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How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021

Saharay Perez Bautista
7 min read
How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
Women's sports outfit 2021

For anyone, wearing a sports shirt is very comfortable and cool. However, for many girls it becomes a dilemma when they do not know how to create the most chic 2021 women's sports outfit. So despite its comfort, it is not always the easiest garment to wear.

That is why, if you want to look beautiful through your casual women's sports outfit, we recommend that you read our post in detail to be able to follow each of the tips that we offer you and have numerous ideas. Only then will you be able to look fashionable and feel spectacular in your sportswear.

Main tricks to combine your sports shirt

How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
Steps to combine your favorite sports shirt

Next, it is time to take note of each of the tips or tricks that will help you look perfect wearing a sports shirt and will take you away from the possibilities of showing a disheveled appearance:

  • Wear comfortable pants : The best way to combine a women's sports shirt is by wearing jeans or pants made of comfortable materials that adapt perfectly to your sports style. Forget opting for elegant pants made of thick materials.

  • Choose sports shoes or tennis shoes: As footwear, the best thing to do is lean towards tennis or sports shoes to complete your sports style in the best possible way. Thus, you can easily create a beautiful casual woman sports outfit.

  • Do not dismiss the idea of wearing shorts : If you want to show off your sports shirt on a sunny day with hot weather, you can wear shorts and look sophisticated at the same time. All this, of course, if the environment allows it.

  • Avoid prints on garments other than your shirt : In these cases, your sports shirt will be the main focus of your wardrobe and therefore, we advise you to attract attention only through it. That means that the other garments must be more neutral to prevent your look from becoming a party of colors.

  • Choose the precise size for you : Above all, eliminate the possibility of using a shirt that is not made to measure, that is, it does not fit too wide or too tight. In this way, you can stylize your figure without feeling discomfort.

  • Wear accessories in the most appropriate colors : As the sports shirt is the center of your outfit, the best thing you can do is play with the colors of it to combine your accessories. Keep in mind that it is pertinent to use tones that are far from the design of your shirt.

  • Display a long sports shirt as a kind of dress : If you prefer to go for a more feminine and modern look, wear a sports shirt that is longer than usual and make sure that it is tight to the body like a dress. You can even add a casual belt to give it a more decisive definition of dress and look more avant-garde.

How to wear an outfit with jean and tennis to perfection?

Jeans and tennis shoes are two relevant staples in the wardrobe of any lady, regardless of her age. Since, when creating a casual sports outfit for women, of course these two pieces should be used to find a safe bet and look beautiful.

However, despite the fact that there are no established rules, the truth is that some keys are known to dress in fashion with an outfit with jean and tennis shoes. Here, everything you have to take into account to achieve raising this combination:

Trust deep blue jeans

How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
Fashionable deep blue jean

If you want to project an elegant image with a casual type of clothing, it is best that you opt for deep blue jeans. Since, although washed jeans have been in trend in 2021 and have a retro air, they are not the best alternative to make these combinations because they tend to subtract elegance.

Indeed, when you create your outfit with jean and tennis shoes to project a sophisticated image, the most appropriate thing is to wear deep blue pants. One of the best models of the season, are known as "mom jeans" and "slouchy" that are distinguished by being bulging at the hips and straight at the legs to lengthen the figure of the woman.

Use a coat to elevate the outfit

How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
Jean with tennis shoes and blazer: Very chic

In order to elevate the beauty and distinction of your outfit based on jean and tennis, the most pertinent thing is to use an extra garment that makes it look more attractive and sophisticated. In these cases, fashion aims to wear an unicolor jacket, blazer or coat.

If you prefer a blazer to elevate your look and improve your style, we recommend looking for designs that are slightly oversize, with shoulder pads or asymmetrical ; since it is the trend of the moment. Also, if you want to go a bit beyond the ordinary, the secret is to wear a belt that shapes your figure more.

Choose a white button-down shirt

How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
White t-shirt with buttons for women

An essential option to look beautiful with a casual women's sports outfit based on jeans and tennis shoes, is to use a white button-down shirt. Which is a basic piece that any lady's closet should keep due to its great versatility.

To combine it perfectly, one of the best ideas is to wear chunky platform sneakers that is a sporty and dynamic model that at the same time exhibits a classic style. In addition to this, you can include accessories that make you look more chic, be it a microbag or fashionable sunglasses.

Choose to wear black tennis shoes

How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
Black tennis shoes are essential today

Since time immemorial, the color black is very useful to combine in an outfit, since it is the most versatile tone to achieve the style you want; be it elegant, casual or sporty. Therefore, a basic idea when wearing jeans with tennis shoes is to wear black shoes.

Through this type of tennis, you can be sure of looking sophisticated on any occasion, especially if it is a shoe with a white sole and leather finish achieving to achieve a more avant-garde style. This, along with jeans, can be combined with tops, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc.

Wear a Nike t-shirt for a more sporty look

How to combine a sports shirt? Tips to create the best sports outfit for women 2021
Nike clothes can also be casual

You can also create a nice Nike women's sports outfit from jeans and tennis shoes. In this case, the idea is based on opting for a modern Nike t-shirt that perfectly suits a casual look (as seen in the image).

To take advantage of a safe bet, we recommend choosing a Nike shirt in a neutral color (better if it is black). Which, you can combine with light or dark jeans to your liking, as well as with tennis of any color; depending on where you want the central focus of the outfit to be.

With each of these recommendations, your chances of wearing a 2021 women's sports outfit are more than 100%. Taking into account that, you can adapt any idea to your preferences in order to add much more personality to your look and look attractive at the same time that you feel comfortable, safe and avant-garde.