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Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts?

Maria de Piña
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Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
How to wear shorts at the right time

Every woman has one or more shorts in her closet, waiting for the right moment to show off her legs and give her look a different touch.

Shorts are a marvel that blends comfort and mischief; however, you have to know when to show off your charm.

In this regard, I recommend that you not be intimidated by the prejudices of traditional minds. These garments are not a reflection of vulgarity or lack of class, you just have to learn which is the right model for each occasion; And that is precisely what I will show you.

5 types of shorts that can not be missing in your wardrobe

The secret is to have variety. If you want your shorts to accompany you to many more scenarios, you must have some models that adapt to the occasion, and for this, consider having the following models.

Capri Shorts

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
Capri Short

This type of pants is one of the most modest, ideal for very relaxed casual looks, so they are widely used models by all ages, but the favorite of adult women.

Its versatility is given by the variety of fabrics in which they are made, so its loose shape and cut to the calf can be appreciated both for going to the beach, as for a date to the park.

Jeans Model

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
Jeans shorts for a casual look

They can be purchased in a store with a more stylized model and precise finish, or simply cut a jean to a measurement above the thigh.

Typically, they do not require great design, as their charm is produced by their informality. The shorter models have worn fringes, which give them an urban touch.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more aesthetic style in which you can wear it with pantyhose or show your legs in a more formal look, your best option will be mid-thigh models, with well-made seams and simple details.

Cargo Shorts

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
Cargo Shorts

They are an interesting design because they have pockets on the sides, these can be used loose or tight, and give an explorer-like impression.

The most suitable colors are opaque or military camouflage style, and because of their practical design, you will want some for hiking or for a mountain environment.

Dressy or elegant shorts

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
Formal outfit with dress shorts

At this point, they are more sophisticated and elegant, and their designs are aimed at a formal look in a summer style, which is why they are perfectly complemented with a blazer, blouses and pointed heels or sandals.

Their designs are varied, all share the same high cut at the waist and a length above mid-thigh.

You can find them in an endless number of vibrant colors and prints, with subtle details that will allow you to look beautiful for a formal date.

The swimsuits

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
The swimsuits

You can not miss in your closet the ideal short for the beach or the pool, this is a short design.

They are designed for water thanks to their material, which we can see with different patterns, colors and figures, being mostly tropical models.

What to watch out for when wearing a Short

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
What to watch out for when wearing these pants

No matter its price or brand, if it is not the right model or the right occasion, you will present a wrong idea of what you want to project.

So that this does not happen, take into account the following tips before including shorts in your outfit.

Short and tight away from a formal setting

Shorts in their essence are not designed for a formal environment, so naturally they are not the most accepted image in places of this type, and if you wear something that is very short and tight it will make you look vulgar, especially if its fabric is casual like jeans.

There are models designed for this type of environment, it is just a matter of looking for ones that suit your tastes, after all a short is as natural as a skirt and the same rule applies to both.

Beware of white

In this type of garment it is advisable not to use too light colors, since it could easily reflect the underwear, lean more to intense colors and if you are going to use white, take a good look at the type of fabric.

Matching shoes and belt

When creating your look for casual events, if you are going to include one of them, take care of your combination. The shoes and belt you use must harmonize to achieve the correct effect.

If you wear them in an informal setting, avoid heels, you don't need to lengthen your legs any more, since the visual effect they produce is more than enough.

Balance the image

Shorts: How to wear this type of shorts? – Fashion – WebMediums
Casual outfit with jeans shorts

Since your legs are the center of attraction, then cover the rest of your body a bit more for balance. Combining them with a sweater, a jacket or a long-sleeved blouse makes the image much more attractive due to the contrast it shows.

Say yes to the comfort and mischief of good shorts, and show off your legs without feeling remorse.

Find the style that suits you best and take advantage of this weapon of your look at the right time and remember that variety makes the difference.