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How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men

Maria de Piña
6 min read
How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
8 infallible tips on how to dress well man

Although we can see references to men's fashion in characters like Maluma or David Beckham, how to dress well as a man is a task that for many ends up being difficult.

And it is that a good outfit goes beyond a simple shirt, jeans and tennis. Being able to look presentable, attractive and interesting is achieved by paying more attention to details and transforming the ordinary into something unique and stylish.

But, for this you will need help, and for this reason, here are 8 tips that will solve your image problems quickly.

How to dress well man?

How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
How to dress a man well?

The key is in the details, because these, as they can make you look amazing, when generated incorrectly, they can lead to a boring and out of context look.

But for you to learn how to take advantage of this, pay attention to the tips that I show you.

1. Dress to your size

One of the dress mistakes made by more men than women is wearing the wrong size. This influenced by youth style trends that promote extremely tight looks.

The clothes, however tight they may be, must be the correct size, because on the contrary, you will generate a forced and unfavorable image.

For every man, regardless of his age, the clothes that look best on him are tailored garments that are not too tight.

And if you have more volume in any area of your body, it is better to avoid clothes that put a lot of pressure on them, as it will highlight them.

2. Dress according to your age

How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
dress according to your age

Something very recurrent in the male gender is wearing clothes that do not reflect their true age. It is not that at 40 you should look simple and boring, but express the maturity that you have acquired with a lot of style.

Do not look childish, no matter how young you are, choose combinations that make you look modern and current, but at the same time serious.

This is a crucial point that will also influence how people see and interpret you, something that is vital when going out on a date or for a job interview.

3. Choose a style that represents you

How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
How to dress well man and with style

Trends come and go constantly, but your personal style is a hallmark of all your looks, something that will even last over time, adapting according to your age.

One of the most relevant points on how to dress a man well is this, and if you still do not have your own style, it is time for you to choose one.

Luckily for you, there is a wide variety of men's styles out there, all leaning towards modernity and the latest trends for men.

In this sense, you can choose modern, vintage, retro or minimalist looks within the clothing spheres, that is, casual, formal and label.

However, in your choice of style, be careful with the themes. Many of these can take you to an extravagant or childish look, something that you are not looking for when dressing.

4. Avoid the extravagant and go for the simple

How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
casual look for men

Although men's fashion has diversified today, the simplicity of the garments of a men's look is something that attracts if it is generated correctly.

Therefore, try to avoid glitter, sequins and even too flashy prints. And if you want to give your look something bright, choose metallic tones, and take them to accessories and footwear.

Vibrant colors are also a factor that if you don't know how to dress well for a man, it can ruin your look. That is why they should be worn only occasionally and in combination with other softer or more neutral tones.

5. Modern and light neutral tones

How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
Outfit for modern men

Something that should characterize men's looks, or at least most of their outfits, is the integration of certain colors that inspire seriousness in a modern and current wave.

The most relevant tones that you should take into account when going shopping are:

  • Light, medium, naval or dark blue.

  • The different types of grey.

  • Black.

  • White.

  • Beige.

  • Dark and light brown.

You can combine these with a garment in a vibrant color or in an intense tone, but make sure that the previous tones are the basis of your outfit.

6. Materials that add masculinity

In your search for how to dress well for a man, you cannot miss certain materials. These, although not specifically a symbol of masculinity, do project modernity and are in accordance with the eternal trends of clothing for men.

Whether in a jacket or pants, the most important materials you should have in your closet are:

  • Denim.

  • Leather.

  • Khaki textiles.

  • Shirt textiles with plaid print.

7. Work simple looks in layers

How to dress well?: 8 infallible tips for men – Fashion – WebMediums
Layered men's outfit

Something that makes a simple look attractive is to work it in layers, that is, make use of other additional garments, to give a different touch.

To know how to dress well for a man, you must learn what garments can work for you according to the scenario to which you must wear it.

In this sense, leather and denim jackets are ideal for casual and relaxed occasions. And if you add a scarf with glasses, or a plain shirt, together with an open shirt, it will be a well-composed outfit that will attract attention.

However, for a more formal look, layering focuses on a shirt and pants outfit, along with a blazer or coat. A classic scarf can be added to it, but only if it is winter.

8. Reduce the number of accessories

In general, how to dress well for a man is based on a simple and basic image that stands out with small details, and this also implies the number of accessories that are applied.

These elements are vital just like in any outfit, but to give it more style. However, the number of them must be evaluated, determining whether it is essential or not.

As for men's accessories, there are many, however, the most basic that you can consider when putting together your outfit are:

  • Sunglasses.

  • Scarf.

  • Tie.

  • Pocket handkerchief.

  • Clock.

  • Wristband.

  • Caps or hats.

Elements such as necklaces for men must be carefully evaluated within the outfit, since the model and the number of accessories implemented in the look can cause an overload.

Normally, a basic outfit has between 1 to 4 accessories, but this will depend on the look you have chosen.