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How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect

Respect dress codes and look great

Maria de Piña
5 min read
How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect

What is the first thing you think of when you receive a wedding invitation card ?; for sure it is what I will wear!

Well yes, every time we are invited to a ceremony, the great challenge is to find the perfect outfit. Do not be impatient anymore, if you have arrived at this place, you will find the best tips to look great.

Always keep in mind that not only the dress is important; You should also think about elements such as: the place, the accessories, the time and the dress code that has been added to the invitation; If you don't lose sight of any of them, then you will look perfect.

Luckily, dressing for a wedding is no longer a difficult task, there are a world of possibilities in terms of clothing and dress, which are adapted according to the event.

Follow these tips and look perfect

What differentiates weddings from other events is etiquette. No matter how simple the ceremony is, an important requirement in them is elegance.

In this sense, it takes into account aspects such as:

1.- The wedding dress code

Grooms can choose from a glamorous wedding with a dress code, or a simple cocktail attire in which type is required.

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Metallic dress with label

Black tie events call for long dresses with elaborate designs. They are characterized by being very glamorous looks, but you can get different styles that adapt to your figure.

If it is a cocktail type wedding, it is best to look for short dresses, having as a guide the knees. These outfits are very versatile, some less elegant than others.

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Modern cocktail dress in pale pink

The idea is to know what the code is to be able to understand the level of the event and how much we must take care of our look.

2.- Know the conditions of the event

Another important information that you should know is the place or environment where the ceremony will take place. This will define much of our outfit.

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Flared skirt dress for outdoor weddings

What you should know: For example, if the wedding is in a garden, if it will take place during the day or at night, if it is a closed place; all this influences when choosing.

If it is a day wedding and the reception is in a garden or an outdoor space, you should keep in mind that the dress must be fresh and summery.

In addition, the shoes must be comfortable, to avoid accidents.

In the case of weddings on the beach, although the style is more relaxed, preserve the elegance and opt for dresses made of light fabric, cocktail type or black tie, with tropical designs in plain fabrics or with prints.

3.- Use bright colors for a day wedding

A rule that you must keep in mind to dress in a day wedding is not to use colors such as black or white, as they represent an offense to the bride.

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Emerald pencil dress

To do this, you have an infinity of colors, it is advisable to choose bright colors that stand out. Among the most chic shades for a day wedding are: green, emerald, blue, yellow, mustard, pink, red, purple and lilac.

As it is a daytime wedding, the colors will stand out on their own, but keep in mind that you should avoid everything related to the shine in the dress, details that are not necessary during the day.

4.- Dresses with glitter for the night

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Evening dress with satin skirt

If the wedding or reception is at night, it is best to use elements with shine, unlike the day, at night they deserve to stand out, so the dresses can be light, with intense or dark colors, but with bright details. make it stand out.

Although there are currently different models, with shiny details, generally these have sequins, fancy crystals or an embroidery with silver or gold threads.

5.- Stripes and flowers for outdoor weddings

If your invitation indicates that the wedding will be outdoors and during the day, a good option is to use striped outfits and floral prints.

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Striped panty

Striped outfits are very fashionable in dresses or whole panties, being a comfortable, elegant and safe option.

Flower prints are also basic garments that every girl should have in a cocktail-type dress.

These prints give an elegant and fresh image. In general, the fabrics used for dresses with these characteristics are light and comfortable.

6.- Look elegant and not vulgar

How to dress for a wedding ?: 6 practical tips to look perfect
Elegant dress in blue

Being a wedding there are certain dress rules that we must understand, outside of the code and inappropriate colors, we must try to look elegant with whatever we are wearing.

A mistake that many make is to look for sexy garments, dresses that show off some areas of the body, or because of how tight their entire figure is.

Dresses with large necklines, a lot of transparency, extremely short, exaggerated leg openings, are some of the details that you should avoid when choosing a dress for a wedding.

To look elegant you must stand out in a demure way; in this case you can opt for a neckline: strapless, dropped shoulders, sweetheart neckline and "V".

These last 2 taking into account the size of your chest, since if they are very large they will stand out inappropriately.

Choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding is easier than you think, take on the challenge of impressing with your look with the help of these simple steps.