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Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes

Create different looks that reflect a lot of personality

Maria de Piña
5 min read
Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes – Fashion – WebMediums
Outfit with oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are a type of old-fashioned shoe, which are a safe bet for men at black tie events. But, if you are a girl, and you are attracted to these shoes, you must learn how to wear them.

In general, these shoes have a somewhat masculine personality, but this is a charm that, combined with the perfect outfit, will reveal a very personal style.

Whether you have these shoes, what you will see ahead will fascinate you and drive you to buy more of these great shoes.

Outfit ideas with oxford shoes for all occasions

To create a good outfit with oxford shoes you must break with the common style trends, since this is a shoe that demands originality and a waste of personality when dressing.

The outfits that we will show you have these qualities, both for formal and casual looks, which you can easily recreate.

Oxford shoes with jacket

Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes – Fashion – WebMediums
Combination of blazer with oxford shoes

This is one of the easiest and least risky combinations, because these shoes since their creation combine perfectly with bags.

Formal looks with a casual air that provides security, this is what suits with a jacket reflect, which must be accompanied by other elements.

For this choose a blazer that matches the color of the shoes, add a solid color blouse, you can vary it with a shirt.

An essential piece is the tight jeans, this will give the outfit a feminine touch. If you want to highlight the shoes in your outfit even more, you should raise the hem of the pants a few centimeters, so you can appreciate your ankles and shoes.

Combine them with dresses

Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes – Fashion – WebMediums
Combination of dress with oxford shoes

This is one of the most risky proposals, since when we think about dresses, we automatically associate it with sandals, but artists and socialites show us that the looks of oxford shoes with dresses are in fashion.

The idea is to look for them to be loose and without so many details of preparation, this to create a balance between the striking of the shoes and the simplicity of the outfit.

If you want to add more personality, look for dresses with patterns, such as flowers, dots, and even stripes.

On the other hand, with the implementation of accessories you can set a trend. You can integrate hats, long socks, pantyhose or sunglasses into your look.

Red oxford shoes with dark outfits

Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes – Fashion – WebMediums
Dark outfits with classic red shoes

Red is a very striking color and taking into account the style of shoes, many do not dare to buy them, however, this idea is the solution to be brave and show it off.

The idea is to give them the prominence they deserve, so balancing our outfit, we must opt for darker colors, such as black and navy blue.

Create an outfit with black pants, accompanied by a blue shirt and a dark jacket.

Another widely used option is to give clarity to the outfit with a white t- shirt, this balances the tones in general.

Oxford for winter style

Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes – Fashion – WebMediums
Oxford shoes with sweater

Although this type of footwear cannot be compared with the functionality of winter boots, it is a good complement for a winter look.

This offers some warmth in slightly cold environments, so if you want to feel warm, a sweater and these shoes will do the trick.

To start, choose a sweater that matches the color of your shoes, along with dress pants or neutral-colored jeans.

Play with the textures offered by the sweaters of the season, but look for the oxford shoes you choose to be in neutral or sober colors such as black, dark or light brown, navy blue and beige.

A variant of this idea is to use classic white long-sleeved shirts and place a colored sweater over it, culminating in jeans and this special footwear.

This idea to dress is effective for going to work, or as a youth and chic outfit for students.

Skirts and pantyhose to impress

Learn how to create an outfit with oxford shoes – Fashion – WebMediums
Combination of pencil skirt with classic footwear

If you want a striking feminine, casual and very modern image, I encourage you to create an outfit with skirts and pantyhose.

If these shoes shine with dresses, with a skirt you will make an impact, the only thing you should keep in mind is that with the length of the skirt you can create different types of looks.

The one I recommend is the youthful one, this fuses a chic, daring and modern style. For this you must choose a short skirt, on the knees, you can choose a tube or circular cut.

To have a different image, use a black skirt, and complement it with a classic light-toned T-shirt, sweater or shirt.

To this add some black pantyhose next to your shoes, which can be bright colors and even with prints, but if you want to play it safe, black will do the trick.

Do not be afraid to express your style with this classic footwear, look for the look that you like the most and start showing off your oxford shoes in the best way.