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Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022

Maria de Piña
5 min read

Whether we are training, or we have a very fast life, we need resistant, stylish and top-quality shoes, something that is undoubtedly guaranteed in the new Nike women's tennis models 2022.

Covering all the demands of today's women, the Nike brand surprises us every month with innovative sneakers for every scenario of our lives. These launched from their digital platforms and stores.

And if you still don't have the latest models, and you want the best of the latest collection, here I show you a list of the most attractive and functional Nike tennis shoes for us.

Nike new models for women

From models designed for running, to casual ones that you can use for day to day, this and more the brand offers. This together with new materials, and designs that honor the past with the best of the present.

So don't pick one, you'll want them all!

Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low

With a classic Jordan low cut leather design, this shoe makes its entrance, however, it breaks the ordinary by combining a platform.

In turn, it has Air cushioning, which will give you comfort and firmness. And as an extra point, a contrast of light colors, such as white and wolf gray.

This attractive Nike women's shoe is not yet for sale; However, the brand has already given a launch date from its app, so you will have to wait until March 10 to acquire it.

Nike Air Max Dawn

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Air Max Dawn Nike new models.

Among the new Nike models for women, the Air Max Dawn line of running shoes is running.

Recently launched, it has gained popularity for its attractive designs and colors that fuse the image of vintage training shoes with novel details.

It has the characteristic Nike Air cushioning system, accompanied by valves that give tennis a modern touch.

Something that differentiates it from other footwear is the fact that it is made of 20% recycled materials, supporting Nike's Move to Zero campaign.

Although this presentation includes white, light bone, black and lilac, it has other models with a variety of colors.

Air Jordan 1 Mid SE

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Women's Shoe

If you want something classic and challenging, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE are for you, because who says that jordan boots are not for girls?

In this sense, these Nike sneakers for women are a piece to collect, due to their great details, which go from the seams, the logo and the sectioned application of the retro colors.

Gym red, white and midnight navy blue are eye-catching tones, but at the same time take us on a journey through time.

But wait, they are not available yet, as it is scheduled to launch on March 22 of this year from the Nike app.

Nike Renew Ride 3

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Nike Renew Ride 3

Running enthusiasts know that this sport requires comfort and perfect support to help them reach their full potential on the streets. That's why the Nike Renew Ride 3 Women's Shoe was created.

A modern and resistant design, with neutral colors and meshes to make it breathable and fresh.

However, one of the biggest attractions of the shoe is the comfort and firmness it offers at every step, thanks to its sole, something very important when wearing it on the unforgiving streets.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Nike Women's Air Force 1 Shadow Shoe

Nike sought to raise the level of dynamism to its classic basketball shoes, and achieved it with the Air Force. This is due to the variety of colors, layered design and unusual multiplication of their logos.

The details are much more obvious and attractive, with a platform sole and Air support working without you noticing.

Although this model includes white as the main tone, green and light blue as prominent colors, you have to choose other models with shades ranging from pale pink to energetic orange.

Nike Air Force 1´07

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Nike Force 1´07

With a basketball shoe design that dates back to 1982, and a theme of love and peace, these women's Nike shoes are an attractive option with a message that we all need to try.

Forget the worked leather, because the soft suede is the canvas to capture the art of the different embroideries with the theme of the shoe, and of course the iconic Nike logo.

The shoe has a single color palette, in which the candle tone, white, faded coral and yellow and red embroideries stand out.

Nike Air Max 90 SE

Meet the new Nike tennis models for women 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Nike Air Max 90 SE

We culminate with a dynamic and irreverent proposal, which has a classic structure, with a waffle sole, valve and seams on the linings.

However, we can not ignore the fact of the explosion of colors, textures and patterns present in this Nike women's shoe.

Despite the bold colors and animal print for a bold touch, the design is balanced by a white background.

A comfortable and resistant model that will keep you firm and stylish wherever you step.

They have quality, comfort and designs with cutting-edge styles, so don't wait any longer and get your Nike women's tennis shoes