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How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit?

Maria de Piña
6 min read
How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit? – Fashion – WebMediums
How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit?

It is true that in a wedding the most attention is given to the bride's dress, but this does not mean that the wedding suit for men is chosen lightly. The gentlemen are more carefree with their clothing, but on this occasion greater care is required when dressing.

Contrary to what many believe, the variety of models in wedding suits is as wide as the dresses for them. This makes it not so easy to choose the right suit, but don't worry, here we will show you everything you need to know about how to choose a good suit.

Key tips for choosing the right wedding suit for men

How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit? – Fashion – WebMediums
Tips for choosing the right wedding suit for men

It is quite typical for the groom to leave the theme, decoration and setting aspects to the bride and stay out of it, however, this precisely influences their attire.

Be attentive to the aspects that you must evaluate when buying a wedding suit for men.

Choose the suit according to the theme

It has long been a trend to add themes to weddings, making the decoration and clothing fit into a specific style. The men's wedding suit connects with the rest of the environment, so the groom must know the theme well.

If the style is going to be vintage, retro, country, beach or any other theme you have in mind, the groom's suit should be in tune. Of course, there is always room to add a touch of your own personality.

Consider the time and place of the wedding

The time of the ceremony plays a fundamental role, since some suit styles look much better at night than during the day, as in the case of the tuxedo.

Depending on the designated time, this will also lead you to choose a type of fabric that favors more daylight or night.

On the other hand, the place determines the formality of the suit, a wedding on the beach or in the countryside makes freshness take over more of the scene in terms of suits. But if we talk about the city, it is a good opportunity to highlight classic or modern elegance.

Forget traditionalism

Something you should be clear about is that the choice in terms of colors and styles is not pigeonholed by traditional regulations. While you should be on the same page as the above, there's nothing stopping your suit from having custom touches or an offbeat color.

There are many variants and alternatives if you do not want to opt for the classic black, or if you are looking for something more innovative. A men's wedding suit should be as unique as the bride's dress, so don't be afraid to bend the rules if you're captivated by some eccentric model.

Types of men's wedding suits

As for designs, the variety is very wide, flowing between colors, combinations and cuts. But if we talk about styles, the selection is reduced a little more, here we present what are the most implemented types of wedding suits for men and how to wear them.


How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit? – Fashion – WebMediums
tuxedo wedding suit for men

It can be classified as the king of the night, it is a suit that projects great elegance and formality. It stands out for its straight cut on the jacket, without skirts, it is used with a vest, bow tie and skirt, its most common color is black or blue, although the white tuxedo has also become popular.

This men's wedding suit will give you an elegant and modern look at the same time, and is one of the best accessories to highlight.

morning suit

How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit? – Fashion – WebMediums
Wedding suit for men cutaway

It is perfect for a formal day wedding, it looks great both indoors and outdoors. It is used with a frock coat that has semicircular points that cover the back up to the knee area.

The color of the suit is very varied, its most classic option being black, but shades of grey, blue and brown are also valid. It is worn with a double-breasted or straight vest and dressed with a tie, since it gives it a better image than a bow tie, it is a very elegant suit.


How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit? – Fashion – WebMediums
Tailcoat for weddings

Here we do find ourselves before a men's wedding suit of the highest etiquette standards, leaving no room for informality. A frock coat with a short front with a long lapel that covers up to the knees with a two-point or joined cut is worn.

Black patent leather shoes are essential, like the pocket square, it can be worn with a bow tie or the traditional model. The white shirt with a background is the best choice for this type of suit.


How to choose the perfect men's wedding suit? – Fashion – WebMediums
Terno groom suit

A more modern and slightly less formal option, made up of a simple jacket, vest and matching trousers. The ideal is to dress it with a tie and slip-on shoes, and in terms of colors the variety is quite wide.

It is the type of suit that is used for a civil wedding or a simple ceremony, since it plays between freshness and elegance, gathering the best of both.

Accessories you should choose with your suit

Accessories are always chosen according to the type of suit you choose, the degree of formality and the aesthetics of the wedding. Just remember that less is more, the simpler your choice, the better it will look, among the accessories you can choose from are:

  • Bow tie: They are essential complements to formality, which provide greater simplicity, but at the same time elegance. However, they can also be used in cooler styles.

  • Boutonniere: This little accessory is a touch that makes the groom stand out, it should be located on the left side and try to match the color of the suit.

  • Pocket square: A classic and useful element at the same time, it gives a greater degree of formality to the suit, although it is also valid in modern designs.

  • Dumbbells: A sublime touch, but very aesthetic, to integrate them it is required that the shirt has a double cuff. They are perfect if the wedding is black tie.

  • Suspenders: They are not always hidden, this is one of the favorite elements of hipsters, and it has become fashionable among grooms to wear them visible without a jacket.

  • Watch: Whether wrist or pocket, this should be formal, opt for leather straps and discreet designs, if your wedding is retro or vintage, pocket watches will look much better.

You are ready for the big day, enjoy every second and above all remember that your attitude is what will make your suit look better, so do not be afraid to challenge trends.