize in tones with the rest of the outfit, since they are not only limited to different colors, because they have shapes and details that place them in the best scenarios.

There are two types of suspenders in terms of shape, the first are known as X because they cross at the back and their straps are slightly thinner, they are usually held with four clips and are more recommended being worn under the jacket.

The seconds are known as Y, since they join in the middle of the back forming a similar aspect to the letter, these are mostly thick strips, and they are the ones that you will want to use in sight to highlight your image.

As for the grip, we can also choose the way to use them, since there are straps that are fastened with a clip and others with buttons.

Those with buttons imply that the pants must have the interior buttons to hold them, this being a limitation.

On the other hand, those that are fastened with clips are more practical and can be adapted to more styles, we can also get special details to highlight the clasps and make them look much more when fastening them to the pants.

All the straps are adjustable in their straps, which gives us an advantage to adapt them to the width and height of our body, taking into account that the important thing when using them is to choose the style of the straps according to the occasion or as we want to show them off.

Modern outfit combined with suspenders

If your curiosity is already aroused, and you are thinking of adding suspenders to your look, here I show you some ideas to put them into practice in your next outfit.

Look for the office

Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders
Office Look

If you want to take advantage of wearing suits daily, you can add classic style suspenders with minimalist metal clasps or buttons with thick straps, the ideal is to use neutral colors that suit the shirt, tie and shoes.

A good combination would be dark pants, in black, gray or navy blue, with a classic white shirt and black leather shoes with navy blue or black suspenders with silver or gold details, despite this, do not underestimate the contrast of a neutral red.

Look for a casual event

Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders
Casual style

Events with much more relaxed and fresh styles are very fashionable, where elegance is only highlighted in minimal touches. Here you can play with a combination of a light solid color shirt with short or gathered sleeves and visible straps.

You can break even more the formality by using jeans that match the color of the suspenders to resemble an extension of them, keeping in mind that dark colors are the best allies in these combinations.

Suspenders and jeans

Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders
Jeans with straps

There is no problem in combining them, we have already made it clear that they stopped being a solely formal garment a long time ago. If you are looking for a youthful look, they are great with a jean and converse shoes.

You can also add more denim to your presence, in a combination of jeans and denim jacket, white cotton flannel and a pair of thick, classic-style black suspenders, a look to steal glances.

Hipster look

Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders
Classic hipster style

It does not matter that this is not your usual style, because you can take ideas to apply them from time to time, creating a unique image, since an outfit that includes a short-sleeved shirt with points, with a bowtie and classic-style suspenders looks very interesting cream colors.

With the pants you can play between light neutral colors or also applying the plaid golfer style, the important thing is to achieve a good balance of colors between the pants, the suspenders, the bowtie and the shoes.

Suspenders and squares

Discover everything you can achieve with a pair of Suspenders
Mountain look with suspenders and checked shirt

For those who like a mountain style, they can also apply a set of leather suspenders on their checkered shirts, if these are thin strips and a light color will greatly enhance their image, taking into account that they fit perfectly with jeans…

And in the same way, it can become a more adventurous image if the combination of brown or gray jeans is combined with a plaid shirt and mountaineer-style boots.

We just need to clearly define what we want to project, and look for the set of suspenders that fits our needs, best of all, there is so much variety that we will always find a set that suits what we need.