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The 5 key elements of the Saint Laurent fashion show inspired by Paloma Picasso

Saharay Perez Bautista
4 min read
The 5 key elements of the Saint Laurent fashion show inspired by Paloma Picasso
Saint Laurent parade

A powerful, resounding and solid parade; this was the presentation of Anthony Vaccarello's spring-summer 2022 collection for Saint Laurent.

In which, with the Eiffel Tower in the background and in the open air, he captured the attention of millions of spectators thanks to the great influence of Paloma Picasso.

Thus, Vacarello was mainly inspired by this iconic businesswoman and fashion designer, highlighting her freedom of spirit.

Therefore, in this spring-summer 2022 collection, female seduction is accentuated to enhance the celebration of women and their glorification of independence.

The main keys to the Saint Laurent spring-summer 2022 show

The 5 key elements of the Saint Laurent fashion show inspired by Paloma Picasso
Saint Laurent spring-summer 2022 show

Beyond nuancing a game of contrast between the feminine and the masculine to result in a woman who scandalizes and attracts at the same time, Anthony Vacarello focused on the following 5 key elements during the presentation of his new collection for Saint Laurent:

1) The style of Paloma Picasso

With the autumn-winter 2021 collection marked by latex, Vaccarello left behind his more pragmatic collections of confinement and opted to develop the aesthetics of women to another level.

Thus, a style inspired by Paloma Picasso that is the one she wants to establish from now on, with bombastic jewelry, striking gloves, sunglasses and amazing makeup.

Indeed, the famous designer relates this new collection to that of Picasso from 1971, known as “Scandal”.

This, thanks to his influence on the fashion and haute couture industry of Yves Saint Laurent. With which, he hopes to achieve greater liberation for both himself and his followers, making them feel more autonomous than anyone else.

2) The muscle of the 90 '

Transporting himself to the time in which he was educated, Anthony Vaccarello also bet to take out the 90s muscle; that is to say, from that time when you could enjoy all the fashion magazines that existed.

Being a season in which "glamor" became the most inspiring for the new generations and indeed, for the world of fashion.

That is why, more than ever, his desire to return that amazement to today and to an industry that almost always tends to forget how inspiring those times have been became palpable. Thus, he points out “In the 90s I was 10 years old and that is the fashion that I lived.

This is a very important time for me and although at that time Yves Saint Laurent did not consider himself modern, what he did was very powerful. It was a style in itself…”.

3) A FASHION with capital letters

Vaccarello's show to unveil his spring-summer 2022 collection was a fascinating homecoming after feeling the great absence of fashion shows during the pandemic. AND

This was achieved, thanks to the magical moment that I create towards the end of the parade once the imposing waterfall-shaped structure began to moisten the faces of the guests with a subtle rain, while the latest models showed off to the rhythm of “Eclipse” by Zimmz.

Given this, Anthony himself stressed that when the pandemic improved a little, he knew that it was impossible to definitively change this way of presenting the work.

Since, it is part of the fashion and it is what really grabs the spectators.

4) The cowboy and blazer that everyone wants

To give an effect of kilometer legs and look with platforms, Vaccarello presented a jean made in denim to measure ; both wide and with darts as well as high waist.

In addition, he went back to doing his thing and edited the most legendary sandal of the house in black patent leather.

Added to this, it showed the blazer that everyone wants, being the most vivid demonstration of the designers' taste for trivial or lifelong tailoring.

This one has extremely impeccable cuts and places a special emphasis on the shoulders, feminizing them with the French sleeve. In short, he is the protagonist of the last seasons.

5) The elastane jumpsuits: A new trend

To offer his hallmark in each look, in addition to all of the above, this designer shows elastane jumpsuits as a good option to wear with a blazer five sizes more or with a bullfighter.

With this, it promises to highlight each curve of the woman in a completely glamorous way, especially if they are combined with heels and very striking jewels.