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Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures

Saharay Perez Bautista
7 min read
Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures

Instead of dressing in unicolor combinations, there are many women who prefer to put together an outfit with prints to look more colorful, cheerful and attractive at the same time. So, even in the fall and winter time, they choose to use the prints that are in fashion.

During the Fashion Week 2021 shows, where this season's international collections were presented, one of the proposals that most attracted attention were the plaids and tartans. Which provide totally timeless comfort and warmth and therefore is a classic and safe bet.

Added to this, many haute couture designers were inclined to display creations inspired by flowers and tapestries. As it happened in the fall of 2020, highlighting that, they have been very inspiring runway patterns that prevail until now.

On the other hand, among the most artistic and original proposals, we find splashes of abstract paint and symmetrical designs that add distinction to clothing. This, mainly, based on nature and art.

But why do prints always come back in fashion?

It is no secret to anyone that many patterns and textures become a trend again every year and most girls wonder why this happens. Indeed, it should be noted that these patterns continue to set trends thanks to the fact that they create a beautiful effect on the woman's silhouette, provides an original style and are usually versatile.

Consequently, garment prints guarantee notable advantages when creating fashionable outfits and combining them with different looks. These advantages are summarized in:

  • Several of these patterns can be combined with any accessory in a simple and practical way. Be it shoes, bags or jewelry.

  • They allow you to achieve a comfortable and casual style easily ; this means that they guarantee a remarkable comfort to the girls.

  • They are also elegant and sophisticated. Of course, as long as you complete the look with more refined and chic accessories.

  • They tend to favor the silhouette of the woman or in other words, they stylize the body uniquely. Especially floral, geometric and vertical striped prints.

  • Because they are colorful and flashy clothes, they tend to lift the spirits of the girls. Which translates into a better self-esteem to feel beautiful and pleasant.

The prints that will stand out throughout autumn and winter 2021

Now, it's time to find out which are the main trends in prints and / or textures that will attract attention in the autumn and winter season to see you and feel extremely avant-garde :

The plaid and tartans prints

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
The trendy plaid and tartans prints

Plaid and tartans are undoubtedly one of the main winter trends, as they are presented as an exquisite Autumn-Winter 2021 print. Traditionally, both patterns adorn woolen clothing, so they are linked to cold clothing. And they tend to contribute naturally powerful heat in our minds.

One of the great advantages of wearing this type of pattern is that it is very well positioned on the catwalks worldwide and thanks to this, you can show off a very chic look and give your appearance a unique touch. In addition, they guarantee great freedom to make unique combinations that highlight your personality.

Striped prints

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
Striped prints 2021-2022

Another of the prints in trend during this season are striped prints in all possible ways. This means that they vary from the widest to the thinnest and almost invisible. To choose the type of stripe, everything is a matter of taste, and it will also depend on the combinations you make in your outfit.

Keep in mind that striped prints stand out wherever you go and even if you wear vertical stripes, you can appear a few inches taller and have the facility to look slimmer. However, if you want to look fuller, you can use horizontal stripes to gain weight with the illusion of your clothes.

Zebra prints

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
Zebra prints for women

Especially in the fall 2021 season, the zebra print will do its best to surpass the famous "leopard" that has ruled the runways and streets thus far. Therefore, zebra prints can be seen in all possible ways in women's clothing.

Among the main reasons to use it, we find that it is a very versatile print, because it adapts easily to any garment (pants, leggings, tops, sweaters, bags and even shoes). Additionally, it helps you project your essence through a spectacular and exclusive look.

In addition, it is elegant and striking, this means that it allows you to instantly attract glances wherever you go; As long as you know how to play with the clothes correctly and decide which is the best part of your body to enhance with a zebra print. It should also be noted that this print combines very well with other colors, thanks to its inherent neutral tones.

Small or more subtle floral prints

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
The most subtle floral prints

Today, flower prints can be worn at any time of the year. Since, due to its transcendence, this print has become a timeless bet that can be adjusted to any style, even in the coldest seasons.

In the case of small flower prints, we highlight that it is an ideal design for those women who opt for delicacy when dressing and rather than looking very flashy, they prefer to look demure and pretty at the same time. Thanks to its cosmopolitan style, this print can complement casual and formal looks without complication, if combined perfectly.

Large flower prints

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
Large Flower Prints 2021-2022

In addition to the subtle bet, the large floral prints will also cover the fall and winter trend in girls' clothing. This, unlike the previous one, allows you to achieve a feminine charm with a touch of daring that is perfect for the most daring women.

If you want to combine this type of print in an ideal way, we recommend wearing white or black garments together to put the focus on the pattern and stand out from the rest. In case you want to create a more casual and simple outfit, you can use denim in both pants and jackets. If you want to look more original, use stripes and dots with floral prints, making a good balance of color.

Tapestry and carpet prints

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
Tapestry and carpet prints

One of the trends that is giving more to talk about in the Autumn-Winter 2021 season, are the impressions that are similar to the tapestries. In this case, it consists of garments made of upholstery or carpet-style woven materials that give an avant-garde touch in the cold season.

Mainly, designers have opted to wear this kind of prints in long dresses, two-piece sets and of course, in coats. When combining it, it is best to use dark or neutral footwear, delicate accessories and other garments that are not flashy, in order to give prominence to the tapestry or carpet pattern.

Leopard patterns

Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion: Trendy Prints and Textures – Fashion – WebMediums
Leopard print fashion 2021

The also known "animal print" is here to stay, especially since the trends for autumn and winter 2021 are based on animal prints. So, you should take advantage of this proposal to create your winter outfits and look totally cosmopolitan wherever you go.

To correctly use this classic print, it is appropriate to adapt it to your curves first, knowing that the animal print adds volume and therefore, you must wear it on the favorite parts of your body that you want to stand out above the rest. It is also good to opt for balance and harmony, that is, to use only one piece of leopard print and harmonize it with pieces of white, beige or black.

Another golden rule to dress with animal print is not to abuse the prints, letting the garment in this trend be the protagonist of your look. Also, if you want to be more original, you can add a little color with intense tones such as pink, fuchsia or neon colors (this has been recommended by many fashionistas).

Since you already know what type of prints will be in fashion until the end of winter 2021-2022, start enjoying each of these trends to spice up your look and build outfits that are completely sophisticated, eye-catching and beautiful.