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Maria de Piña
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Makeup is A great important piece in a woman's life, this has had a great weight in society being indispensable part of purchases. Just like clothes, today we can see thousands of famous and high quality brands that bring us the best to brush our face.

Every year makeup styles change, new techniques appear and trends are marked. Although this year we follow with the sequelae of the pandemic, this has not limited the fashion in the makeup at all, on the contrary, it has been adapted.

Although the lips can not count very much on the fact of the mouth cover, even so the rest of the face took the new trend of this year, one in which world health problems gradually influenced.

Baby skin:

Join the 2021 makeup trend – Fashion – WebMediums

While we were accustomed to putting base layers, concealer and other products to create a perfect skin and couple, this no longer has a place in the new tendency of makeup on the skin.

What many makeup had taken for photo sessions with the models, is being implemented to a greater degree to today. A natural and healthy beauty is what is spread this year as a trend.

For this, different brands have created moisturizers that bring to face lighting and matches some areas. The idea is to create a face like that of a baby, tense, soft and radiant, this is the image of a healthy face.

What influence does the pandemic have with this trend?:

After a year dragged by the COVID-19 disease, this has led to appreciate the beauty of a healthy face. This makeup highlights our face in the most natural way possible, changing the concept of beauty al which we were accustomed.

This year cosmetic products have improved its formulas and all point to the skin health, providing greater hydration and luminosity.

On the other hand, it is to understand that the burden on bases and other products, was not adapted to the use of the mouths, this is because usually the products were wasted, as they were impregnated in the covers.

Upon opting for this trend, it is less the risk that the areas where it takes place Bocas, the skin suffers changes through the ROCK, because maintains the tonality of natural skin.

Most natural laminated eyebrows:

Join the 2021 makeup trend – Fashion – WebMediums

A very important point on our face are eyebrows, these frame our eyes and this year is linked with the natural and healthy trend.

As previously we mentioned, trends are marked, but also in each year new techniques arise. A technique that has had great boom this year are the laminated eyebrows, with which we obtain thicker, defined and natural eyebrows.

The technique is based on stretching the beautiful eyebrows up, giving them a correct address to each one, for later with wax and scissors define the shape of the eyebrow. After this we must obscure the beautiful pigmentation or with professional eyeliners.

This technique offers eyebrows in which the beautiful highlight naturally. This favors those who have very populated eyebrows because it defines them, and in the case of those who do not possess many beautiful is even better, since with professional eyeliners create the effect of the missing bell.

Eye trends:

As for the eyes, there is a greater amplitude regarding the trends that are being handled this year, because by the different products and palettes of colors that the makeup industry has created, however today we will show you the most used.

Graphic Eye Deliner:

Join the 2021 makeup trend – Fashion – WebMediums

This is one of the most popular, since not only the models use it, also artists, influence, blogger and thousands of girls who want to impact with a night look.

This type of delineate is a bit artistic, so on the web you will not find a single model. From a dramatic delineated with arc in the eye fold in black, until the inclusion of colored delineates for a more striking and stylish effect.

This type of delineated is very functional for night outfit, when making it causes a more dramatic, risky and daring appearance, perfect for an outfit with which you want to impact.

Nude leftovers and nature tones:

Join the 2021 makeup trend – Fashion – WebMediums

As for eye leftovers, there is no precise trend in terms of technique or form, however in the great variety of makeup forms that we see in influencers, makeup professionals and celebrities, we can see the trend In color and tones.

This year the nude tones are being handled, because they go with the natural tendency of those who have been marked in all the makeup and in turn is used merged with the graphic delineated if desired.

On the other hand, Instagram the Nature-related tones have been seized, such as blue, yellow, green, pink and orange, in matte finish and vibrant tonalities. Showing really striking and daring designs.

Join the 2021 makeup trend – Fashion – WebMediums

We can see that they are widely used covering all the eye, merging them with other shades of the same color. To end only by placing the eyelashes to frame the shading and give greater drama.

The other way we can see it is merging it with a graphic delineated, either by following the line of the delineated and being a base to contrast with the color of the delineated.

Makeups such as baby skin and eyebrows highlights Our natural beauty, but also if we want to draw attention and dazzle our eyes to be stolen the night.

The world health circumstance is not a barrier for makeup, on the contrary they are an impulse so as not to settle, but move forward showing the best face to life. And you have already used one of these trends this year?