How was Milan fashion week? All the details here

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How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Milan Fashion Week 2021

Milan Fashion Week or, in Italian, the “Settimana della Moda” is one of the biggest events in the fashion industry and since 1958, it takes place twice a year.

In it, basically, the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons are presented; making it a momentous event for fashionistas.

This fashion week, in its most recent edition, presented the trends with the greatest potential for the spring-summer 2022 season.

Taking into account that, after the pandemic, this physical parade held in September 2021 praised the city of Milan as the capital of fashion again.

For its part, the Italian fashion week ended with shows such as Fendi, Prada and Versace; who exhibited the most special trends that will spread through the streets of Italy and the world next year.

Which is summed up in colors, glamor and a seventies style.

Who showed up from September 21 to 27 at Milan Fashion Week?

While it is true, the capital of Italian fashion commemorated the last fashion week of the year between September 21 and 27.

During this time, great powers such as: Fendi, Versace, Prada, Marni, Giorgio Armani, Blumarine, Jil Sander and Dsquared2 were presented.

Again, these globally recognized brands opted for the physical parade to entertain and delight their millions of followers.

As well as, celebrate the return of this format after being abolished because of the COVID-18 pandemic globally.

On the other hand, the absence of Moschino, Gucci and Bottega Veneta was evident, in view of their decision to parade at a later date. Noting that, for example, Moschino will parade at New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

While some young brands opted to make their presentations digitally; This being a format that allows them to attract many more looks in the world, thanks to its amplification.

In this case, Lagos Space Program and Shuting Qiu are distinguished.

Get to know the main trends of Milan Fashion Week for the Spring-Summer 2022 season

To celebrate the joie de vivre, Fashion Week in Italy has predicted a spring in full color for fashionistas around the world. Well, most of the Spring-Summer 2022 collections showcase colorful combinations and looks that expose happiness and prosperity.

If you want to follow the trends that this 2022 raises, the best thing is that you pay attention to the following proposals that were vital during the Milan fashion week:

The trend of the color blue

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
The color blue reigns supreme on the catwalks of Milan

The city of Milan shows great awareness of blue this season.

So, beyond betting on the 2020 Pantone color or classic blue, they have focused on using the entire color palette, that is, from light baby blue to the most intense navy blue.

This variety is also transferred to the choice of garments, both shirts and tops as well as jackets and coats in those tones.

Whereas, the new combinations risk interacting with other shades such as brown or purple. Likewise, blue gradients are present to give a novel touch.

The looks "on fire"

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Fire prints on clothing: A proposal from Milan Fashion Week

Another of the proposals with the greatest potential are outfits that are full of fire and flames, especially in the form of prints on T-shirts, skirts and pants.

These being, looks that are exhibited as a whirlwind for the system, due to the graphics of natural spectacles that stand out.

Being such a popular style between 1990 and 2000, it has enchanted the majority of users present at the shows.

Highlighting that, the secret is to use oversized pieces and layering to make it look more striking and modern.

Patterned fabrics

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
African-style patterned fabrics

To highlight the desire for serenity, happiness and joy, the fabrics are also nuanced with drawings of what looks like an African village surrounded by wild flowers and a unique nature.

In short, the fabrics with bright and cheerful patterns.

Thus, it consists of a bet on the part of Joy Maribe, who inaugurated the Milan fashion week catwalk.

Which, preferred to bet on silk suits and origami tailoring with yellow and turquoise tones that inspire total freshness.

A style ready

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Crochet is a trend

Crochet is another of the most special trends at Milan Fashion Week for what will be fashion in the Spring-Summer 2022 season. Therefore, a style derived from the grandmother's fashion in past seasons is maintained.

This style ranges from open-knit sweaters and colorful square patches to your aunt's round binders.

However, today, she shows a greater desire for freedom to explore a more sensual side, like bohemian looks and even the most classic ones.

Yellow tones

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Yellow from head to toe

The relief color in this new season, without a doubt, is yellow. Reason why, it is recommended to wear it from head to toe to obtain better results and in effect, follow the proposals of the greatest in the fashion industry.

In this case, it is used from pastel yellow to neon yellow. Which, unlike what many people claim, makes a perfect match with any skin tone and gives a lot of shine to a woman's face.

Layered Shorts

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Fashion set

It is a combination in which the shorts allow to show the bare legs and obtain a glamorous touch due to the long layers that cover the entire outfit. Regarding color, it is recommended to bet on smooth tones (for example, brown and black).

In addition, it can be combined with patterned tights in order to highlight the woman's legs.

In addition to this, both the crop tops and blazers join the long open wool and high turtlenecks.

Bare shoulders

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Off-the-shoulder blouse

With an elegant style, bare shoulders are back in fashion in both blouses and dresses.

This refers to a trend known as "cold shoulder" in which brown and gray tones reign, mainly.

In order to show off a sophisticated look, fashionistas recommend complementing this class of outfits with eye-catching accessories. Be it big gold chains, small earrings and sunglasses.

Cut-out details

How was Milan fashion week? All the details here – Fashion – WebMediums
Beautiful cut-out details on garments

During this fashion week, the cut-out details so characteristic of “street style” were also seen again. Which is identified as a powerful style imposed in recent seasons.

In general, they are details that can be observed in blazers, dresses and tops.

With this, it is recommended to create a look that plays with asymmetry, in order to complement it with total balance. It should be noted that, for the most part, the cut-out area occurs on the left side and is limited to a single cut.