Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021

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Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
Fashion Week Paris 2021

Once again, the capital of France is the ideal setting to exhibit the best of fashion worldwide, given that, a third of the 97 registered houses decided to make real parades. This, of course, with sanitary control at the entrance and before an audience that carried its mask.

During the development of more than 30 parades, returns Saint Laurent at its usual schedule, after having left the official calendar because of the Covid-19 crisis, thus demonstrating its discontent against the Exacerbation of fashion weeks in the world.

Likewise, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Hermés will return to climb the gateways.

However, among the great absent, is Celine, the renowned French brand created by Hedi Slimane. Because, she points out that the weeks of fashion are obsolete today.

As well as, off-white that preferred to give up the calendar makes several seasons.

It should be noted that, this event was started on September 27 and so, Paris will be the world capital of fashion until October 5. Being this, a confirmed information after the publication of the official calendar of the Fashion Week by the organization that deals with planning the event, that is, the “Fédoration of the Haute Couture et of the mode”.

In March only two firms accepted the face-to-face format

While it is true, last March only two houses opted to perform a face-to-face parade, because of the latent concern of the fashionistas by the pandemic generated by Covid-19.

However, between September and October, the “Fashion Week Paris” will have the participation of 37 firms that bet again for the format face-to-face (albeit with a reduced audience).

Between these signatures, there are some like: Balenciaga, Chanel, Balmain and Miu Miu. Being this, a breakthrough for the fashion industry, after facing the tough crisis that produced the pandemic in an inherently.

In spite of this, fortunately, all parades can be seen live through the official platform of the Federation.

Thanks to the modernization of the catwalks and the cravings of the industry by approaching fashion to every corner of the world, today, each of the parades that exhibit new trends worldwide can be followed. All this, through a physical format mixed with videos.

The main trends of the Paris fashion week (so far)

In the “Fashion Week Paris” Certain iconic tendencies have been marked that fashion lovers should take into account to show perfectly on What remains of the year. Next, we highlight the most substantial so far:

The return to the 90s

Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
Novierto style in Paris fashion week

Some key tendencies of the 90s have been evidenced, including: sweatshirts with large prints, large hats and the powerful “Tie Dye”.

Also, among the proposed views on the Paris gangway for the knights, it is observed that they fly wide and fallen pants, as well as short jackets.

Also, it should be noted that, it was framed an idea of inspired urban styling inspired by the adolescent looks of the 90s. Being the Paris firm “Études” Hamosting by presenting cotton t-shirts with brand logos, frames, straight american and fallen pants.

Dresses with layers

Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
The dresses with layers are trend

Other of the proposals of several designers for the Fashion Week of Paris, are the layered dresses. Basically, these consist of a combination of an elegant dress with a shirt or a diver below.

As Giovanna Battaglia, Global Creative Director of Swarovski Group, who opted for mixing dress and male striped t-shirt.

Sports inspiration

Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
Fashion sports looks

As if that were not enough, the reinterpretations of classic sportswear also marked a trend in Paris catwalks. But, these are made of materials other than the common.

So, from now on, pants, sweatshirts and other sportswear cease to be exclusive to practice exercises. Since, they are fashionable to wear anywhere.

Male costumes for Lady

Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
Male inspiration 2021.

It should also be noted that the costumes have been key protagonists of the fashion week in Paris, as well as happened in New York.

Both in its classical form and also more audacious materials and striking patterns. So, there is a powerful masculine inspiration for several designers.

Heavy jackets (or padded)

Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
Heavy and extravagant jackets

Padded jackets that show extravagance, have also been seen in several catwalks in the French capital. Which, not only can be carried away in casual looks and especially, have to be made of unconventional materials.

The bedding (just as you read!)

Know which are the main trends in the Fashion Week of Paris 2021
Bed linen is fashionable

Although it seems surprising, the bedding has also marked a trend in Paris during these last days. Which, is captured in satin dresses of type “Baby Doll” and has lace touches.

Likewise, suits were also observed that imitate robes and pajamas. Therefore, there is a strong lingerie inspiration in the “Fashion Week Paris”.