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Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl

Maria de Piña
6 min read

If you are a girl with many curves, a few extra kilos that do not weigh you down and you want to succeed by looking good, these tips are for you.

Well, fashion is not determined by size, but if we want to stand out when we dress, we must make an effort, so these fashion recommendations will enchant you.

In general, being a chubby girl, we tend to be self-conscious when dressing, and for many , shopping becomes agony, but this does not make us exempt from the same desire to look great.

Today more than ever we are inspired by thousands of curvy women who show their best looks and their love for their bodies. From them we get the best fashion tips that a curvy girl should know.

Top 6 fashion tips for curvy girls

Love your body

Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl – Fashion – WebMediums

Although you may believe that it has nothing to do with fashion, the truth is that it is the most important advice you can read and live. Our body is our first outfit, so we must love it.

If we are not satisfied or we love our body, none of the clothes we choose and none of the other advice that you can follow will do. Your mind is predisposed to think that you do not look good, so you become your own barrier in fashion.

The reality is that if you love your body you will understand which garments are the ones that best suit your body, highlighting your attributes and not the unfavorable points. There are garments that will help us and there are others that we should ignore, but by being aware of your figure you will know how to handle it.

Analyze your body morphology

Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl – Fashion – WebMediums

No figure is the same, but there are figure parameters by which we can guide ourselves to discover what the true shape of our body is. This will show us which are the areas that we should highlight with the clothes to balance our figure.

In general, there are 5 types of body morphology by which we can guide and identify ourselves: those of the hourglass ; These have a balanced body, since their proportions of shoulders and hips are equal.

There is also the pear-shaped one ; which emphasizes its greater volume in the hips with very little proportion at the level of the shoulders.

Those in the shape of a circle are those that accumulate large volume in the abdominal area, leaving little proportion in the extremities.

If you are a girl with a lot of chest, broad shoulders and a low proportion of legs, the corresponding figure is the inverted triangle. And finally, the square figures are those that do not have a marked waist, maintaining a straight torso.

The idea of understanding what figure you have is so that you learn to show what clothes to wear and how to do it, this will help you not to limit yourself with looks and style, but to master them perfectly according to your body.

Run away from very large prints

Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl – Fashion – WebMediums

Although clothing stores are mined with printed garments, we must understand where to use it and what size they are favorable for our body. This is because those in the wrong area and the wrong size make the garment look bulky and unappealing.

One example is that if you own a shape of circle, a pattern in a dress shirt or adjusted, can further enhance the volume possess in the abdominal area.

You must take into account when buying a garment with prints, that the design that it has usually does not look the same when trying it on, since the fabric may stretch on your body, deforming the design.

Choose patterns with designs of moderate size, neither too small nor too large, and always observing the size you chose and the level of elasticity of the garment.

Straight and flared pants to balance the figure

Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl – Fashion – WebMediums

This is a piece of advice that many curvy girls have used regardless of their morphology, since this type of garment provides balance to most bodies.

Even if you think they are garments that are outdated, you should know that the most elegant, daring and innovative looks are those that contain this type of garment. These types of pants are not tight, but being baggy and wider at the bottom they balance the proportions.

Straight and flared trousers are widely used elements for elegant looks for important events, and depending on the material of which this fact can be accompanied with loose shirts or even a blazer.

Cardigan an infallible garment

Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl – Fashion – WebMediums

These types of garments are a bundle under the sleeve for curvy girls, because they manage to reduce the attention of the abdomen and arms and even the morphology of the body.

We can find them in different models, colors and textures, either with or without sleeves. With them we can create different looks with very basic garments, for the day, the night or for a special event.

The key is to find one that does not contain so many designs, that is, it is neutral, this will allow you to use it for different occasions, highlighting the other garments.

Some have a sweater function because of the material from which they are made, this will help you with a look that you should use in winter or on casual nights where the cold increases.

High waist pants

Fashion tips that you will love as a curvy girl – Fashion – WebMediums

The abdominal area is the area where we feel most vulnerable, since our chubby ones stand out, but these can be moderated with the help of high-waisted pants.

Nowadays, high-waisted skinny jeans are being used a lot. These, when adjusted, hide the rubbers creating a firm effect. At the same time, it keeps the chubby abdomen hidden and helps to support the belly.

If you are looking for high-waisted pants, you must detail that the waist reaches your navel so that it can fulfill its function perfectly.

Love your body regardless of your figure and you will love every look you create with these tips. Fashion is a creative art where you just have to know how to make it work for you, so don't wait any longer and start your clothing shopping with these practical tips.