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Jewelry for women, the most expensive in the world

Ruth Chacon
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Jewelry for women, the most expensive in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

Precious stones can have an unimaginable value, and in combination with their history (extraction, sculpting process, inlaying...) they can be sold at a very high price in auctions organized by the owners themselves.

In the world there are many jewels that don't lose value over the years, and even increases depending on the demand of the wealthiest customers.

However, throughout the world there are innumerable amounts of jewelry that you can acquire without having to be a millionaire. It is an asset that never loses its value, especially if it is made of gold, silver or precious stones.

Most expensive jewelry in the world

Jewelry for women, the most expensive in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

— Bulgari Jewelry: Its main materials are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, colored gemstones, diamonds, ceramic or titanium. It is one of the great companies that started testing all accessories with strong stones.

Chaumet Jewelry: It is recognized for using the most beautiful materials on the market, generally they use platinum and the three types of gold, the most used is rose gold, since it has been one of the orders for years.

RABAT Jewelry : Create noble materials to create unique designs that are exclusive because they contain precious stones, the use of metals such as gold, platinum and gems (diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald) are part of the materials of this famous jewelry.

Chopard Jewelry : It is characterized because all its pieces are made in ethical gold which can be purchased by responsible suppliers in this way it contributes to environmental practices with 18-karat gold in addition to this they use precious stones as well as the diamond is part of a main stone.

Cartier Jewelry: It is one of the first companies to use platinum with diamonds and an ingenious model to make invisible frames and also the so-called baguette diamonds.

Most used jewels of important people

Jewelry for women, the most expensive in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

The Hope Diamond

Also known as the blue diamond, it weighs 45 carats and is considered one of the most iconic jewels in the world. According to the legend that surrounds this jewel, it keeps a curse since it was stolen by a priest in a sanctuary. This jewel has belonged to kings and very important people who have always met a fatal destiny. It is currently in a national museum of natural history in the United States.

Maria Antoinette's necklace

Queen Marie Antoinette ruled France in centuries past, she had great fame for being a monarch and for collecting jewelery with diamonds and precious stones.

The pilgrim pearl

It is one of the jewels that represents the Royal House in Spain and is considered one of the most important pearls in the world, where it has a particular teardrop shape and a perfect shine, it was discovered in the waters of Panama. This belonged to Queen Maria Tudor and actress Elizabeth Taylor and finally when the actress passed away, the pearl was put up for auction where it was sold for 9 million euros.

Lady Di's Ring

One of the most famous for its history is already the one chosen by Princess Diana when Charles of Wales proposed to her, it is a white gold ring that has a large 18-carat blue sapphire and around it is has 14 diamonds for this reason it is one of the best known and most desired in the world.

Pink Star Diamond

It is the most expensive in the world valued at 62.3 million euros, it is a very emblematic jewel because it is a gift of nature. It weighs 60 carats and dazzles with an intense pink, for this reason it is the largest diamond that we know with these details and at this moment it is framed in a ring.

Everything you need to know to buy jewelry that will last a lifetime

Jewelry for women, the most expensive in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

First you must start thinking about a list of those that you like, and the idea is that when you choose it you have good information so that this investment lasts a lifetime.

There are a wide variety of quality jewelry, for this reason you should know that to choose the best option we must allow ourselves to be influenced by taste and what the person prefers.

How to give it the perfect care to maintain the shine of jewelry

Jewelry for women, the most expensive in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

To maintain the brightness of these over time, the platinum becomes opaque, we must be careful when storing them not to have them together with other jewels of different materials such as gold, silver, among others, in this way you can avoid scratching them.

As for maintaining the natural shine you must go directly to reliable and safe jewelers, for cleaning these you must do it constantly and if you do not have how to do it, seek help from professionals and if you want to clean at home you must have the correct materials, with all these tips will have a perfect and long-lasting shine.