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Learn how to choose a good belt to match

Everything you need to know about belts to include it in your outfit

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
How to choose a good belt

Men generally do not get too complicated when it comes to dressing, however, there are certain elements of the wardrobe that have a particular importance, and one of them is the belt.

A garment that at first glance seems simple, can represent a whole world of styles, either by its material or design, so its correct choice is of vital importance.

Its application is so versatile that it is not enough to have just one and it is definitely something that although it may not seem obvious, many look, because it is a symbol of masculinity and respect, classifying the belt as a kind of wardrobe guardian.

The best way to wear pants properly is with the correct belt, so we must know which are the most recommended styles, so let's take a walk through the world of belts.

Belt styles to match

Men love simplicity and practicality, so it is not surprising that the most used belts capture those two qualities.

Despite this, when choosing we must be attentive to other details such as its shape, color and material that strongly influence the outfit.

These specific details are what determine the styles of belts and in turn these will direct us to know which one to choose for each outfit.


Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Classic belt

In this style, leather plays a fundamental role, since it gives them this sober and refined touch, their designs are minimalist and mostly robust, their fusion between metal and leather gives them a character of resistance and great durability, these pieces being elegant.

This is the type of belt that we want to use for a formal appearance , which cannot be missing as a complement to a good suit or in a casual outfit where a jacket is not required, among the variety of colors in which we can see it, black stands out. , brown and dark blue.


Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Reversible belt

This is a clear example of practicality, since this type of belt is designed with a type of dual-use strap and buckle.

In some cases making the change is as simple as turning the buckle, mostly they are used in a classic two-color format.

It allows you to have two color combinations in a single garment, which is great, since you can have a light and a dark tone for different appearances, this being a very useful choice for people with a fast life.


Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Braided belt

Its style is due to its origins in the navy, as a way of remembering the fortified knots. They project resistance, but also generate a curious and dynamic visual impact, especially if the buckle and the end have leather elements.

They can be found in a variety of colors, which is why they work for both casual and casual attire, keeping in mind that their braiding styles vary.

Despite the variety of models, each of them are perfect to give a serious and fresh look. The best way to show them off and project this is in neutral colors, so that they stand out and harmonize with the rest of the outfit.


Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Elastic Men's Belts

In this case, not only appearance comes into play, but also comfort, these belts being much more comfortable than traditional ones. This makes it perfect for those who are not used to wearing a belt.

We can combine them with practically any casual outfit, since if we are looking for a fresh and dynamic image, these will be the ones. In addition, they provide us with endless colors, with which to create modern combinations.


Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Fabric belt

This can be considered a fairly successful choice for an informal look that reflects youth and energy, since its design is simple as it has a strap made of fabric, which we can exchange in the color we want thanks to its removable buckle.

They are particularly popular among young people, and they can also be applied to a wide variety of styles thanks to the fact that their material has a greater number of tones and colors.

How to highlight the belt

Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Men's belts

It is not enough to have variety, you have to make the right choice so that it can stand out and add points to our image, so the next time you choose which belt to use, I advise you to consider the following.

Choose the buckle carefully

If its color or design is too extravagant or simple and does not match the rest of the accessories, it may be that it stands out in a negative way, making it seem that something is out of place in your image.

Therefore, detail its structure and try it on together with the complete outfit, so as not to take risks and achieve the ideal balance with the indicated buckle.

Match your belt with your shoes

Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Combination of shoes with belt

The color of your belt should be combined with your shoes, this is a basic dress code that will help you create a harmony in your image.

If we are talking about a formal look where the shoes have shine we must use a similar belt, in turn, if it is opaque, look for a similar texture.

In the case that it is a casual outfit, there is more breadth with it, however, be guided by the contrast of the materials, since in some cases they are not the same, in the same way they look very good together.

According to the occasion, choose the width of the belt

The width of the belt reflects the seriousness of the occasion, normally those with a thinner strap are for formal events and those with a wide strap for more casual encounters.

Therefore, you must bear in mind that not only the outfit will define the choice of your strap and the image that you will reflect, also where you will use it is an important factor, in this way you will stand out without clashing.

Fair size

Learn how to choose a good belt to match – Fashion – WebMediums
Just size belt for gentlemen

When buying it, we must pay attention to the size, since not all have the same length.

Hence, many men make the mistake of wearing very long or short belts to the measurements of their hips, which does not make them look good.

You must be very detailed when choosing your belt, so the correct thing is to measure it before making the purchase, since it must have a fair measure. But to make this easier for you, do not forget that when adjusting it, 2 holes should be left on the outside.

The belt turns out to be our most useful tool when we learn to place the correct model in the image we want to project, and the best way to be prepared for any occasion is to collect as many as possible.

This will allow us to make one of the most common garments, an excellent ally to give a higher level to any outfit.