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Discover the secrets of natural facial masks

Do they really work to remove blemishes on the face?

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Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Ingredients of natural origin for skincare

Skin care, like teeth care, can be called health, but it also has a fanaticism linked to aesthetics.

If you are one of the people who see it only as a strict beauty means, and you do not detect how decisive it is for the protection of your vitality, you should take a look at the benefits that these actions produce both physically and mentally.

Generally, each person forms their own beauty routine depending on their tastes and skin type. It is advisable for most people to wear masks during these times.

In addition to helping with stress, working as a therapy.

Not counting, that these are the ones that generate a faster change after application, even if they are natural or artificial products that should last longer on your skin.

Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Face covered in a facial mask

Types of Masks

In today's world we find different types of facial masks, created to refer to a specific deficit, some named as: Anti-aging, moisturizing, illuminating, purifying and cream.

As the beauty industry exploits these products so economically, the option of many falls on natural facial masks, without preservatives or additives. But you feel the latent doubt of many people, regarding this issue.

Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Using excess lemon juice to whiten your face

Do natural face masks really work?

When we talk about "Natural Masks", we refer to those that are homemade, with products that we can get in our home, such as: avocado, oatmeal, lemon, cocoa, coffee, egg, sugar, olive oil, yogurt, bicarbonate, honey, almond milk, cinnamon, among other ingredients that you could eat.

All being part of the millions of people who add it to their “Skincare” routine and not in a cake.

As rare as all this is shown together, we have all seen some of these types of recipes, and we have made them at least once out of curiosity. But several dermatologists affirm and promote that: "The face is not to put food on it."

Although many girls choose without hesitation, on this type of facial treatments, where no artificially produced implement is contained.

These ingredients have a much higher oxidation speed as they are natural. That is, they last for a single quick use.

There are cases, such as the use of lemon individually, to lighten the face, where specialists dictate that it is not a good method. Since lemon has nutrients that cause irritation and spots on the skin if you expose yourself to the sun.

Although in the night application, maybe it could work a little. But the best option is to use it with other products, which minimize its potential to stain the dermis.

Other recipes, which contain sugar, coffee grounds and bicarbonate, are classified as dangerous to even be considered as a mask. The face could be irritated or even burned by bad friction action.

In my opinion, recipes that use baking soda, whether for teeth or face whitening, shouldn't exist. Do not do them, this product is too alkaline, causing damage to the skin barrier that becomes irreversible.

Taking these cases out of the way, there are homemade masks that offer a response of natural vitality, which makes the skin shine a little more. Working as a good beauty ritual.

A good example are facial masks for dark spots on the face, where in most of these we find an element mentioned above: Lemon.

Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Brown spots on the skin of the face

Facial treatments for dark spots on the face

Bearing in mind what we have learned in the subsequent subtitle, we anticipate the fact of taking care of excess lemon juice, especially with sensitive skin.

For this reason, the masks explained below are best done before sleeping for greater benefits.

Lemon in your cream

The face cream is the determining factor for this easy and quick to make mask. Have your regular cream, and add a few drops of lemon with about four (4) drops of glycerin. Each time you apply it, those spots will improve. It is slow, changes will be shown over the course of several weeks, but it is better this way to avoid some kind of damage to your face.

Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Rice as original product

Rice water or Cream of rice

This is one of the oldest home remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation. It consists of the use of water from the most common cereal in every home. There are two ways to do it and therefore, two ways to apply it.

In the first, you simply make a little rice starting with the normal process. When you see the rice somewhat swollen and grown, strain it, and use that water to wash your face before sleeping. Without using soap.

In the second option, you can put that water in a creamier way after straining it. Placing it over low heat and mixing for approximately 5 minutes.

If you want it to be more compact, add a teaspoon of cornstarch while mixing. Its application will act as a facial mask, taking a time on your face of about 30 minutes and then washing.

Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Application of the cereal grain along with the citrus

Oatmeal and lemon

In this case, the application is very minimal with respect to its use on the face. Since we will use oat flakes and lemon juice. In a small container, place two tablespoons of lemon juice with two tablespoons of water, adding a tablespoon of oatmeal, mixing it well.

This lumpy mixture should only be applied to the areas that are stained, with care. Taking only 20 minutes in those areas, to then wash with warm water. Wait about 20 minutes to wash your face again with soap and water.

Discover the secrets of natural facial masks – Fashion – WebMediums
Aloe Vera Crystal

4. Apply Aloe Vera: This should be called the best existing natural mask, the nutrients of aloe vera, whiten, soften and hydrate the skin of the face. And its application is very easy, just with its glass it is rubbed on the face for a maximum of 3 minutes. Let stand for 20 minutes and remove only with water.

When you wake up, wash with soap and water, because sadly also if it is exposed to the sun, it can generate other stains.

If your spots persist after trying these natural options, it is better that you consult as soon as possible with a dermatologist specialist who can give you a treatment suitable for the condition of your skin. Don't let it pass.