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You need to have a black dress in your closet

We show you the best combinations with a 100% multifaceted dress

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You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums

A black dress is a garment that cannot be missing in your wardrobe, essential for every woman who likes fashion. There are so many ways to combine each model that you will multiply the options found in your closet.

Gabrielle Chanel, the Parisian known around the world as Coco Chanel was in charge of putting this color on, which was linked nothing more to mourning and night.

Do you think you have no clothes? You only need this recommendation to try several outfits, which even you will forget that it is the same garment that you put on each time.

Day or night, it is simply for any occasion if you choose well how to combine it, from garments that make it stand out or overshadow, shoes, jewelry or bags.

If you already have a black dress, you are one step ahead to define some styles, and ask us if buying other models will help us. Do not miss this fashion range that we will show you below.

Fashionable black dresses

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums
Coco Chanel original dress

1. "Petite robe noire" or "Little black dress": The famous short black dress created by Mademoiselle Chanel, came to stay since 1926.

There is practically no rule that this kind of dress is used only in winter, its fascination and styling that it offers to every woman's body is simply addictive.

This is why we have seen how stars or celebrities use this garment any day of the year. And it is worth mentioning redundancy, there is no star on a red carpet who has not opted for a look with this dress.

Of this beautiful design, multiple varieties have been unleashed by different designers in the world, and today, we will show you the models that you could use for any occasion.

The original sample true to the fashion of the 20s, with a high oval neck and long or three-quarter sleeves.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums

2. Black dress with asymmetric sleeves

This dress can also be represented in several ways, but the truth is that its stunning cut is very elegant or casual for any event you want.

Girls with beautiful arms look great, it can also be useful if you are a girl with wide hips who needs to balance her outfit.

In a slightly thick fabric it looks tight to the figure, never cover it with a bleiser, as it will overshadow its most beautiful feature.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums

3. Black dress with tulle skirt

A really beautiful and very dreamy model, the fabric of the skirt reveals beautiful legs.

It can come in handy if you are a girl with broad shoulders or a prominent chest who also wants her legs to give way to her perfect look.

It is usually used in a more rocker look than other black dresses. With a leather jacket and ankle boots you will be a rock star.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums
Bella Thorne in a strech dress

4. Black dress with strech fabric

A fresh dress with freedom of movement, its fit is charming and above all, sophisticated. You can maintain a sober style with loose hair, but with a high ponytail it looks extremely spectacular.

The combinations with this dress are very varied, it is ideal for girls who have a bit of an hourglass shape or are only tall or defined.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums
Slight flight dress

5. Black ruffled dress

Relaxed, short and soft, it is a relaxed look that many even bet on taking it to a day at the beach.

It is ideal for when we are swollen, we want to hide a belly or if you are pregnant. Because despite the fact that many of us are afraid of flights, they do not have to be exaggerated.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums
Woman thinking about whether to take a risk or wear only black shoes

Shoes for each dress

Always to lengthen the legs and promote more elegance or sensuality to our outfit, the ideal are heels.

But the variety of colors for these, change too much if we talk about a black dress, depending on the shape and the event.

Heels like: black stiletto heel, red heel, nude heel, fuchsia. They are undoubtedly the ones that will make you stand out the most with this garment.

For the dress that is more in shape than the original Little black dress, we recommend black, nude or red stiletto heels.

Also, those types of shoes that have the pointed design on the toes, tinged with suede or just shiny fabric. It is an extremely elegant style.

Since the elongation of the dress needs to be counteracted with high heels that make a visual effect on your legs. Making them look kilometers long.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums
Bronze-colored high-heeled shoes

For the black dress with asymmetric sleeves, we recommend high sandals with tie, black, nude or a color that when you shine, in a Greek style, it is the look with it, you will undoubtedly dazzle. Since it is a piece that is very in trend.

The black dress with a tulle skirt is an infallible one if you also wear some accessories such as a leather jacket, and closed-heeled shoes.

Ideal to go to a concert or outing where you want to show your heavy metal side, but also elegant, achieving a balance that makes you want to copy your outfit.

Although there is also the longer version with transparency that for a night party is a total boom.

You need to have a black dress in your closet – Fashion – WebMediums
Thorne Poo Heeled Boots

Bella Thorne has a stunning look in the stretch fabric dress, although she shows it off with a long-sleeved finish and a top-like closure in the middle, cutting off the entire dress.

The truth is that being a strappy dress, it would also look spectacular with those high black suede boots.

That black dress shoes is fierce and will always be praised.

The cap is an addition that not many would think of taking it, but the truth is that we love it. Maybe you could add it to one of your outfits that you come up with after finishing this article.

A flight dress does not offer you all the comfort and chic, the sandals you choose for this garment do. And the sandals chosen with those with a thin strap, which of course have heels.

Although if you prefer it with a flat platform it also looks great, there are also sandals without platforms that have crossed to the bottom of the cufflinks that you will love to add to the outfit of this beautiful black dress.

Coco Chanel always repeated that black and white were and matched everything.

The evolution of fashion has shown us, previously we saw Kendall Jenner with a beautiful black silk dress, a little loose with cowboy boots.

And it is not only she who takes the risk with black dresses, will you too?

Enjoy your figure, elegance and elongated legs with these garments, we are sure you will not regret it.